Month: August 2019

Digital Screens May Cause LongTerm Eye Damage Study Says

first_img 14115 By Jamie Ducharme· Sign up for Health & Wellness newsletters. Everything you need to stay healthy and fit.* Digital Screens May Cause Long-Term Eye Damage, Study Says LED light may contribute to retina damage and vision loss. 1/24/2017, 12:46 p.m. center_img Photo via research suggests your screen addiction may be damaging more than just your sanity.Scientists from the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) announced in Boston Monday that LED light, including that emitted by digital screens, may be permanently damaging to your eyes, potentially leading to retina damage and vision loss. The research will be published in the journal Photochemistry and Photobiology.While anyone with a desk job knows that screens can cause eyestrain, most clinical resources maintain that daily use, even if temporarily uncomfortable, does not lead to long-term damage. UCM’s study, however, suggests the opposite—though more research is needed to say that for sure.“These results are important because LED screens are being used by the majority of the population, adults and children, for work, school, and entertainment,” lead researcher Celia Sanchez-Ramos said in a statement. “This study indicates a possible massive risk for the human population, taking into consideration that retina damage is the biggest cause of central blindness.”The UCM team tested the effects of LED exposure on rats, placing six tablets emitting white LED light around the animals’ cages. Tablets were turned on for 16 hours, then turned off for eight. After three months of this pattern, the exposed rats showed 23 percent more retina cell death than the control group. Gene expression that promotes cell death was also heightened in the tablet group.Researchers did find that rats looking at tablets equipped with an LED-blocking filter called Reticare (which was developed by a team from UCM) did not experience greater eye cell death.While more research is necessary to see if the results also apply to humans, it’s never a bad thing to unplug for a little while. And if your job leaves you beholden to a digital screen, follow the advice of Harvard Health Publications: Look away from the screen at least every 20 minutes, blink frequently, and adjust the lighting to prevent a glare. Print Read all about the latest gym openings, healthy events, and fitness trends in our twice weekly Wellness newsletter. last_img read more

Dont Tune Out the Gardner Museums New Sound Art Installations

first_img 000 By Alex Erdekian· Sign up for Weekender. Arts, events, pop culture, and more.* 5/23/2017, 1:28 a.m. Don’t Tune Out the Gardner Museum’s New Sound Art Installations “Listen Hear: The Art of Sound” now echoes through Ruggles Station, the Back Bay Fens, and Northeastern. The sounds of Northeastern University’s campus play from these speakers in Ruggles Station. / Photo by Alex ErdekianFor the first time in its 114-year history, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is showcasing work outside of its own walls.The museum’s new exhibit, “Listen Hear: The Art of Sound” debuted two new installations last week (in addition to pieces already on view inside the museum’s walls), and you might have already encountered them without knowing it. The two new pieces are an installation and a smartphone app, both of which explore the effect of the interaction of sound and space in urban landscapes.The public installation “Harmonic Conduits” connects two of these urban landscapes through their sounds. Ruggles Station and Haley House Bakery Café in Lower Roxbury each have the sounds of their environments recorded, and then transmitted to each other through “tuning tubes” and played aloud live. Additionally, sounds from Northeastern University’s campus will play at the Roxbury side of Ruggles station. “Harmonic Conduits” is a collaboration between the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Northeastern University, Haley House Bakery Café, and the MBTA, and it was created by sound artists Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger.The sounds of Haley House Bakery Café play from outside of Ruggles Station. / Photo by Alex Erdekian“Now that spring has finally arrived, we hope everyone will take the time to listen and experience the way sound and space interact in our environment,” says Pieranna Cavalchini, the Gardner Museum’s contemporary art curator.The second offsite installation of “Listen Hear” is an interactive sound walk through the Back Bay Fens. To experience it, download the location-based free app called Fens, plug in your headlines, and stroll through the Fens while listening to the human and non-human sounds that define the area—from bits of speech, to animal noises, to rushing water. Fens was created by Teri Rueb and Ernst Karel.Here’s a preview:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Print Keep your weekends full of the coolest things to do around Boston with our weekly Weekender newsletter. “Listen Hear” will run through September 5.last_img read more

Whitey Bulger Has Been Killed in Prison

first_img 10/30/2018, 1:30 p.m. The circumstances of his killing were not immediately clear, but sources have told several outlets and Boston magazine contributor Michele McPhee that the death does not appear to be accidental, and multiple outlets report his killer may be linked to organized crime. The New York Times reports Bulger was “beaten unrecognizable” and that more than one inmate was involved.As the former head of the Winter Hill Gang, Bulger was found guilty by a jury of having his hand in 11 murders, and is suspected of carrying out or ordering several more.His story has been told many times, most memorably via the films The Departed, starring Jack Nicholson, and Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp.Stories about his exploits in custody have also trickled out over the years. He reportedly began writing letters of advice to locals, and sharing his resentment for the way he’s been written about and regret about the life choices that got him to this place. “I’m a myth created by the media to help them generate Revenue and to hurt a relation because they didn’t appreciate his independence and daring to support an agenda they opposed,” he wrote, in reference to Billy Bulger, his brother and a former state Senator.He continued: “My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon — Advice is a cheap commodity some seek it from me about crime — I know only thing for sure — If you want to make crime pay — ‘Go to Law School.’” News Whitey Bulger Has Been Killed in Prison The ex-mobster was 89 years old. 1430144 Sign up for Boston Daily. News. Commentary. Every day.* By Spencer Buell· Whitey Bulger terrorized Boston for years, his notoriously violent and complicated life inspired countless books and several movies, and in his later years he was at the center of a manhunt and a trial that captured the national imagination. On Tuesday, that story came to an end. Bulger was killed earlier today in a West Virginia prison, according to multiple reports. He was 89.Bulger has been behind bars since 2011, when he was arrested in California after dodging federal authorities for years. In 2013, he was given two consecutive life sentences in prison, plus five years, and $19.5 million in restitution, on charges of racketeering, conspiracy, murder, and other crimes.Before his death, he had recently been moved to the US Penitentiary Hazelton, per the Boston Globe.SOURCES: EXCLUSIVEWhitey Bulger was killed at new West Virginia prison.— Michele McPhee (@MicheleMcPhee) October 30, 2018The Department of Justice confirms Bulger was found dead around 8:20 a.m.From Federal Bureau of Prison on #Bulger death. #NBC10Boston— Susan Tran (@susantran) October 30, 2018 Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! Printlast_img read more

Heres what you missed from Round 2 of the WGCFedEx St Jude

first_imgThrough two rounds in Memphis, the score at the top of the leaderboard didn’t change much, but the leader has.Here’s everything you missed from Round 2 of the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational.Matt Fitzpatrick leadsPowered by a seven-birdie, one-bogey performance, Matthew Fitzpatrick jumped 12 spots up the leaderboard into the top position. The 24-year-old Englishman shot 67 on Thursday and is now 9 under par overall. He has a two-shot lead over four players tied at 7 under par.Fitzpatrick has five European Tour victories on his resume but has yet to win on the PGA Tour.Matt Fitzpatrick has won five times on the European Tour and is hoping to add another victory to his resume at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational this week.USA Today Sportslast_img read more