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Sofapaka edge out Tusker in KPL thriller

first_img0Shares0000Sofapaka’s Kepha Aswani in action against Tusker FC. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYANAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 17 – Kepha Aswani and Umar Kasumba grabbed a brace each as Sofapaka edged out Tusker FC 5-4 in a high scoring Kenyan Premier League encounter hosted at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos on Sunday.Aswani sent hosts Sofapaka ahead five minutes after kick-off after making good use of a miss-kick from Tusker keeper Bryne Omondi. But Mathew Odongo levelled the scores for Tusker in the 10th minute after Sofapaka defence failed to clear danger in the box.Apollo Otieno netted at the half hour mark from a long range cracker that deflected Sofapaka defender Moussa, to see the Brewers take a 2-1 lead at the interval.Sofapaka forward Stephen Waruru feeling the pain after being hacked down by a Tusker FC player. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYAHowever, Sofapaka restored parity in the second half through goal keeper Mathew Kigonya in the 50th when he stepped up to convert a penalty after Stephen Waruru was hacked down in the box by Bonaventure Khasabuli.Tusker responded two minutes later through Hashim Sempala who sent the Sam Timbe side ahead two minutes later from a well struck volley from the left wing.Aswani scored again for Batoto Ba Mungu to bring them back in the game following his simple finish to both sides tied to a 3-3 draw.Coming of the bench, Kasumba proved to be a super sub when he ensured Sofapaka picked maximum points thanks to his two goals in a space of 12 minutes that watered down Jackson Macharia’s goal fourth goal for Tusker.Tusker FC’s Hasim Sempala against Sofapaka Omar Moussa. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYATusker finished with 10 men after Sempala was sent off in the 90th minute.The win took Sofapaka to fourth place with 13 points while Tusker are 14th with just six points after playing seven matches.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Rock Art Is Not a Pterosaur

first_imgWhen new information falsifies your hypothesis, you accept it and move on. Darwinians need to learn that, too.A canyon wall in Utah has a faded pictograph that under certain conditions might possibly look like a winged monster. Some creationists have claimed it is a pterosaur, drawn by native Americans who may have witnessed one after the Flood. A new study appears to lay that interpretation to rest. Archaeological chemist Marvin Rowe visited Black Dragon Canyon and studied the glyph with X-ray fluorescence and an image stretching algorithm. His results reveal a “far more mundane” interpretation, Emily DeMarco reports in Science Magazine, showing the form to be a collection of people and modern animals, drawn in the characteristic style of the period.The article goes beyond just correcting the facts. DeMarco quotes people who seem to take glee in debunking creationism as a whole:When archaeological chemist Marvin Rowe recently scrambled up a narrow ledge in southeast Utah’s Black Dragon Canyon, he was determined to put an end—once and for all—to a lingering debate that has pitted rock art researchers and archaeologists against young-Earth creationists for decades. With his x-ray fluorescence gun in hand, he braced himself against the cliff face’s red rock and focused on the source of the conflict: a faded ancient rock painting soaring several yards above the dusty canyon floor. Some claim the image is that of a dragon or pterodactyl, but researchers have long maintained that it’s something far more mundane.“It’s unfortunate that science has to keep fighting these battles,” says David Whitley, one of the foremost experts on rock art in North America, who wasn’t involved in the study. “But because the painting continues to be used to promote nonscientific views of the world, it became necessary to demonstrate with complete clarity that those ideas are just wrong.”But it wasn’t creation organizations that started the pterosaur interpretation. DeMarco mentions that a certain John Simonson chalked the outline of a large winged monster around the glyph in the 1940s, long before the rise of the modern creation movement.A word search on this pictograph shows very little mention of it on leading creation websites. There is an article from 2002 that mentions it without showing a photo, and there is another from 1997 that indirectly mentions pictographs of pterosaurs. It doesn’t appear, therefore, that leading creationist organizations are making much of a big deal out of it.To her credit, DeMarco shows a creationist who was willing to retract his position:One of the creationists referenced in the paper, Vance Nelson, wrote a book called Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons, which argues that ancient people saw dinosaurs, which they called dragons, and depicted the creatures in art, including the Black Dragon Canyon pictograph. However, when he returned to the canyon and reexamined the pictograph shortly after his book was printed in 2011, he realized that the panel showed five separate images. He’s since removed the mention of the Black Dragon Canyon pterosaur from subsequent printings of the book, he says.“I completely agree with their findings, and they did a good job,” Nelson says. “I’m disappointed they still referenced me in the paper because I don’t stand by that interpretation anymore.”It appears the scientists owe Nelson an apology. He corrected his record voluntarily based on his own observations.DeMarco says that Nelson tried to get other creationists to change their minds, but without success. She provides no names or details. Given that a leading creation spokesman, Jonathan Sarfati, has written an article on creation.com about arguments creationists shouldn’t use, it appears that creationists are perfectly willing to correct the record when new facts come to light. Creationists abandoned the Paluxy man tracks in the 1980s, for instance, and the New Zealand “plesiosaur” after that.Laura Geggel at Live Science also advances a narrative of “researchers” vs “creationists,” as if pleased to see creationists beaten down. “Many creationists say the art looks like a winged monster, possibly a pterosaur,” she writes, not specifying how many creationists, or whether other people (like Simonson) perceived a winged monster in the faded panel. “In contrast, many researchers say it’s a collection of several distinct images of people and animals.” Since when is a creationist incapable of being a “researcher”? Some have PhDs in science.It appears Rowe has satisfactorily debunked the pterosaur interpretation for the Black Canyon glyph. This was just one instance—and a rather faint one—out of a larger collection of evidence creationists have gathered to support their claim that humans saw dinosaurs after the Flood. Empirically speaking, you don’t debunk a whole proposition by pulling out one piece of evidence, if there are other, stronger pieces of evidence still standing. In the meantime, evolutionists have been strangely silent after June’s revelations of soft tissue in dinosaur bones (see 6/10/15). Does that evidence not argue strongly against dinosaurs being millions of years old? If they are young, creationists would say, it bolsters their case that humans and dinosaurs might have been contemporaries.More importantly, the need for retraction when new evidence comes to light works both ways. Evolutionists correctly abandoned Piltdown Man when it was shown to be a fake, and National Geographic retracted Archaeoraptor when its fraudulent origins came to light (albeit in fine print in the back of a subsequent issue). Yet other frauds have continued for decades. Haeckel’s embryos still show up in biology textbooks a century after they were exposed as fakes (ENV), even years after Richardson (1998) and Wells (2000) complained that genuine embryos are vastly different from the ones Haeckel drew. Peppered moths, Darwin’s finches, the Recapitulation Theory and other dubious “icons of evolution” continue to be promoted to the public as evidence for Darwinian evolution, despite years or decades of debunkings—often by evolutionists themselves.If creationists need to drop the Black Dragon Canyon evidence, evolutionists would do well to set a good example by retracting their own falsified stories.We looked around the internet for creationists using Black Dragon Canyon and found very few. Most of them were old references, copies of articles printed in Creation Magazine 12 years ago or more. No reputable creationist we could see is using this pictograph, not even Genesis Park whose interest is in post-Flood dinosaur evidence. We’re also checking to see if the leading creationist organizations are working to retract their rare articles that mention it in light of Rowe’s findings. Books or magazines that are already in distribution cannot be changed, of course, but internet articles and future editions of books can be corrected.Update 9/15/15: the organizations responded positively. After ensuring the reliability of Rowe’s research, they willingly corrected their materials.Do you notice that retraction in light of evidence is a virtue—a moral matter? Before evolutionists get too cocky about debunking a claim that a few creationists have made, they could sure (1) clean up their own house, and (2) tell us how morality evolved—assuming they agree that honesty is a moral obligation in science.Resource: See Don Batten’s article, “Arguments evolutionists should not use” on creation.com: 21 bad arguments for evolution. (Visited 141 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

An Open Letter to Groundspeak – from an 11-Year-Old Geocacher

first_img SharePrint RelatedInterviews With Geocaching Filmmakers – Part 3February 20, 2015In “GIFF”11 Years! Oeiras – A Mega-Event Portuguese StyleMay 16, 2011In “Community”Inside Geocaching HQ Podcast Transcript (Episode 11): The Magic of trackable promotionsMay 10, 2018Similar post Evan’s letter to GroundspeakThe world of an 11-year-old is a complex ecosystem of school, sports, family and play. In 2011, play as a kid seems to only involve the pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus muscle groups. Those are the muscles that move our thumbs, as in playing video games.But one 11-year-old is using his thumbs for something else. Evan works the buttons on a GPS device to hunt geocaches. He also recently picked up a pen and wrote a letter to Groundspeak.The fifth grader is an avid geocacher. Evan writes, “Me and my dad go caching a lot.” He describes geocaching as, “fun-ga-cational.”Here’s why. Evan says, “[Geocaching is fun-ga-cational] because first of all it helps with math, (working with miles and feet). Second of all because it helps with geography, maps and sometimes social studies, working with latitude and longitude, maps and sometimes you learn about the area around a person. And third of all because it is super fun.”Well, thank you Evan. We work hard to make sure geocaching is as super fun as possible.This fifth grader’s letter is peppered with ideas for geocaching and questions for Groundspeak. We thought we’d share a few of Evan’s questions.Where did you get the idea for geocoins?Geocoins, including a Moun10bike coinGeocoins are the creation of Jon Stanley, alias Moun10bike. He now works at Groundspeak as a Lackey. We even did a video with Jon about the invention of geocoins. He placed the first coin on September 30, 2001. Did you know, Moun10bike has thousands of geocoins in his personal collection? It’s true. He has books and books of geocoins.Can you put locks on geocaches?Yes, if an answer or a key you discover unlocks the cache. Geocacher Richard Garriott has a lock on his cache called, “Necropolis of Britannia Manor III.” We did a video about this spooky cache. The clues you find on this puzzle cache give you the combination for the lock. You can watch a story about the cache here.Can one put more A.P.E. caches out?Evan’s letter to GroundspeakNope. There’s only a couple A.P.E. caches left in the world. In 2001, fourteen geocaches were placed as the movie Planet of the Apes hit theaters. Each cache represented a fictional story in which scientists revealed an Alternative Primate Evolution. These caches were made using specially marked ammo containers. There’s one A.P.E. cache left near Groundspeak H.Q. and one still active in Brazil. Will you ever branch out and make multiple HQ caches?Seems unlikely. There’s only one H.Q. We’re located in Seattle, Washington. You’re always welcome to visit. Just check out our cache page.Thanks for writing Evan. I hope this helped! And we’ll see what we can do about your suggestions. We like the idea of miniature Signal and Lackey figurines.  But we’re not sure Geocaching will ever be an Olympic sport. Who knows though? Thanks again.Happy Caching,Your friends are H.Q.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Spring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week 2018

first_imgTranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandSpring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week just wrapped up, and what a success it was! Thousands of people all over the world grabbed their gardening gloves, garbage bags, and old blue jeans and got to work. Here are ten highlights that will make you smile. And remember, a good geocacher CITOs every time they geocache! Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, Czechia A group of 23 Czech geocachers met to clean a “neglected place” area around Nisa under the highway. They asked participants to bring some tools, gloves, and an especially good mood. Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, CzechiaPuerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirate — GC7KFQ3, Puerto Rico“If you like to discover forgotten places, ancient structures lost in the forest, and fascinating views of cliffs and beaches, you can not miss this CITO event. The place needs a little love and as we like to take care of nature and its wonders, we will give ourselves the task of doing a bit of “housekeeping.” Yes, please!Puerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirata — GC7KFQ3, Puerto RicoAnother CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New ZealandUsing garbage as a CITO logbook? That’s one CITO-rific way to upcycle! Another CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New ZealandTrenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, Slovakia The Trenčín Castle in western Slovakia dates back to 179 AD. Participants of this CITO worked together to refurbish a retaining wall that collapsed over 15 years ago. Trenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, SlovakiaSpring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USAA one-eared hedgehog named Hazelnut showed up to do her part to beautify our world. Spring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USATree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, BahrainA humble group of geocachers and muggles worked together to clean up a sizable heap of litter near the Persian Gulf. The cache page says, “There is usually an ice cream van.” I wonder if they got their ice cream at the end of the CITO?Tree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, BahrainEneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall IslandsWe believe this two-person CITO on tiny Eneko Island, part of the Marshall Islands, was the most remote Spring CITO to ever occur. We’re ready to be proven wrong. 😉 Eneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall IslandsRydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, NorwayWhile we’re talking about extreme locations, we believe this CITO in Troms, Norway, was the furthest north. It may also be one of the most beautiful locations for a CITO. Rydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, NorwayTranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandThese CITO-ers may have done the impossible: make a yucky old pile of tires look beautiful. Just imagine how gorgeous the surrounding area must look now!Tranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandZhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, TaiwanFor several geocachers, this was their first CITO and they came away with lots of smiles. As one log says, “This was my first ever CITO Event! And even though it was “only” picking up trash, it was actually quite tiring.” Zhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, TaiwanShare with your Friends:More SharePrint Related6 steps to organize a Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) eventJanuary 26, 2017In “Environmental Initiatives”Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) announcement for 2019January 7, 2019In “Environmental Initiatives”Confirmed Geocaching souvenir moments for 2019January 9, 2019In “Community”last_img read more

SAP Embraces Real-Time in the Enterprise

first_imgNot long ago John Schwarz, an executive board member at SAP, sat down for a video interview about the current state and future goals of the enterprise software giant’s popular BusinessObjects BI and analytics platform, which Schwarz is in charge of. The discussion was wide-ranging, but a key statement buried in all the talk about BusinessObjects was an admission that real-time access to analytics was vital for the future of the enterprise. If the future of the consumer Web is real-time streams of information and communication channels, then what will keep businesses caught up will be tools to analyze and iterate just as quickly. For an absolute leviathan in the B2B space, this is a huge acknowledgment. SAP’s Top PrioritiesDennis Howlett conducted the original interview, and he brought up some great points about SAP’s approach, such as how frustrating an analytics focus on spreadsheets can be for end users. He also kindly posted the video on YouTube, which you can watch in full below. The first part is largely a recap of what BusinessObjects is all about, so if you’re familiar with the platform then it’s nothing that special. But later, he outlines the three top priorities for the future of SAP’s analytics and optimization group. In general, he recognized that:Customers have implemented and automated their core processes and have done a very good job in making that happen. They’ve created enormous amounts of data that is generated by these automated processes. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts steven walling Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… We now need to help them to use this information to understand how their processes are executing, to do a better job planning and optimizing the processes based on the understanding they have gained from the analysis that they have done.Real-Time is the Future of Analytics & OptimizationIn addition to a general need for stronger analysis of the loads of data being generated in the enterprise, the industry needs to do a better job of providing real-time analysis capabilities. Schwarz outlined the problem:Customers already do that today with let’s say Neilsen data, or IRI data. But these analyses are not real time, and they are only available in massively undifferentiated databases. We’ve got to bring tools to the customer that allow them to take their product marketing strategies and the retail response to those marketing strategies and make those available real time so that the analysis can be done instantly and that the customer can iterate and do some predictive work on the information that they have.As Jennifer Martinez at GigaOM has reminded us, real-time isn’t actually something new. The hurdle has always been that we don’t have what we need to properly filter the constant stream of information. In the enterprise, that means that big-time software companies like SAP are going to have to ensure that their platforms for analyzing the data are real-time too. Automating business processes is one win, but it’s not going to matter a whit if users can’t get the data they need to continue innovating at a faster pace. Thanks to Tim Elliot of SAP for the transcription. 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Tags:#enterprise#Trends last_img read more

A New Efficiency Standard for Gas Furnaces

first_imgMoving to a new technologyThe proposal would spell the end of conventional gas furnaces, which are vented in masonry or metal chimneys, and move everyone to condensing furnaces. Condensing appliances, which already available with efficiencies of more than 95 percent, produce an extra measure of heat by condensing water vapor in flue gases.Condensing units can be vented through plastic pipe, rather than a standard chimney, which makes them less expensive to install overall than a conventional furnace in new construction, deLaski said. When installed as a replacement, DOE has previously estimated, a condensing furnace would cost between $575 and $900 more than a standard furnace, with a simple payback of seven years.The department will take public comment on the proposal and publish a final rule by March 2016. It would go into effect five years after that, but manufacturers and retailers could sell through old stock before shifting to more efficient models.The proposal is part of a long rule-making process that pitted efficiency advocates, who wanted stiffer requirements, against manufacturers and the gas industry. A “consensus agreement” between advocates and manufacturers led to new DOE standards in 2011, but the American Public Gas Association filed suit to block them from going into effect. That, in turn, helped produce a settlement agreement last year that vacated the 2011 standards and required a new round of DOE ruling-making, deLaski wrote.Before adopting the 92 percent rule this time around, DOE had considered a AFUE standard of 95 percent, he said, and even looked at a 98 percent efficiency standard. The minimum requirement could still change before DOE publishes the new rule next spring.Boilers, which heat water instead of air, are covered under separate regulations. New efficiency standards for those appliances are expected soon. The Department of Energy has proposed new standards for gas furnaces that would require a minimum annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 92 percent, saving consumers billions of dollars in fuel bills over the next several decades.The proposed rule covers “non-weatherized” furnaces (those intended for use indoors) and furnaces for mobile homes. Under the current schedule, it would take effect in 2021.According to a blog by Andrew deLaski, the executive director of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, the new efficiency standards would reduce gas and propane consumption in furnaces by about 13 percent when compared to basic furnaces on the market today.The proposed rule, he wrote, would be “among the biggest natural-gas saving standards ever completed by the agency.” When the savings are racked up over a 30-year period, deLaski’s blog said, they would equal the gas and propane heating needs of New England for 17 years, and a net savings for consumers of between $4 billion and $19 billion.The current minimum AFUE is 78 percent, but deLaski said by telephone that because it’s virtually impossible to find a furnace with that AFUE on the market today, the de facto standard is now 80 percent. Later this year, the legal standard will become 80 percent.The DOE estimates a homeowner who replaces a furnace with an efficiency of 80 percent with one running at 95 percent would save $15.80 for every $100 in fuel costs.last_img read more

Graduating Sisi Rondina raring to lead UST in Final Four

first_img“To the kids I always ask them, ‘Are you with me?’ that we should be united as one and I hope that they can give me a great exit.”Rondina, the league’s leading scorer with a total of 238 points, was as potent as ever against the Lady Tamaraws with 21 points on 17 attacks, one block, and three service aces.Apart from her individual performance, though, Rondina knew her words did not fall on deaf ears.“The good thing about this is my teammates are super responsible, they’re listening, they’re helping each other and this Final Four spot is the result of our hard work,” said Rondina.“It’s as if they’re just beside me and I was just telling them on what they should do and they were responding well. Coming to this arena, I was telling them that we will win and we will get to the Final Four.”ADVERTISEMENT Rondina, though, will have another shot at a championship after the Golden Tigresses clinched a Final Four spot in the UAAP Season 81 women’s volleyball tournament Sunday at Mall of Asia Arena.UST ended the match day in the third spot of the standings following a straight sets romp of Far Eastern University, 25-23, 25-18, 25-23, for a 9-4 record.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsRondina, who’s in her final playing year, has longed for the team trophy and she said she’s constantly reminded her younger teammates to have the same fighting attitude that she has.“I’m always dreaming of getting that championship and I’m always reminding my teammates that, I will do anything that’s needed to show that I really want to play for UST,” said Rondina in Filipino. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Pacquiao ‘nervous’ while watching son Jimuel’s first amateur match Hontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anewcenter_img Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles LATEST STORIES Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte MOST READ Cherry Rondina. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMANILA, Philippines—Cherry Rondina is one of the UAAP’s most prolific superstars having won the Best Scorer award in Season 80 but that’s the only hardware the superstar from University of Santo Tomas has at this point in her career.In her first four years in the league, Rondina reached the Final Four just once back in Season 79 when the Tigresses lost to eventual champion De La Salle.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

2018 National Labour Day and Workers’ Week Message – PM Holness

first_imgThe foundation of the modern Jamaican Nation is built on struggles of the Jamaican worker.Indeed, the labour movement which evolved out of the 1938 labour riots, also created the first viable platform on which ambitions for nationhood and later Independence could be launched.It was the issues affecting labour and the working class, that galvanized the masses and out of which leaders like St. William Grant, Father AGS Coombs, Ken Hill, Florizel Glasspole, Norman Manley and Alexander Bustamante would emerge to eventually lead Jamaica from colonial state to an Independent Nation.Today, we take time out to salute those, past and present, whom have worked tirelessly to secure the rights of workers and made tremendous sacrifice to lay the foundations upon which we now build.We commemorate them through the activities of Workers’ Week, and we exemplify their work and sacrifice on Labour Day, by giving of our labour and time to a project or a cause that will advance Jamaica.I want to thank all corporate citizens, voluntary groups and individuals who are joining together to collectively improve our country.This Labour Day we will be placing special emphasis on our brothers and sisters who may be living with various mobility disabilities and challenges.As a nation, we must ensure that no one is excluded because of inadequate facilities to support their mobility.Our theme this year is “RAMP IT UP … FIX IT UP”.We will be installing ramps in 126 schools across Jamaica to facilitate access to the ground floor.We will also be focusing on fixing up and improving access to several Health Centres across Jamaica.In the same way, we are ensuring that all Jamaicans can have physical access and mobility by building ramps to public buildings, so it is, that your government is building economic ramps to employment which will give you social mobility.The thrust of the Government’s economic policies continues to advance the welfare of our workers and to improveJamaica’s standard of living.It is the goal of this Government that no one is left behind and that there is equal opportunity for every Jamaican to use their God given labour through meaningful employment to self-actualize.I have always maintained that a job is independence in your hands.We are encouraged by the improved employment figures. More Jamaicans are now employed than any other time in our history, giving our people a real chance at their economic independence – a real chance to step up in life.The unemployment rate has fallen from 13.7 percent in April 2016 to 9.6 percent as at January 2018.Of note, the youth unemployment rate declined, moving from 31.2 percent in January 2017 to 23.8 percent inJanuary 2018, representing a decrease of 7.4 percentage points. The Government will continue to work tirelessly to improve these figures, spur economic growth and secure our economic independence.Our national hero, The Right Excellent Sir William Alexander Bustamante said “Let us resolve to work together under the law to build a Jamaica which will last and of which we and the generations to follow may be proud”.During this Workers Week and Labour Day period, I urge us all to carry on the noble struggle for economic independence.To be diligent and creative with our God given labour to create value for our wellbeing and service to our fellow man.Let us Ramp It Up and Fix It Up, as we make Jamaica the best place to live, work and raise families.last_img read more

Approximately 75K of Ohio States 175K required Orange Bowl tickets sold

If Ohio State fans are looking to cover Miami’s Sun Life Stadium in scarlet Jan. 3 to watch the the No. 7 Buckeyes (12-1, 8-1) take on No. 12 Clemson (10-2, 7-1) in the Discover Orange Bowl, they will likely need to shell out some green to do so.Face value price for a student ticket was $110, compared to $165 for the general public, Assistant Athletic Director Brett Scarbrough told The Lantern Thursday in an email.OSU was required to purchase 17,500 tickets for the football team’s game against Clemson, and as of Thursday, there were “approximately 7,500 committed,” according to the email.Of the 1,000 tickets allocated out for students, so far, 584 have been purchased. The email said that number does not take in to account any student who bought tickets and travel through the Office of Student Life tour package, though.According to the email, the Orange Bowl distributes any unsold inventory to military personnel and youth groups in South Florida. OSU has already given back 9,000 tickets from its allotment for that purpose.Kickoff between OSU and Clemson is set for 8:30 p.m. read more

Bitter debut for Southamptons Slattery

first_imgThe new Saints signing was part of the 1-1 draw between his side and Burnley on Saturday’s English Premier League fixture.Southampton and Burnley tied 1-1 in yesterday’s English Premier League fixture.Nathan Redmon scored for the Saints in the 55th minute, but a penalty by Ashley Barnes in the last play of the match helped Burnley draw the match.And for Callum Slattery, losing two points left him with mixed emotions, after making his first Premier League debut.📸Unbeaten in 2019 but disappointed. #SaintsFC’s Saturday retold with the day’s best photos from Turf Moor ➡️ https://t.co/NjNjv32loY pic.twitter.com/wPYRKi8TUT— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) February 2, 2019“I’m very pleased,” he said to Southampton’s official website.“It’s a proud day to get a full 90 in the Premier League and a first start, so it’s a great feeling, but it’s bittersweet not to come away with three points.”“I thought I did well – I got stuck in and I wasn’t in fear of the crowd or the game. It’s a tough place to come, but I thought I did well in the game,” he added.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“I’m loving it. We’re learning every day under the manager, and from being in and around the first-team boys. Hopefully, we can keep kicking on.”“[Nathan Redmond] He’s a great player who is always giving me advice as a young player,” Slattery continued.“It’s great to play up alongside him and behind him, and see what he can do. Nath’s a player who’s capable of that in every game.”“As soon as he gets the ball he’s a danger, and it’s good for the rest of the team that he’s in this form. Hopefully, he can keep it up,” he concluded.The Saints are currently in the 16th position of the English Premier League standings with 24 points, thanks to five wins, nine draws and 11 loses.The team is near the relegation zone, ahead just for a couple of points of its rivals.Next week they will host Cardiff City, and then will visit Arsenal while taking Fulham at home at the end of the month.#SaintsFC’s @Callumslattery8 reflects on a bittersweet first #PL start after today’s draw at #BurnleyFC…— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) February 2, 2019last_img read more