Display examines the real face of Isaac Brock

Sir Isaac Brock?Ever wonder what Sir Isaac Brock really looked like? A new display outside the Learning Commons examines that exact question.The display at the south entrance in the Thistle hallway examines Brock from a physical standpoint. There are only two surviving pieces of artwork of Brock created in his lifetime, and there’s no evidence that he posed for either.One display case examines the multiple looks of Brock since his death on Oct. 13, 1812, including the flattering image of “The Hero of Upper Canada.”The second exhibit shows a more realistic examination of Brock, which Canadian artist Christian Corbet created using forensic data. Corbet is currently working on a sculpture bust of Brock for the Isle of Guernsey.The display is available until Oct. 14. After that, it will be on exhibit in Special Collections and Archives.

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