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High School Freshman Dylan Moses Commits to LSU

Dylan Moses, the most popular freshman high school football player in the country, has committed to Louisiana State University to play college football.Just four games into his freshman season at University Lab High School and after years of college wooing, 15-year-old Moses announced via Twitter his commitment to LSU.Here’s what Rivals analyst Jason Howell had to say about Moses’ decision:“LSU just picked up their first commitment of the 2017 recruiting class, and while that may seem a wee bit ridiculous, we’re not talking about your normal freshman athlete here. This is 6-foot-1, 220-pound, 4.5 running, 33-inch vertical jumping Dylan Moses, who picked up offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA and pretty much anyone who’s fielding a major college football team in 2013. And he picked up these offers before the first game of his freshman year.“This is definitely not your typical 2017 prospect, and there’s no doubt this is a huge get for LSU. Moses is an extremely gifted athlete and has Division I size and athleticism right now today. He has put in most of his time at running back and linebacker, and if he continues to grow, he could find a few more possible positions out there.”Moses first made national headlines when LSU coach Les Miles, Alabama’s Nick Saban among others offered him a scholarship as an eighth-grader, when he registered a 4.46-second 40-yard dash and 34-inch vertical leap at LSU’s football camp. Fittingly, Moses is still considered a general “athlete” prospect, because there’s plenty of time for him to nail down precisely which position he will be best placed.But for Moses, apparently all the other schools were just wasting their time; he has always had his mind set on LSU.“I was kind of shocked when I first heard it — it was a dream come true,” Moses told the media upon first receiving the offer from Miles last year. “I’ve always wanted to play for LSU since I was a kid, and now it’s coming true in front of my eyes.”If you don’t understand what all the hype is about Moses, check out his junior high school highlight reel. The kid is just unstoppable. read more

Stats Cant Tell Us Whether Mike Trout Or Josh Donaldson Should Be

In 53.5 percent of the fictional seasons, Donaldson exceeds Trout. But in the other 46.5 percent, Trout betters Donaldson. With such an even split, it’s difficult to say for sure whether Trout or Donaldson has contributed more to his team’s success. If we use WAR as our guide, we have little basis to determine which player deserves the MVP more. The confidence interval on Donaldson’s WAR is simply too large to be sure that he’s the more valuable of the two. That’s not to say that Donaldson isn’t our best guess, only that we are not confident in that guess; Trout is a perfectly defensible choice as well.In the NL, the gap is more pronounced between the WAR leader and the runner-up. Harper’s sublime offensive season has earned him the most WAR (8.0) in all of baseball. Meanwhile, the Mets’ Yoenis Cespedes comes in second, with a relatively paltry total of 7.1 WAR. Yet, despite the larger gap between Cespedes and Harper than between Trout and Donaldson, in 33.6 percent of the simulated seasons, Cespedes’s estimated WAR exceeds Harper’s.Much of the uncertainty in WAR comes from our imperfect measurements of defense. Because the vast majority of defensive plays are routine, a player’s true defensive skill can be seen only on the few plays that are between the impossible and the everyday. A given player might see only about 100 such plays per season. Even in that subset of plays, the difference between a Web Gem and a hit can be as little as a couple of feet, the result of a lucky step or the wind changing at the right moment.Even if we had much more data on defense than we do, our best tools for measuring it are falling behind front-office strategy. We watch baseball in the age of the defensive shift; teams are becoming more and more savvy about positioning both their infield and outfield to maximize the chance of getting outs. Without detailed data on how defenders are positioned before the play starts, most of our metrics are confounded by the front office’s ability to instruct its players on where to stand.WAR itself is not complete. Although all versions of WAR available today cover the basics of player value (hitting, fielding, baserunning and pitching),4It is also worth considering that the different versions of WAR differ slightly in terms of how they measure and value these skills. For example, openWAR rewards contextual performance more than other versions of WAR, which arguably makes it more suitable for judging the MVP race. Although all versions agree in broad strokes and tend to give rise to similar leaderboards, differences between models can generate significant gaps between players (up to 2 to 3 WAR). no current version picks up on some of the more esoteric skills in baseball, such as a catcher’s pitch framing. Framing can contribute up to 3 wins to good catchers, so any MVP debate guided by WAR will underrate players like Buster Posey who contribute substantially in that arena.Despite all of its flaws, WAR is still the best available tool for judging value, and certainly exceeds the older alternatives, such as RBIs and pitcher wins. At a minimum, WAR can tell us who the MVP isn’t. For example, we know Matt Kemp’s 2.0 WAR isn’t likely to best Harper’s even with all the uncertainty baked into WAR.5Such a scenario unfolds only three times in 1,000 seasons. But by old-school metrics, Kemp’s 94 RBIs as of Sept. 13 exceeded Harper’s 85. Because of sabermetrics, we know that has more to do with luck and context than value.But like any tool, WAR has limitations. After a full season of baseball, our best measurement can’t tell us who the single most valuable player in the league is with any substantial degree of confidence. It could be Harper, or Cespedes, or potentially even Joey Votto. In the absence of definitive evidence, let the debate continue. As MLB award season arrives, no prize looms larger than Most Valuable Player. From a statistical perspective, the best guide to the MVP award is undoubtedly wins above replacement, and some voters develop their MVP ballots at least in part based on WAR. If you were going just by WAR, the American League MVP should go to the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson (7.1 WAR) over the Angels’ Mike Trout (6.8 WAR); while in the National League, Bryce Harper (8.0 WAR) of the Nationals looks like an obvious choice (all stats are current through Sept. 13).The problem is that we don’t know who truly has the most WAR in each league.WAR looks like a single easy-to-understand stat, but it’s the product of a complex model. That model integrates information on all the ways a player provides value: his hitting, fielding, baserunning and (for pitchers) pitching. The WAR you find at, say, FanGraphs or is an estimate of all those categories combined.However, like all statistical estimates, WAR calculations come with uncertainty. Here’s where things get pretty statsy, so bear with me: You’re about to get a crash course in confidence intervals. The true value of a player varies from what you find on the leaderboard — but we’re not sure by how much. That’s because of sample size. Although a whole season of baseball seems like a lot, it still doesn’t provide enough data to allow us to be completely sure of each player’s value. So Harper’s 8 WAR could be 6 or it could be 10, but the number on the leaderboard represents our best guess.When the uncertainty about a player is small, we can be more sure that the player who looks like the best really is the best. If the uncertainty increases, though, we become less able to distinguish his performance from those of his competitors. Trying to determine the magnitude of this uncertainty is tricky, but it’s an important part of good statistical practice.Confidence intervals help us establish how uncertain we are about our measurement. A confidence interval is a range that, based on statistical analysis, is thought to contain the true value of a player a certain percentage of the time.1For example, a 95 percent confidence interval is thought to include the true value 95 percent of the time. But the creators of only one model have made their full methodology public, allowing us to create confidence intervals. Their model is, appropriately, called openWAR. I used openWAR to generate 1,000 fictional seasons that resemble the current year2They are sampled from the current year, with replacement. but randomize the events in it.Imagine that a player’s season (hitting, fielding and baserunning) is made up of just four plays, which we number 1 through 4. When we run the simulations, all of a player’s plays are randomized, so sometimes a season consists of plays 1 (a line drive the player hits for a single), 2 (a ball he commits an error on in the field), 3 (a stolen base) and 1 again; sometimes 1, 2, 3 and 3, etc. Each fictional season arises by picking at random from the plays that have happened, allowing the same play to be picked twice or more. From that, we can ask how often, in these imaginary seasons, a given player produced more or less WAR than it appears he did in the season we’ve just lived through in real life.3Again, all numbers are current through Sept. 13.Here’s what those simulations produced: read more

Four Ohio State football players to play in Senior Bowl

Four seniors from the 2011-12 Ohio State football team will participate in the 2012 Senior Bowl. Offensive linemen Mike Adams and Mike Brewster, running back Daniel “Boom” Herron and wide receiver DeVier Posey will play in the event scheduled for Jan. 28 in Mobile, Ala. “This will mark the 11th straight year that Ohio State University has been represented in our game,” said Senior Bowl president and CEO, Steve Hale. “All four of these players are deserving of this opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the top decision makers in the National Football League.” Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and his assistants will coach the South team and Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and his staff will coach the North squad. The four OSU seniors helped contribute to a 39-13 record over the past four years including wins in the Rose Bowl in 2010 and the Sugar Bowl in 2011. The seniors also were a part of arguably the most tumultuous time period in OSU football history, which included the departure of former head coach Jim Tressel and the announcement of new head coach Urban Meyer. The entire 2010-11 season in which the Buckeyes went 12-1 and won the Sugar Bowl was vacated after it was discovered some players, including Herron, Adams and Posey, received improper benefits in exchange for tattoos. Herron was suspended a total of five games in 2011 for his part in the scandal and suspended an additional game for getting paid for work he didn’t perform. In the season’s final seven games, Herron rushed for 675 yards and three touchdowns. He leaves OSU as the school’s 10th leading rusher all-time with 2,869 yards. He also ranks eighth all-time with 33 career touchdowns. Adams was also suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for his part in the tattoo scandal. He started 25 games in his OSU career and was selected as a 2010 first-team all-Big Ten pick by the coaches and the media. From the fourth game of his freshman year, Brewster started 49 consecutive games at center. He was picked as a 2010 first-team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America. Posey was suspended a total of ten games in the 2011 season for receiving improper benefits for tattoos and being compensated for work he didn’t perform. He finished his career with 136 receptions for 1,955 yards, which rank sixth and eighth respectively all-time at OSU. The four players will travel to Mobile, Ala., for a week of practices before the game. Kickoff is set for 3 p.m. at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. read more

Urban Meyer ready for Bradley Robys return

Lantern file photoThen-redshirt-sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby (1) returns an interceptoin during a game against Nebraska Oct. 6, 2012, at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 63-38.Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer was pleased with the effort that his shorthanded defense put forth Saturday in the Buckeyes’ 40-20 win against Buffalo, but he knows the unit still has some growing up to do.The Buckeyes were without redshirt-junior starting cornerback and preseason All-American Bradley Roby, who was suspended because of his involvement in an incident at a Bloomington, Ind., bar in July.Roby is back this week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be inserted into the starting defensive lineup, Meyer said.“He will not be named starter,” Meyer said. “We’ll probably see (sophomore cornerback) Armani (Reeves) or Roby will start, depends on how they practice.”Meyer also noted Roby is someone he has “a lot of respect for” because while he could have left OSU after last season for the NFL,Roby made the decision to come back and finish his Buckeye career with the group of players he came in with. Robywent through “a little bit of a funk of buyer’s remorse,” Meyer said, after hearing people say he could have been drafted high. Meyer called his return this season “very admirable.”Roby was not the only returning defensive starter who did not play against Buffalo, as a lower leg injury made redshirt-senior safety and starter C.J. Barnett a game time decision, ultimately keeping him out. A nagging leg cramp led to junior linebacker Ryan Shazier being carted to the locker room in the second quarter, leaving senior safety Christian Bryant as the lone returning starter on the field.The unit’s lack of experience, coupled with both Shazier’s and Barnett’s absences showed, as Buffalo was able to capitalize on a pair of Buckeye turnovers to get within 10 points twice, in both the second and third quarters.OSU eventually put the Bulls away, with the help of redshirt-senior running back Jordan Hall’s 159 yards and two touchdowns on the ground, but the defense’s inconsistency kept the game close until late in the third quarter.New starters Reeves and junior cornerback Doran Grant had ups and downs of their own, as they matched up with star Buffalo receiver Alex Neutz. Neutz was Bulls quarterback Joe Licata’s favorite target Saturday and ended two receiving yards shy of 100, scoring a touchdown when he leaped over Reeves in the third quarter.Meyer said he was pleased with Reeves’ effort, but is looking forward to getting Roby back on the field this weekend against San Diego State. According to Meyer, Roby’s maturity has shown during fall camp and he has done everything that has been asked of him.“I think he learned a really strong lesson and he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do,” Meyer said. “I’m anxious to get him back on the field.”Bryant said the presence of Roby and Barnett on the field will certainly help the defensive backfield’s confidence.“I think it will just bring more wisdom to the defense,” Bryant said. “We know the type of job that we have to accomplish each and every week, and with Roby and C.J. (Barnett) back I think it’s going to boost the defense’s confidence a little bit more. I know I will feel a lot better with them back, too.”Special teams coordinator and cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs said even though Roby is eligible to play this weekend, first team defensive reps during practice will be split evenly between him, Grant and Reeves.“We’ll get a lot of work in and rotate those three guys, Doran, Armani (Reeves) and Bradley (Roby) with the first team,” Coombs said. “That’s what we always have done and have been pretty consistent with that throughout training camp.”Even though Roby’s return to the lineup may diminish some of his playing time, Grant said his return, along with Barnett’s, will allow the defense to play more aggressively.“With those two guys coming back, they know what to do when they come back and get out there on the field,” Grant said. “I think it’s going to take our aggression on the defensive side of the ball a little higher.”Grant called Roby a “great leader” both on the field and in the film room, and he has never stopped being a leader even though he was suspended.“Knowing he wasn’t going to play the first game, he was helping out myself, Armani Reeves and also the young guys — basically the whole defense,” Grant said. “He’s always there talking, giving his keys and clues on what we gotta look for coming up to the game.”Roby’s return is not to overshadow the return of another key player, albeit on the other side of the ball, in redshirt-junior running back Rod Smith.Meyer suspended Smith during camp for violating a team rule in “either January or February.” With fellow running back Carlos Hyde suspended for his involvement in an incident at a Columbus bar this summer, Smith was looked to be the starter until he was suspended.Smith’s return could alter the role Hall plays in the offense. The Jeanette, Pa., native said he is unsure of where how he will be used Saturday.“Your guess is as good as mine,” Hall said.Hall said he has no preference between playing H-back or running back, and wherever he is on the field, he just wants to help his team win. Having running back depth, though, is a good thing, he said.“Coach Meyer knows that he has a bunch of people that can play running back or H-back, so I think it’s just going to be harder for a defense to prepare for that,” Hall said. “I’m just going to go at whatever position they put me at and try to make plays.”Running backs coach Stan Drayton is the man slated with the responsibility of deciding who gets the touches during games, and with Smith returning this week and Hyde returning Sept. 21 against Florida A&M, selecting starters may be difficult. Drayton, though, said no matter who the returning player is, each guy must earn his way back.“What they do is they have to come in and earn their position back,” Drayton said. “Nothing is given to these guys.”Meyer and Drayton said every player has to show their worth on special teams before getting a chance to play elsewhere. Drayton said it is important to hold everyone to that standard.“We have a philosophy that if you want to play your respective position, you have to provide some value to this team on special teams,” Drayton said. “So if Carlos Hyde gets reinstated, and he can add some value to our special teams, then great. Then we’ll sit there and we’ll take a good look at where he stands in that running back group.”It will be interesting to see where and when Smith gets on the field Saturday against SDSU, but he will make an appearance as long as he has a good week of practice, Meyer said.Kickoff against the Aztecs is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Ohio Stadium. read more

Approximately 75K of Ohio States 175K required Orange Bowl tickets sold

If Ohio State fans are looking to cover Miami’s Sun Life Stadium in scarlet Jan. 3 to watch the the No. 7 Buckeyes (12-1, 8-1) take on No. 12 Clemson (10-2, 7-1) in the Discover Orange Bowl, they will likely need to shell out some green to do so.Face value price for a student ticket was $110, compared to $165 for the general public, Assistant Athletic Director Brett Scarbrough told The Lantern Thursday in an email.OSU was required to purchase 17,500 tickets for the football team’s game against Clemson, and as of Thursday, there were “approximately 7,500 committed,” according to the email.Of the 1,000 tickets allocated out for students, so far, 584 have been purchased. The email said that number does not take in to account any student who bought tickets and travel through the Office of Student Life tour package, though.According to the email, the Orange Bowl distributes any unsold inventory to military personnel and youth groups in South Florida. OSU has already given back 9,000 tickets from its allotment for that purpose.Kickoff between OSU and Clemson is set for 8:30 p.m. read more

Ohio State mens tennis sweeps 2 home matches

Senior Peter Kobelt serves the ball during a match against Xavier Jan. 22 at the Varsity Tennis Center. OSU won, 7-0.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorWith a winter storm approaching fast, the men’s tennis team made quick work of two opponents Tuesday at the Varsity Indoor Tennis Center.The Buckeyes did not surrender a set in either match during their doubleheader against  in-state foes Youngstown State and Wright State. They were wins No. 6 and 7 on the year for the undefeated, No. 5 Buckeyes.“We don’t usually take a week off in February,” coach Ty Tucker said after the Buckeyes took down Wright State, 4-0. “It was nice to play some matches and get a couple wins.”In OSU’s first match of the day against the Penguins, the No. 2 doubles team of redshirt-freshman Ralf Steinbach and redshirt-sophomore Chris Diaz were the first to record a point for the Buckeyes, defeating Youngstown State seniors Rodrigo Campos and Zeeshan Ismail, 6-0.OSU redshirt-junior Hunter Callahan and freshman Marko Goles-Babic followed with a 6-2 win over junior Dawoud Kabli and senior Sebastian Hagn on court one.Callahan continued to cruise in singles play, beating YSU freshman Sharvil Nawghare 6-1, 6-0 on court six. Within minutes of each other, Steinbach defeated Kabli (6-2, 6-1) and redshirt-junior Kevin Metka beat Ismail (6-0, 6-2) to capture the match.“It’s good to shake the rust off … to get back on the court,” Callahan said. “We play practice sets, but when you go out in a match, it’s a little different. It’s good just to get back on the court.”The meeting with Wright State followed the same script, as OSU took care of the Raiders. Callahan and freshman Herkko Pollanen played first in this match, taking down Wright State senior Michal Lyzwa and junior Lauri Makikalli, 6-0, on court two.After holding serve the first five games, Metka and Goles-Babic went on to clinch the doubles point on court one with a 6-2 victory against Wright State senior Hayden Joblin and junior Ricardo Pineda.“It was good, last week, to let our bodies recover a little bit,” Metka said. “It’s good to get back to the matches, though. That’s what we look forward to.”The bottom half of the singles lineup iced the match for the Buckeyes. Callahan continued his strong outing by dropping a double bagel (6-0, 6-0) on court six, this time against Raider junior Aaron Madaris. Metka was right behind with a 6-1, 6-3 win on court four against Pineda. Goles-Babic didn’t show any lack of inexperience as he clinched it with a 6-2, 6-3 triumph on court five against Lyzwa.The matches with the Raiders and Penguins were the final tune-ups before the heavy part of OSU’s schedule takes place. The Buckeyes are slated to play No. 13 Kentucky Friday and No. 9 Texas A&M Sunday in Columbus.“Two huge matches coming to town,” Tucker said. “We’ve got to get rested and a couple guys have to get better, but I’m confident we’ll be ready to play.”Friday’s match against Kentucky is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Varsity Indoor Tennis Center. read more

Director Joss Whedon assembles celebrities to make antiTrump film

first_imgAs other celebrities promised Mark Ruffalo would be nude if Hillary Clinton won, he said "they should just vote because it matters" The video never mentions Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump by name, but in it actor Don Cheadle says it is important not to elect “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society”.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mr Whedon’s Super PAC has already raised $1 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the new videos will aim towards attracting various demographics with low voter turnouts.This will include millennials, rural-educated white women, and black menThe video already has over 700,000 views on Facebook within hours of it being released, and plenty more views on other news websites.The director told THR: “It’s not about attacking because Donny [Trump’s] real good at attacking himself,“It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.” Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. also asks why we’d want to “give nuclear weapons to a man whose signature move is firing things.” The celebrities all promise heart-throb Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie if Hillary Clinton wins the next election – despite Mr Ruffalo seemingly not being in on this particular plan. As other celebrities promised Mark Ruffalo would be nude if Hillary Clinton won, he said “they should just vote because it matters”Credit:Save The Daycenter_img Hey! Did I miss anything? Lol jk the world is on fire 😂 here’s a thing I made— Joss Whedon (@joss) September 21, 2016 Avengers director Joss Whedon assembled a large group of celebrities to make an initial video for his new Save The Day campaign and super PAC, urging Americans not to vote for Donald Trump.He has made a series of short videos featuring A-listers in order to get as many people to the ballot box as possible on the 8th November.In his first video, “Important”, the celebrities give their reasons why people should vote in the election – and not vote for Trump.It also parodies campaign videos which try to make a political point using a horde of celebrities. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Prince Harry suggests young people should spend less time on smartphones to

first_imgPrince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge arrive at the Harrow Club in LondonCredit: NEIL HALL/Reuters The Duchess of Cambridge helps make paper chains “He said he doesn’t like to talk about himself, he talks in more general terms, he said he was a bit shy when talking about himself.”Chris Martin, chief executive of The Mix, said: “Their Royal Highnesses have been absolutely fantastic for the profile of mental health of young people. The Duke and  Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry spent yesterday at a Christmas party for mental health charities including Heads Together, the umbrella group founded by them which is also one of the beneficiaries of this year’s Telegraph Christmas Charity Appeal.Prince Harry sat in on a talk about suicide led by Ged Flynn and Heather Dickinson, of the suicide prevention charity Papyrus, in which they discussed ways of getting young people to open up about having suicidal thoughts.Afterwards the Prince chatted to Mr Flynn, chief executive of the charity, who said: “I sometimes use the phrase ‘may your life be as happy as social media pretends it is’, because there is a veneer, a pretend life going on for a lot of young people. Duchess of Cambridge The Duchess of Cambridge helps make paper chainsCredit:Kensington Palace The Duchess of Cambridge, is given flowers as she arrives at the Harrow Club He said: “What is killing young people more than anything else is themselves.“If it was a disease that was causing all of these deaths there would be an outcry – if one person catches ebola it is all over the news –  but suicide doesn’t get mentioned very much.”Prince Harry appeared to be in reflective mood as he joined his brother and his sister-in-law a day after he had waved off his girlfriend Meghan Markle, who is spending Christmas in the US with her family.The Prince personally dropped Miss Markle off at Heathrow airport on Sunday after spending the week with her at his home in Kensington Palace. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Duchess of Cambridge clutches a posy of flowersCredit:Yui Mok/PA Prince Harry arriving at Heads Together Christmas partyCredit:Reuters Yesterday he joined The Mix volunteers making gingerbread houses for Christmas treats, and talked to them about how different Britain would be if mental health was better treated.He said: “People go to work feeling 65 per cent of their best, but imagine if that was 85 or 90 per cent because they felt better mentally – suddenly you have a completely different atmosphere.”Claire McCann, who works as a counsellor in London schools for the charity Place2Be, said Prince Harry was “so passionate” about improving the nation’s mental health and breaking down the stigma that surrounds it.She said: “He feels there should be a collective of mental health charities, a less complicated system for people to access so that they don’t get lost along the way.“At the moment there are an awful lot of organisations that are not connected to each other.” Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the charity Christmas party The Duchess of Cambridge clutches a posy of flowers The Duchess of Cambridge grins at the Heads Together Christmas partyCredit:Andy Rain/EPA The royal trio also helped charity workers to decorate Christmas tree baubles and to make paper chains with positive messages written on them.The Duke wrote “give time to one another” while the Duchess, who was wearing a dress by Vanessa Seward, wrote “laugh out loud” and “go for a long walk”.Jo Hardy, a parent services manager with mental health charity Young Minds, which is supported by Heads Together, said of the Duke: “He was saying the family is so important, it’s really important to preserve these family values. “The phrase he used was ‘lift up your heads’, because a lot of young people are spending their time looking down at apps and so on.“He said that his father’s generation used to go out and talk to each other, and now young people are not getting that face-to-face contact.”Mr Flynn said that suicide is the leading cause of death among young people, with 1,600 under the age of 35 taking their own lives each year. Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge arrive at the Harrow Club in London Prince Harry has suggested young people need to “lift up their heads” from their phones and iPads to improve their mental health.The Prince, 32, suggested that people no longer talk to each other about their problems, choosing instead to spend their time on social media, which is preventing them from sharing and overcoming their own and other people’s difficulties.The Duchess of Cambridge, meanwhile, suggested “laughing out loud” or “going for a long walk” as everyday tips for helping cope with mental health problems. Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the charity Christmas partyCredit:Alastair Grant/AP “They are obviously very well known among the under 25s that we serve and their involvement in talking about mental health so openly and encouraging people to engage in services has given permission to a lot of young people who may have been nervous to come forward to do so for the first time.“They are just very, very good with people.” The Duchess of Cambridge, is given flowers as she arrives at the Harrow ClubCredit:NEIL HALL/Reuters Prince Harry arriving at Heads Together Christmas partylast_img read more

David Attenborough for toddlers BBC turns naturalists famous moments into CBeebies cartoons

first_imgSir David Attenborough narrating the CBeebies seriesCredit:Jonny Keeling/BBC David Attenborough with mountain gorillas, on location during the filming of Life on Earth in Rwanda 1979Credit:John Sparks The new CBeebies series is aimed at the under-fives Show more Later this year, Sir David will return to BBC One as the presenter of Blue Planet II, a follow-up to the award-winning 2001 series on oceans. David and the Gorilla Quest will be the first episode David Attenborough with mountain gorillas, on location during the filming of Life on Earth in Rwanda 1979 “Sir David has led an extraordinary life, and we’re over the moon that his enthralling tales are now helping children to learn while being inspired by the natural world.” David and the Gorilla Quest will be the first episode Credit:BBC Sir David narrates the CBeebies series, which launched on Friday and is aimed at the under-fives.“I am thrilled that we’ve brought to life many fond memories of my exploration of the natural world for young children to enjoy and learn,” said Sir David, 90. The BBC is to repackage Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes for pre-schoolers, turning his most famous animal encounters into cartoons.The natural history presenter’s meeting with a family of mountain gorillas in the Rwandan jungle, filmed for the 1979 series Life On Earth, will feature in the first episode of Attenborough’s Adventures.Another will recreate the moment he tried to catch a komodo dragon in the 1950s series Zoo Quest. David Attenborough Kay Benbow, controller of CBeebies, said: “Each story is brought to life with magical things to touch, swipe and play with, and questions to help develop comprehension skills, so the grown-up and child can enjoy reading, playing and learning together. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The new CBeebies series is aimed at the under-fivesCredit:BBC Attenborough’s Adventures will appear on the CBeebies Storytime app, allowing children to interact with the stories.David and the Gorilla Quest and David and the Dragon will be followed by three further episodes: David and the Hidden City, based on his exploration of a giant termite mound in the 1990 series The Trials of Life; David the Treasure Hunter, another Zoo Quest moment in which he encountered birds of paradise; and David and the Giant Dinosaur, based on last year’s programme in which he followed the discovery of titanosaur remains in Argentina. Recent research from Ofcom found that the under-fives spend more than four hours a day in front of a screen, taking into account television, tablets and mobile phones.The BBC believes the new series can connect young children to nature through technology.last_img read more

Prince Harry urges young people to put down their mobile phones and

first_imgYoung people should try to take a break from checking their mobile phones to “process their thoughts” instead of rushing through the day, Prince Harry has suggested.Prince Harry, who has spent the year campaigning on mental health issues, said more still needed to be done to equip young people to deal with the modern world.Citing statistics about the number of times young people check their mobile phones, he argued everyone would be “more effective and efficient” if they took more time to simply think. Prince Harry meets Ronnie the Rhino Prince Harry on the phones at charity Sentebale in 2016 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Prince Harry at Leeds Leads If reports are to be believed, Prince Harry has found common ground with the Queen on the subject of young people and technology.At a garden party last year, Barbara Wilkins, 82, who received the British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours for services to education, said she had discussed how modern children are “all digital these days”. “She agreed,” Mrs Wilkins said then. “She said her grandchildren did things for her digitally but she didn’t like them to be on their phones and computers all the time. She says they need social skills. She was like any other grandmother really.” Later in the day, the Prince, who is patron of the Rugby Football League, spent time at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, the home of Leeds Rhinos, along with players, schoolchildren and mascot Ronnie the Rhino. In a speech, he said: “I cannot tell you how pleased William, Catherine and I are that the dial seems to have shifted and that there is now greater understanding, compassion and kindness for anyone who opens up about their struggles. “But let’s not kid ourselves that the job is done – there is much much more that we can do at every level to make conversations about mental health as commonplace as those about physical health. Prince Harry at  Headingley Carnegie Stadium, home of the Leeds Rhinos “What this means is that, something which may start as a minor issue will spiral downwards over time to become a serious and persistent problem, perhaps even requiring professional help.”So many stories he had heard, he said, “could have been very different if awareness was better and help had been sought sooner”.Prince Harry added that since the London Marathon, which had Heads Together as its official charity, he had spoken to many people who now felt able to confide in friends and family about their feelings.  Prince Harry meets Ronnie the Rhino Prince Harry meets schoolchildren in Leeds “On average, it takes someone who is struggling with their mental health about ten years to admit they have a problem,” he said.  Prince Harry meets schoolchildren in Leeds Prince Harry on the phones at charity Sentebale in 2016 “For example, we need to better equip our young people with the tools they need to cope with this increasingly complex and fast moving world we live in. Prince Harry at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, home of the Leeds Rhinos “What this means is that, something which may start as a minor issue will spiral downwards over time to become a serious and persistent problem, perhaps even requiring professional help.”So many stories he had heard, he said, “could have been very different if awareness was better and help had been sought sooner”. “I read recently that young people check their phones at least 150 times per day – I’m sure we could all be more effective and efficient if we took a moment to process our thoughts rather than rushing from one thing to the next.”Prince Harry added that since the London Marathon, which had Heads Together as its official charity, he had spoken to many people who now felt able to confide in friends and family about their feelings. “On average, it takes someone who is struggling with their mental health about ten years to admit they have a problem,” he said.  Prince Harry and the Queen bond over a mobile phone in a spoof video to promote the Invictus Games  Prince Harry and the Queen bond over a mobile phone in a spoof video to promote the Invictus Games  Prince Harry at Leeds Leads Prince Harry spoke in Leeds at a panel event entitled “Encouraging Happy Young Minds”.It follows months of tireless campaigning for Heads Together, the charity set up by the Prince and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to raise awareness about mental health issues.last_img read more

Electric cars are not as green as you might think

first_imgWith the news that the government is to ban the sale of all new diesel and petrol cars by 2040, we look at the electric car and some of the challenges faced before they can become truly environmentally friendly. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img

What is the European Court of Justice and what is Britains position

first_imgLeaving the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is a totemic goal of many Brexiteers. What is the European Court of Justice? The ruling… The ECJ is the supreme court of the European Union and the ultimate authority on matters of EU law, but not national law.  The exact relationship between UK and EU law is one of the most explosive elements of the ongoing withdrawal negotiations, with the European Commission insisting the Luxembourg-based court should continue to oversee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain after Brexit. But what exactly is the ECJ and who are its members? Here, we explain: National courts of final appeal in individual member states may refer cases to the ECJ for clarification.last_img read more

Detectorists stumble on treasure trove of Roman gold or so they think

first_imgMackenzie Crook, 46, who wrote, directed and starred in Detectorists, said he was ‘horrified’ to learn that the pair thought they had uncovered a Roman hoard.The Bafta winner said the crew picked up as many replica coins as they could after filming. He said he intended to go back to look for more but was beaten to it by the duo.Mr Crook said: “Unfortunately, that day we didn’t have metal detectors with us and I intended to go back to find any strays.”But freshly ploughed fields are magnets to detectorists and the next day I was horrified to hear that Paul and Andy had got there first and found what they thought was a hoard.  Paul Adam's with his treasure hunting kit When metal detectorist Paul Adams stumbled on a hoard of gold coins he believed his luck was finally in.In all the weeks he had spent carefully scanning fields with his metal detector he had never before found such a treasure.With a little jig of delight and a cry of “Roman gold! Roman gold!” Mr Adams called over his detecting partner Andy Sampson to feast his eyes on the trove, worth what they estimated might be as much as £250,000.Pretty soon they started planning how to spend the proceeds of their discovery.But in what turned out to be a case of life imitating art imitating life, the 54 gold coins were nothing more than props left behind by a film crew making the BBC comedy series Detectorists, starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones as two hapless friends dedicated to the search for buried treasure.During filming of a scene from the first episode of the last series, the replica coins were shown first being buried in a clay Roman pot before being brought to the surface by a tractor ploughing a field 2,000 years later.Unfortunately for Mr Adams, 58, and Mr Samson, 54, when it came to clearing the set the production company left behind some of the coins, raising the pair’s hopes when they came across them a few weeks later. Mr Sampson said: “He couldn’t believe his eyes when I poured them out on the table. But as soon as he picked one up he said ‘these are wrong, they’re not real’.”The neighbour informed the pair the coins were in all likelihood fake, but Mr Sampson refused to believe him, arguing there was no reason for 50 fake coins to be placed a recently ploughed field.However, when he told his wife Sam, who works in the estate office of the farm where they were found, she recalled that the The Detectorists had recently been filmed there. “As a detectorist myself, I’d like to assure these gentlemen that I was gutted that I might have contributed to their disappointment. I hope they continue searching and I hope they find their real gold soon.” “We sat there in total disbelief. I had my head in my hands at one point just because of the sheer enormity of it all and the feeling of having found a gold hoard.”We weren’t sure how much they might be worth but we had six Emperor Nero coins and we knew they were worth £26,500 each.”The pair, by their own admission “too excited to think straight”, went home and planned to inform the landowner and relevant authorities the next day.But before doing so they showed their find to a neighbour who has been a detectorist for 40 years and is a member of the Suffolk Archaeological Survey. The coins were buried in a scene in the first episode of the last series of The Detectorists. Two treasure hunters thought they had struck it rich when they found the ‘hoard’ Credit:BNPS Paul Adam’s with his treasure hunting kitCredit:Andy Sampson/BNPS Lance (Toby Jones) and Andy (Mackenzie Crook) in The DetectoristsCredit:Chris Harris/BBC Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A call to the production company quickly established that they had put replica gold coins in the ground for a scene.Instead of a hoard worth tens of thousands the replicas turned out to be worth a mere £5 each.”When my wife told me about The Detectorists filming there an alarm bell went off in my head,” said Mr Sampson. “She spoke to the location manager and he confirmed they were props. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ” The coins were buried in a scene in the first episode of the last series of The Detectorists. Two treasure hunters thought they had struck it rich when they found the 'hoard'  “I think we are officially the world’s unluckiest metal detectorists. Our story would make a TV series of its own,” said Mr Sampson.”After we found them I was paying off my mortgage and buying a sports car in my head. We thought we were looking at the real McCoy. Now I look at them and want to cry.” Lance (Toby Jones) and Andy (Mackenzie Crook) in The Detectorists The pair, who work together delivering oxygen to medical patients, began detectoring a year ago and had been given permission to sweep the field in Suffolk where Andy had previously found a Roman coin.As they began searching an area they could see had recently been ploughed Mr Adams’ machine started pinging.”I heard Paul shout out ‘yes!’” said Mr Sampson, from Ipswich. “I looked up to see him dancing around. He came floating towards me screaming ‘Roman gold, Roman gold’.”I ran over to him and was amazed when he showed me a small Roman gold coin in the palm of his hand.”We carried on looking and our metal detectors were working overtime, picking out gold coin after gold coin along a 30ft long furrow.”We couldn’t believe our luck. There were shards of Roman pottery too, which made sense because the Romans buried them in pots. Everything was as it should be.last_img read more

Max Mosley faces questions over racist pamphlet

first_imgWhilst campaigning on behalf of a candidate for the party of his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, the former F1 boss is named as the publisher on a pamphlet claiming that “coloured immigrants threaten your children’s health” and that immigrants “brought leprosy, syphilis and TB”. On Tuesday night he denied perjuring himself during the 2008 privacy case, saying that he… Max Mosley has faced questions over whether he lied under oath about a racist leaflet which he is said to have published in support of a far Right candidate. center_img The multi-millionaire, 77, previously told the High Court that reports of the leaflet distributed during the 1961 by-election in Moss Side, Manchester were “absolute nonsense”. last_img read more

Pilots accused of being over legal alcohol limit cleared after prison staff

“We will be meeting with them in the next few days to plan their reinstatement since there is no charge against them and we have no evidence that they have broken any law nor our internal rules.”They will need to undergo retraining and requalification as per applicable legislation, and we will put in place measures to ensure that their behaviour is exemplary.” Imran Zafar Syed at Paisley Sheriff Court The pair were arrested just before they were due to take off on the Air Transat flight from Glasgow Credit:David Cheskin /PA  Glasgow airport Canadian pilot Jean-Francois PerreaultCredit:Andrew Milligan /PA Mr Perreault, 41, and Mr Syed, 39, were arrested on July 18 2016 before they were due to take off on the Air Transat flight from Glasgow to Toronto.Mr Syed, from Toronto, was accused of performing “an activity ancillary to an aviation function” when he allegedly had 49 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, more than double the legal limit of 20.Mr Perreault, from the province of Ontario, faced the same charge with an alleged 32 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. They had both denied the charge. Imran Syed at Paisley Sheriff CourtCredit:Andrew Milligan /PA I wanted to have my blood sample analysedJean-Francois Perreault Canadian pilot Jean-Francois Perreault Two pilots accused of preparing to fly a plane while under the influence of alcohol have been cleared after blood samples were destroyed by prison staff.The prosecution against Jean-Francois Perreault and Imran Syed, who were arrested minutes before a flight from Scotland to Canada was due to take off, collapsed when it emerged the key evidence had been destroyed.Blood tests were said to have found the Canadian pilots above the legal alcohol limit. The case was due before Paisley Sheriff Court on Thursday, but prosecutors offered no evidence against the men and the hearing was cancelled.Prosecutors said that after “full and careful consideration” of the facts and circumstances there would be no further proceedings in the case. The delayed Airbus flight eventually set off with a different crew the next morning, with about 250 passengers having spent the night at hotels close to Glasgow Airport.At a previous hearing, which could not be reported until now, Paisley Sheriff Court heard that both men requested part of their blood samples when they were taken in July 2016 so that they could have them independently analysed. But the defence appealed against his decision, arguing that the blood samples should be inadmissible as evidence.In February, the Sheriff rejected the appeal, however the case then went to the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh where the defence won their appeal, with judges saying the Sheriff ought to have ruled that sample B was not admissible.On Thursday it was confirmed that the case has fallen.A Crown Office spokesman said: “It is the duty of the Crown to keep cases under review. After full and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, including the recent decision of the Court of Appeal, Crown Counsel instructed there should be no further proceedings at this time.”We are working with Police Scotland to ensure there are proper processes and guidance in place covering the retention and storage of samples when an accused person is remanded in custody.” Both men were suspended by Air Transat after their arrests.A spokesman for the airline said: “We note that all charges against our pilots have been dropped. The pilots were indeed suspended pending the outcome of the court proceedings. They have now been declared innocent.”The safety of our passengers and flight crews is our number one priority. We have always taken, and will continue to take, all necessary measures to ensure that applicable regulations, as well as our internal rules are followed to the letter. We can count on the unfailing co-operation of our personnel in that respect. Following a hearing at Paisley Sheriff Court in September, Sheriff James Spy ruled that the samples were available for independent analysis at the time and that police and the Crown were not responsible for what happened to them later, and that the case could proceed. The samples were among their belongings when they arrived at HMP Low Moss on July 19 2016, but prison staff did not know what to do with them.Paul Scoular, security manager at the prison, working for the Scottish Prison Service, said he was concerned the blood samples might no longer be of any worth because they had not been in cold storage.He discussed his concerns with the pilots and said both men gave him their consent for the samples, known as B, to be destroyed.Mr Scoular passed the samples to the prison nurse who put them in a locked drawer and later destroyed them when she heard the two pilots had been released from the prison.Giving evidence himself, Mr Perreault said he did not give permission for his blood sample to be destroyed. He told the court: “I wanted to have my blood sample analysed.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Royal wedding latest news Prince Harry and Meghan Markle head home to

Only the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen returning home to Kensington Palace on Sunday evening.Guests of the royal couple had celebrated the couple tying the knot at an evening reception at which Idris Elba turned DJ and danced into the small hours with fireworks and a playlist of soul classics.The newlyweds are said to have eschewed a slow first dance for livelier tunes, from 1960s R&B to the dance hits of the 1980s. They are said to have chosen “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” as an opening number, with guests treated to a sit-down dinner after a long day in front of the cameras at Windsor Castle.The grand finale of the royal wedding saw 200 people join a black-tie dinner and evening celebrations at Frogmore House.  9:18AMFirst official engagement as a married couple The garden party involves 6,000 guests from almost 400 of the Prince of Wales’ patronages and 20 military affiliations.The guest list includes some of the emergency services personnel who were the first to respond to the bombing at the Manchester Arena last May; the anniversary of the attack falls on the same day as the party. This meant that the designer got to know her, and she said of the new Duchess of Sussex: “She’s exactly what you see on TV. She’s just so genuine and warm and radiant. She’s just glowing.”She’s a strong woman. She knows what she wants, and it was really an absolute joy working with her.”Asked about the moment the Duchess was able to look at herself fully dressed and ready in the mirror on Saturday morning, Ms Waight Keller said: “She was just glowing.”There’s so much emotion on a day like that anyway. But I think particularly when it all comes together, I think, is tremendous. She was absolutely radiant.” Doria Ragland, mother of the bride, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall walk down the steps of St George's Chapel The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pictured with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the bride’s mother Doria Ragland and the young bridesmaids and pageboysCredit:Alexi Lubomirski /PA The designer of the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress has spoken of her pride in being involved in such a “historic moment”.Birmingham-born Clare Waight Keller disclosed that the Duke spoke to her after the ceremony.”He came straight up to me and he said ‘oh my God, thank you, she looks absolutely stunning’. So I think for the both of them, they were just radiant at that time,” she said.Video: Wedding dress designer’s pride 9:48AMDrinks, flags and boats: How Windsor celebrated after the wedding The Duchess of Sussex's hair was styled into a bun that was 'messy in a controlled way'  A Firework Display Takes Place At Frogmore House. 5:10PMWedding flowers have been given to charities Pauline Gardiner and Janice Smith from NewcastleCredit:John Nguyen for The Telegraph Tom Nicholson, from Surrey, enjoys the post-wedding celebrations in Windsor on his boat ‘Jarni’Credit:John Nguyen for The Telegraph Ms Markle wore a sleek Stella McCartney dress with a halter neck, showing off her shoulders and back with her hair up in a chic bun.The dress was described as a “bespoke lily white high neck gown made of silk crepe”, with satin shoes from Aquazurra with soles painted in baby blue: her “something blue”.Her hair had been styled by George Northwood especially for the more relaxed evening. The couple travelled from Windsor Castle to Frogmore House in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. The number plate was E19 05 18, marking their wedding date. This vehicle was originally manufactured in 1968, and has since been converted to electric power, suiting the couple’s eco-credentials. Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of WessexCredit:Steve Finn for The Telegraph The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at Kensington Palace in London the day after attending the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Michelle Wagoner, 33, Molly Larsen, 41, Chloe Hodges, 24, Heather Poynter, 34, and Tammi McBride, 38 from the US Queen Elizabeth II is driven into Windsor Castle in a Range Rover the day after the royal wedding 3:20PMRoyal couple understood to have left Windsor Castle 4:54AMTyler Dooley brought knife to Kingston nightclub  Michelle Wagoner, 33, Molly Larsen, 41, Chloe Hodges, 24, Heather Poynter, 34, and Tammi McBride, 38, from the US Sketches of The Duchess of Sussex’s #RoyalWedding dress, designed by Clare Waight Keller, have been released.The Duchess and Ms. Waight Keller worked closely together on the design, epitomising a timeless minimal elegance referencing the codes of the iconic House of Givenchy.— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 20, 2018 Stephanie Abdullah, 48, from Washington DCCredit:John Nguyen for The Telegraph This engagement sets the tone for the couple’s conduct as enthusiastic supporters of charities, having asked their wedding guests to donate money to seven chosen charities as a wedding gift.  11:12AMThe honeymoon: Where the couple might go Describing her demeanour on Saturday morning, he said: “She was calm, yeah. Chatty, absolutely. We were definitely having exchanges, yeah for sure.”She was very happy. It was a beautiful morning, just the perfect morning to get married.”Asked if she had shown any signs of nerves the Paris-born hairdresser said: “No, I don’t think so, she was just very happy, very happy, very excited.” Serena Williams, the tennis player, uploaded a photograph of herself in a glamorous evening gown, saying, “Thank you Pierpaolo for making me look special on this special evening.” The Queen is driven into Windsor Castle after a Sunday trip to churchCredit:Andrew Matthews /PA The champagne has barely stopped flowing, but the newlyweds are already preparing for their first engagement as husband and wife.Just three days after the ceremony, on Tuesday, they will attend Buckingham Palace for the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday patronage celebration in the palace’s gardens, joined by Prince Charles, who turns 70 in November, and the Duchess of Cornwall. More than 29 million people watched on television in the United States as Britain’s Prince Harry married American actress Megan Markle, according to Nielsen ratings released Sunday.The estimated 29.2 million viewers for Saturday’s ceremony exceed the number for the 2011 wedding of Harry’s brother Prince William to Kate Middleton, which was watched by 22.8 million people. Former embroideress Pauline Clayton, 89, a patient at the hospice, described the gift from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “lovely”.Hospice officials discovered by chance that Mrs Clayton used to work for the Queen’s dressmaker Sir Norman Hartnell, when they chatted to her after the royal wedding.Speaking from her room at the hospice where she is receiving respite care, Mrs Clayton said: “If I was her (Meghan) I would have wanted to keep them all with me.” The flowers included white garden roses, peonies and foxglovesCredit:Danny Lawson /PA The royal brothers will remain as neighbours at Kensington PalaceCredit:EN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images Credit:Yui Mok/PA Nacho Figueras shared a picture on social media of his invite Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet lies on the grave of the Unknown WarriorCredit:Victoria Jones/PA 6:18AMHigh Street set to launch copycat wedding dresses Prince Harry opens the door to the Jaguar allowing his wife to get into the passenger seat 2:24AMBridal bouquet left at grave of the Unknown Warrior 3:18PMRevealed: Idris Elba turned DJ as couple danced to 1980s hits and R&B Idris Elba The Duke of York drives his daughters Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and Eugenie's fiancee Jack Brooksbank to the venue in a Bentley The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a classic E-Type Jaguar heading off to their wedding reception An aerial view of Kensington Palace Prince Harry opens the door to the Jaguar allowing his wife to get into the passenger seatCredit:Steve Parsons/PA The Queen was later seen being driven back to Windsor Castle soon after the service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Great Park.As a few Windsor Farm shop regulars watched, her Range Rover swept into a side entrance onto the castle estate. Young royal fans pose for a picture with police officers in WindsorCredit:John Nguyen for The Telegraph 5:43AMSerena Williams wore trainers to royal wedding reception Meanwhile, British designer Clare Waight Keller, who was spotted arranging the Duchess of Sussex’s veil and train just before she processed into St George’s Chapel, said soon after the ceremony Harry rushed up to praise her efforts. She said: “He came straight up to me and he said ‘oh my God, thank you, she looks absolutely stunning’.”Asked about the moment Meghan was able to look at herself dressed and ready in the mirror on Saturday morning, Ms Waight Keller said: “She was just glowing,” adding “She was absolutely radiant.” Good morning and welcome to our continuing live coverage of the royal wedding as the newlyweds prepare to head from Windsor Castle where they have spent the night.As festivities on the streets of Windsor wound down, the guests of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s evening wedding reception showed no sign of pause last night. Around 11pm fireworks lit up the night sky over Frogmore House where the couple were celebrating with 200 of their closest friends and family. Video: Fireworks mark end of royal wedding celebrations The Telegraph’s Michael Hogan described BBC One as “traditionally the natural choice for such occasions: informed but not too intrusive, unshowy yet compelling”. He writes: “The Corporation’s anchors were Kirsty Young (a reassuring voice as ever) and Dermot O’Leary (was he on the wrong channel?). This unlikely pair tag-teamed with Huw Edwards (solid, dependable, a bit boring), who appeared to have been on a pre-wedding diet. Sitting side-on to the camera for some strange reason, the newly svelte Welshman couldn’t quite get his autocue-reading right and kept glancing off-screen as if distracted by something more interesting.”ITV’s audience peaked with 3.6 million viewers, at a different time to BBC One – just after 2pm.On ITV, coverage – which was fronted by Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham – averaged 2.5 million viewers and a 18.6 per cent share between 9.25am and 3pm.The five-minute audience peak on BBC One is the biggest across all channels this year, the broadcaster said. On BBC One, the FA Cup final averaged 6.7 million viewers and peaked at 8.7 million.Click here to read what Michael Hogan thought about the rest of the TV coverage. The Queen leaves Windsor Castle on Sunday morning Idris Elba at the royal wedding ceremonyCredit:Danny Lawson /AP 3:53AMThe ‘child whisperer’ nanny who kept the bridesmaids and pageboys in line Here’s a video of the royal tour through Windsor from an angle you might not have seen so far.This timelapse footage was filmed from The Telegraph’s spot in the town. See if you can spot the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  A garden party at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the Queen and The Countess of Wessex 8:42AMMorning after the night before: Couple prepare to leave Windsor Castle Among the 200 guests invited to the evening reception at Frogmore House were senior members of the Royal family. The Duke of York was pictured driving his daughters to the event, as was Prince Edward. The Duchess of Sussex’s mother, Doria Ragland, was driven to the event in a royal vehicle. Elsewhere in Windsor, relatively few signs remained of the festivities, pomp and pageantry that went into staging the royal wedding – apart from innumerable Union Flags still adorning the streets. Floriana Uatanau and Eda Smith, from ReadingCredit:John Nguyen for The Telegraph Royal Wedding Clean Up on the Long Walk Clare Waight KellerCredit:Peter White /Getty Asked if there was any tears from the bride, she said: “No, she was incredibly composed. It was really quite extraordinary. She’s just the most beautiful person.”Asked what the Duchess’s mother, Doria Ragland, had thought of her daughter, Ms Waight Keller said: “As she went into her car, her mother was already sitting in the car and you just could see there was so much love between them.” Fireworks from the Frogmore House party lit up the night sky over WindsorCredit:Steve Finn  The designer added: “Well I think everybody saw on television – he was absolutely in awe, I think. She looked just incredible and it showed.”She revealed she was told by the Duchess in early January that she was the chosen designer.She said: “It was an extraordinary moment when she told me. Of course it’s an incredible thing to be part of such a historic moment.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Initially however, the new Duke will have a cousin for a neighbour: Princess Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank recently took-up residence at Ivy Cottage after announcing their engagement in January this year.That wedding will also take place at St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, on October 12. 8:45PMThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge return home after the festivities 12:07PM’Dreamy’ Duchess: ‘Calm and chatty’ bride showed no nerves, says hair stylist The Duchess of Sussex was a calm and chatty bride with no signs of nerves on her wedding morning, according to her hair stylist.Serge Normant said it was “dreamy” to work with the Duchess, creating a bun that was “messy in a controlled way”. BBC presenters Dermot O'Leary and Kirsty Young Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of all 53 Commonwealth countries united in one spectacular floral composition.Find out more about the design, the fabric and the veil of the #RoyalWedding dress:— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 20, 2018 10:50AMRoyals and Duchess’s mother pictured arriving at Frogmore House party Guests including Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras shared their excitement at being invited to the exclusive evening do, placing a picture of the invitation on social media along with a new suit and aftershave. Doria Ragland, mother of the bride, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall walk down the steps of St George’s ChapelCredit:Jane Barlow/Reuters The Duchess of Sussex has followed the poignant royal tradition of having her wedding bouquet left at the grave of the Unknown Warrior.In 1923 the late Queen Mother began the long-standing tradition when her posy was left at the grave following her wedding to the Duke of York, later George VI.She left the flowers in memory of her brother Fergus, who was killed in 1915 during the global conflict.Convention dictates that the day after royal weddings the floral tribute is sent to the Abbey once the official wedding pictures of the bride and groom have been taken.Meghan’s bridal bouquet which has been tied with a delicate pink ribbon, and includes scented sweet peas, as well as jasmine and lily of the valley, has been placed at the bottom of the grave, and will stay in place until it wilts. Camping at its finest: Inside one of the tents at the £1,000 plus a night Meno A Kwen where the couple reportedly stayedCredit:Olwen Evans  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the east terrace of Windsor CastleCredit:Alexi Lubomirski /PA 10:58AMWhere the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex will live – and who their neighbours will be Others believe that Namibia is the most likely destination for the couple, who will no doubt be looking for an “off-grid” honeymoon after the intensity of the wedding. Namibia is renown for its private desert camps, spectacular sand dunes and animal safaris.However, the Duke and Duchess could also consider a staycation – just as the Queen and Prince Phillip did in 1947. The couple spent their honeymoon at Broadlands House in Hampshire – although that would be no guarantee of favourable weather.  11:42AMClean-up begins as Windsor recovers from wedding fever  There has still been no sight yet today of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex who are expected to leave Windsor Castle, where they stayed overnight. They are due to travel home to Nottingham Cottage, in the grounds of Kensington Palace. Ladbrokes has just been in touch with its latest betting for the couple’s honeymoon destination – and Namibia is the frontrunner.Namibia: 2/1Botswana: 4/1Tanzania: 5/1Seychelles: 6/1Maldives: 6/1Any Carribean island 8/1 Peonies amongst the flowers and foliage in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle The Duke of York drives his daughters Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and Eugenie’s fiancee Jack Brooksbank to the venue in a BentleyCredit:Steve Finn for The Telegraph The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex are understood to have left Windsor Castle after spending Saturday night celebrating their wedding. They will be heading home to Nottingham Cottage, in the grounds of Kensington Palace. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. George and Amal Clooney speak to a police officer as they arrive at Frogmore HouseCredit:w8media  11:49PMMeghan Markle’s father ‘believes newlyweds will visit him after honeymoon’ Harry and Meghan in a classic E-Type Jaguar heading off to their wedding reception The Prince of Wales staged the black-tie evening dinner for the couple, who arrived in a environmentally-friendly 1968 Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero that ran on electric power.As well as family members including Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and the Earl and Countess of Wessex, evening guests included George and Amal Clooney, Tom Hardy, and Idris Elba, who was said to have taken a spin on DJ decks. But the fun did not stop when Frogmore House – the famous royal home loved by Queen Victoria – closed it doors, as some guests are said to have staged an after party at top London hot spot Chiltern Firehouse.In their first official engagement as husband and wife, the Duke and Duchess will attend a 70th birthday patronage celebration for the Prince of Wales.The outdoor event marks the heir to the throne’s milestone birthday – which falls in November – by recognising Charles’ patronages and military affiliations as well as others involved in charities supported by the royal. Princess Diana wearing the aquamarine ring during a visit to Sydney in 1996Credit:Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images 1:01AMOver 29 million watched royal wedding in US 2:13PMWedding dress designer’s sketches revealed Tom Nicholson, from Surrey, enjoy the post wedding celebrations in Windsor on his boat 'Jarni'. Serena Williams has revealed she wore trainers underneath her dress for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception.The tennis champion wore a stunning Versace dress for the wedding itself but changed into a floral Valentino number for the evening reception at Frogmore House.Pictures of the floor-length gown did not reveal her feet, but Williams has now given fans on social media a peek at her shoes.She posted a short video to Instagram and wrote: “Little known fact: I often wear sneakers under my evening gown.”These @maisonvalentino @pppiccioli gave to me last min.”I told him be careful; I tend to be comfy for long nights.” Ms Waight Keller said the process was collaborative, adding: “I think she had very much seen my work and knew what I did.”I think she loved the fact that I was a British designer, and working in a house such as Givenchy which has its roots in a very classical, beautiful style.”Ms Waight Keller said over time they quickly got to a point where the Duchess felt she knew exactly what she wanted after various meetings and trials. As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex take a period of time at home in the UK before going on their honeymoon, speculation will grow about their choice of destination.Countries such as Botswana – which offers stunning wildlife, breathtaking scenery and, importantly, privacy from prying eyes – could be top of the list.But the couple might first spend a few days in Ireland, according to reports, making their inaugural overseas trip as a married couple to the Republic, while their honeymoon is put on hold for a period.Botswana is a place the Duke loves and knows well, and he reportedly whisked his fiancee to the southern African country in 2017 to mark her 36th birthday. An aerial view of Kensington PalaceCredit:PA/Andrew Parsons Camping at its finest: Inside one of the tents at the £1,000 plus a night Meno A Kwen princess diana aquamarine ring Idris Elba turned DJ at the evening party, The Telegraph’s  Royal Correspondent Hannah Furness can reveal.The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex partied into the small hours with fireworks and a playlist of soul classics.The newlyweds are said to have eschewed a slow first dance for livelier tunes, from 1960s R&B to the dance hits of the 1980s.They are said to have chosen “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” as an opening number, with guests treated to a sit-down dinner after a long day in front of the cameras at Windsor Castle. The morning after hosting a world event, normality is returning to Windsor on Sunday morning.Relatively few signs remained of the festivities, pomp and pageantry that went into staging the royal wedding – apart from innumerable Union Jacks still adorning Berkshire town.But it was a different story on Saturday, when more than 100,000 spectators lined the streets.This video shows fans reflecting on the wedding of the year – and predicting a happy future for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, is driven to the evening reception The Duchess of Sussex’s hair was styled into a bun that was ‘messy in a controlled way’Credit:Jonathan Brady /PA Thank you Pierpaolo for making me look special on this special evening. @MaisonValentino— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) May 19, 2018 It is the smallest of Kensington Palace’s multiple residences, residing in a part of the grounds that once housed important members of staff. There are two rooms and a private garden. In the long term, the Duke and Duchess are expected to vacate Nottingham Cottage for a 21-room Kensington Palace apartment, adjacent to that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.The apartment’s roof and windows have recently been refurbished, while the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester moved out of it last November – giving legs to rumours the newlyweds will move there.As neighbours, the royal brothers could inhabit what was once a single suite of apartments at Kensington Palace, before it was split in two in the 1950s. The apartments are even suspected to share a secret door. Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex The royal wedding clean-up begins on the Long Walk in WindsorCredit:Jeff Gilbert for The Telegraph  However, a biography of the Los Angeles-born Suits star on the monarchy’s official website suggested she will use her role to champion feminist causes. It described her “lifelong commitment” to working to promote “social justice and women’s empowerment”, carrying a quote in which she declares: “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.”The Duchess, who is reported to have broken with tradition to give a speech of her own at the wedding reception, has worked with a number of charities in the past, including UN Women and World Vision. She will continue working with the Royal Foundation alongside Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.A visit to Australia is in the diary for October, for the 2018 Invictus Games, while other trips abroad this year are said to be in the pipeline.But despite their hectic schedules, the couple seized the opportunity to spend some time away from the public eye on Sunday.After two receptions hosted by the Queen and Prince of Wales on Saturday – with some guests said to have continued partying well after Frogmore House closed its doors – the royal newlyweds left Windsor Castle on Sunday afternoon for some well-earned privacy. Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, is driven to the evening receptionCredit:Steve Finn for The Telegraph  The couple, who exchanged vows in a ceremony watched by millions across the world on Saturday, are due to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday as part of the Prince of Wales’s 70th birthday celebrations.It will mark the beginning of a new life for the Duchess, who has already spoken of her desire to “hit the ground running” in her role as a full-time member of the Royal family.Shortly after the couple were proclaimed husband and wife at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, Kensington Palace’s social media pages and the royal family’s website had been updated to reflect their newest member.And the Duchess has been given the blessing of Buckingham Palace to use her position to fight for feminism, as she is expected to announce which charities and campaigns she will support when she returns from her honeymoon. Jessica Mulroney posted a photograph of herself in a figure-hugging, sequinned, floor length dress. Thank you to everyone who came to Windsor and those who followed from around the UK, the Commonwealth, and the world today. Congratulations once again to the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex. #royalwedding— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) May 19, 2018 The flowers from the royal wedding have been given out to different charities.St Joseph’s Hospice, in Hackney, east London, was among a number of charities given some of the white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves from the big day. The grand finale of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was billed as a private affair – a chance for the selected guests to relax and celebrate with the happy couple.The thud of loud music could be heard over the grounds of Windsor Castle as the newlywed’s guest danced the night away. Speeches, including from Meghan herself, were also expected at the evening reception where the couple were to take their first dance.Leaving for the evening reception earlier in the evening Prince Harry proved he was the perfect gentleman as he opened the door of a vintage car to let his bride step in. The Duchess previously said she wants to “hit the ground running” on becoming a full-time member of the Royal family.The couple will not immediately leave for their honeymoon, but remain in the UK for a period of time before taking the traditional break. Countries such as Botswana – which offers stunning wildlife, breathtaking scenery and, importantly, privacy from prying eyes – could be top of the list.But the couple may first spend a few days in Ireland, according to reports, making their inaugural overseas trip as a married couple to the Republic, while their honeymoon is put on hold for a period.Botswana is a place the Duke loves and knows well, and he reportedly whisked his fiancee to the southern African country in 2017 to mark her 36th birthday. 1:16PMDuke thanked wedding dress designer: ‘Oh my God, she looks absolutely stunning’ Unable to make the wedding of his daughter and Prince Harry, Thomas Markle has reportedly suggested the pair will soon visit him.  On Sunday a family source told The Sun: “Meghan and Thomas are both devastated he wasn’t able to attend the wedding and have discussed seeing each other soon.“They have been speaking all week, mostly by text.“She has been worried about him and checking how he is regularly.“Thomas has told other family members he hopes and expects Meghan and Harry to come to see him.” Meghan Markle’s nephew attempted to take a knife into a nightclub near Windsor Castle because he was worried by Donald Trump’s saying London was “like a warzone”.Tyler Dooley, the 25-year-old son of the Duchess of Sussex’s brother, Thomas Markle, was not invited to the wedding, but travelled to London with the intention of appearing as a pundit on television.On Saturday night he went to the Bacchus nightclub in Kingston with his mother Tracy – Mr Markle’s ex-wife – and his older brother TJ, 26.As their party was searched entering the club, Mr Dooley, a cannabis farmer from Oregon, realised the four-inch blade would be discovered, and told bouncers on the door that he had a knife.Read the full story here Young royal fans pose for a picture with police officers in Windsor Clare Waight Keller Stephanie Abdullah, 48, from Washington DC Party time! Ben and Jessica Mulroney leave for tonight’s #RoyalWedding evening reception✨— Omid Scobie (@scobie) May 19, 2018 Floriana Uatanau and Eda Smith, from Reading Our Fashion News Director, Bethan Holt writes how high street brands will capitalise on the ‘Meghan effect,’ and where to find the best royal wedding-inspired dresses.”Every decade has its own style identity and the general consensus eight years into the 2010s is that sleek minimalism will be the look of our time. How appropriate then that the new Duchess of Sussex’s Givenchy Haute Couture and Stella McCartney wedding gowns should encapsulate this look so elegantly…. Meghan Markle’s wedding looks will not only become a go-to bridal trend reference for years to come, but will influence many other brides to veer away from glitz and look instead to sophisticated simplicity.The pristinely plain, silk cady material and architectural silhouette of Clare Waight Keller’s design was painstakingly constructed in one of the world’s finest ateliers, so the exact look will be impossible to achieve. The £35 polyester column dress by fast fashion brand Missguided which has been touted as a good match is certainly no substitute.”Read the full article here  Hair stylist Serge Normant Credit:Jason Merritt /Getty As Windsor begins to recover from the wedding of the year, clean-up efforts were under way bright and early this morning.Trucks and lorries lined the streets as caterers and international news networks started to leave the vicinity of Windsor Castle, while rubbish collectors moved in. The Queen leaves Windsor Castle on Sunday morningCredit:DYLAN MARTINEZ /Reuters The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived home to Kensington Palace following the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Windsor on Saturday.William was driving a Land Rover Discovery with his wife Kate in the passenger seat.The vehicle had tinted windows and onlookers were unable to see if there were any rear seat passengers. Mrs Clayton said she worked on the skilled and fine detail embroidery on the Queen’s wedding and coronation outfits, when she was 19 years old. Floral designer Phillippa Craddock directed a team, including florists from St George’s Chapel and Buckingham Palace, to create the wedding displays at St George’s Chapel and for St George’s Hall in Windsor. Flowers adorn the front of the organ loft inside St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle Harry and Meghan are pictured with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh Mr Normant, who flew from his New York base especially to style the Duchess’s hair, said he had spoken to the newly-married couple after the wedding, describing Meghan as “thrilled” and Harry as “fantastic”.He said: “She was thrilled, yeah she was very happy.”On Harry, he added: “He’s Prince Harry, he’s fantastic. A beautiful couple.” Police on the Long Walk in Windsor on Sunday morningCredit:Andrew Matthews /PA Pauline Gardiner and Janice smith, from Newcastle, More than 13 million viewers tuned in for BBC One’s coverage of the royal wedding, the Corporation has announced.Led by Kirsty Young, Huw Edwards and Dermot O’Leary, it attracted a peak of 13.1 million viewers just after 1pm.It was seen by an average of 8.7 million viewers and a 63.9 per cent share, the BBC said. 9:13AM’She’ll be pregnant by Christmas!’ Fans reflect on royal wedding If you hadn’t been looking for her, you would have missed her entirely. Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s nanny blended expertly into the background in St George’s Chapel on Saturday, looking on from the sidelines as her little charges and their fellow bridesmaids and page boys performed their duties beautifully.But if Maria Borrallo hadn’t been present in the chapel, there is a chance the ceremony might not have gone quite so smoothly.Rehearsals for the big day had been shambolic, insiders say, with the children – the youngest of whom, Zalie, daughter of Prince Harry’s friend Jake Warren, was only two years old – proving impossible to keep in line.Read the full story of how the young bridesmaids and pageboys were taught their roles here. Away from the star-studded evening reception, thousands of people who travelled to Windsor yesterday stayed in the town to continue celebrating in the evening. And judging by these pictures, the fun didn’t stop. Peonies were amongst the flowers Credit:Danny Lawson /PA BBC presenters Dermot O’Leary and Kirsty Young 10:09AM13 million viewers tune into BBC One as unlikely pairing of Kirsty Young and Dermot O’Leary tag-teamed with Huw Edwards The Royal family has expressed gratitude to all those around the world who enjoyed the wedding – and the estimated more than 100,000 spectators who travelled to the town. Pictures were also posted on social media of Priyanka Chopra, a friend of Ms Markle, attending the evening reception.  Prince Harry appears to have given his bride a poignant wedding day gift – an impressive, emerald cut aquamarine ring which belonged to his late, beloved mother.Ms Markle wore the large gem on her right hand as the couple made their way to their evening reception.As Prince Harry and Ms Markle left Windsor Castle, following their afternoon reception, official photographs and time for an outfit change, they posed for a picture before climbing into the vintage car.Prince Harry gallantly opened the door, waiting for Ms Markle to gather her long dress into the footwell before closing it gently, as they smiled broadly.With the Prince in the driving seat, on the left hand side of the car, they made their way through the Windsor estate to Frogmore in the soft evening light.The 200 evening guests included George and Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, and Ben and Jessica Mulroney. Police are still maintaining a heavy presence in the Berkshire town as the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex prepare to head back to London at some point this afternoon. In another image Harry and Meghan are pictured with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the bride’s mother Doria Ragland and the young bridesmaids and pageboys, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 9:03AMRoyal family thank thousands of spectators who travelled to Windsor Police on the Long Walk in Windsor on Sunday morning Kensington Palace A previous garden party at Buckingham PalaceCredit:Paul Grover for The Telegraph The Clooneys arrive at Frogmore House The Duke and Duchess had exchanged vows in front of 600 guests including the Queen and more than 30 members of the Royal family.Famous faces such as US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, tennis champion Serena Williams, actor George Clooney and his barrister wife Amal Clooney, Sir Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham and actor Idris Elba were also in St George’s Chapel.Sir Elton, who sang at the funeral service for the Duke’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, performed at the lunchtime reception. An estimated 100,000 people turned out to see the couple as they sat in an open-top Ascot Landau for a carriage procession through Windsor. Meghan Markle's wedding bouquet lies on the grave of the Unknown Warrior Ms Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, accessorized her second outfit with a large aquamarine ring once owned by Diana, Princess of Wales.  11:21AMNamibia is bookmakers’ favourite for honeymoon destination  Nacho Figueras shared a picture on social media of his invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle return to royal dutiesNew Duke and Duchess of Sussex delay honeymoonFirst engagement as husband and wife on TuesdayCouple release official pictures taken in Windsor CastleDuchess to fight for feminism with blessing of PalaceWedding speeches: Most moving lines and best jokesInside the party: Idris Elba is DJ as first dance revealedSlippers, bad breath and ‘freeloaders’: Protocol ignoredBotswana? Namibia? Where the honeymoon could bePrince Harry and Meghan Markle have little time to recover from their fairytale wedding as they head straight back to work this week after an emotional ceremony that captivated the nation and a star-studded reception.Unlike other newlyweds, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be jetting off on a honeymoon straight away – instead, they will be back on royal duty, carrying out their first official engagements as husband and wife.On Monday, the Duke and Duchess thanked everyone who took  part in the wedding celebrations as they released three official photographs.In one of the wedding photographs taken by Alexi Lubomirski the newlyweds are shown in a romantic pose on the east terrace of Windsor Castle still basking in the excitement of their wedding. Kensington Palace said the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue to live in Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of the palace, but they are also reported to be moving to a bigger apartment.They have been been living in the cottage since their engagement in November 2017.Reportedly referred to as “Notts Cotts”, the property – only yards from the Duke’s childhood home within Kensington Palace itself, has been a base for both the Duke and his brother, Prince William, over the past decade.  As the previous occupants, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent two and a half years at the cottage after their royal wedding in 2011, before moving to a permanent apartment inside Kensington Palace to accommodate their growing family. Harry moved into Nottingham Cottage shortly after.  1:41PMTimelapse video: Spot the royal couple touring Windsor In a private evening reception held at Frogmore House, 200 chosen guests had let their hair down with the alcohol flowing.As well as family members including Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and the Earl and Countess of Wessex, evening guests included George and Amal Clooney, Tom Hardy, and Idris Elba, who was said to have taken a spin on DJ decks.  11:43AMQueen pictured leaving Windsor Castle As royal fans waited for any sign of the newlyweds on Sunday morning, they instead saw the Queen in a Range Rover being driven past the entrance of Windsor Farm shop.The Queen regularly attends the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Great Park. 12:42PMQueen back at Windsor Castle… still no sign of newlyweds yet Frogmore House, a 17th century English country house, stands in the home park of Windsor Castle and is part of the Crown Estate and is only open to individuals on three days of the year.From 7pm, a select 200 close friends arrived at the after party hosted by the Prince of Wales half a mile away from Windsor Castle.The 17th century Grade I country house is owned by the Crown Estate and is part of the Frogmore Estate on the ground of the Home Park.Click here to read about how all the events unfolded on Saturday. Hair stylist Serge Normant  read more

Bristol MP calls for slave traders statue to be removed from city

But there have been mounting demands to alter the statue in order to educate people on the merchant’s links to slavery, as at present the memorial makes no mention of his notorious past.Bristol City Council, who administer statues in the city, had planned to add a second plaque to the statue before disagreement over the wording halted its progress.Countering Colston ,a campaign group who oppose the statue, have been advocating for it to be moved to a museum instead of remaining in its current position on Colston Avenue in the city centre.A spokesperson said: “Statues don’t teach history; they commemorate heroes. We should take Colston down from his plinth, so that he is no longer symbolically elevated above the rest of us, and put the statue in an appropriate museum where it can be studied.”In April last year, Colston Hall announced it would ditch ties with the 17th Century slave trader’s name.The music venue wants to get rid of the “toxic” name in an effort to more accurately reflect its values as a “forward thinking” arts organisations.On the Colston Hall name change, Mrs Debbonaire said she was “really glad it’s happening”.“I know it’s controversial, but the world’s not going to fall down because we’re renaming some buildings,” she added. Thangam Debbonaire, Labour MP for Bristol West, wants the memorial of Edward Colston to be taken down  The Labour MP’s plans have been met with opposition from Conservative councillors who believe the statue should remain in its place so that the history of Colston’s actions are not erased.Claire Hiscott, a Bristol Conservative Councillor said:  “I think it should stay the way it is because we need to remember the complex history of Bristol and understand where we came from and then celebrate where we have moved forward. I do not want to eradicate the history from the city, but we want to learn from it.” A Bristol MP has called  for a slave trader’s statue to be removed from the city because it offends many local residents.Thangam Debbonaire, Labour MP for Bristol West, wants the memorial of Edward Colston to be taken down as she said the city “should not be honouring people who benefited from slavery”.Colston , who was born into a prosperous Bristol merchant’s family in 1672 , made his fortune through capital trading in slaves, cloth, wine and sugar.His statue has enraged many locals who feel like his presence is disrespectful to black Bristolians who have to walk past it everyday.Speaking at a Black History Month event at Bristol’s City Hall, attended by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, Mrs Debonnaire said: “Having statues of people who oppressed us is not a good thing to be saying to black people in this city.”Marti Burgess, Trustee at equality campaign group Black South West Network, also expressed how she feels when she walks past the memorial.She said: “I walk past it every day in my hometown and it looks like we are wanting to celebrate somebody who did what he did, and of someone of Jamaican descent, we shouldn’t memorialise someone who made money off the backs of enslaved Africans.” The statue was put up in Bristol in 1895, several years after Colston’s death, in an attempt by the ruling elites to find a common identity for Bristolians during a time of great labour unrest. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Thangam Debbonaire, Labour MP for Bristol West, wants the memorial of Edward Colston to be taken down Credit:Chris McAndrew/UK Parliament read more

Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn

Boys are also more likely to be expelled from school than girls, according to the Department for Education’s most recent figures, with the permanent exclusion rate for boys over three times higher than that for girls.In the past five years, more than twice as many male university students committed suicide than their female peers, despite there being fewer male students. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Ms Curnock Cook said that the debate about gender equality tends to be dominated by issues such as the gender pay gap and the glass ceiling.   Britain’s education system is failing to tackle the “astonishing” underperformance of boys as feminists have made the topic “taboo”, the former head of the university admissions service has warned.Mary Curnock Cook, who was chief executive of Ucas until last year, said the fact that boys are falling behind in education is a national scandal – yet it is such an “unfashionable” topic to discuss that it has become “normalised”.Girls outperform boys in all aspects of education, from primary school to GCSEs and A-level results. Last year, 57 per cent of women went to university compared to 43 per cent of men, a gap that has widened significantly over the last decade.“I just find it unacceptable to think that it’s OK to let boys fall further and further behind in education and allow the gap to get bigger,” Ms Curnock Cook said.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––“Boys underachieving in education is becoming pretty normalised – everyone knows it yet no one is doing anything about it.” She said that other disparities in education – such as the gulf between rich and poor children – are narrowing, but the gap between boys and girls is getting wider. “In about ten years’ time the gap between boys and girls will be worse than rich and poor. That is astonishing really.” Ms Curnock Cook will speak at a conference on Monday convened by the Men and Boys Coalition, a group of over 80 organisations, charities and academics.The coalition will publish a series of recommendations to tackle the issues faced by men and boys, such as designing extra teaching resources for use in schools, designed specifically for boys.Another proposal is to launch a nationwide “Take Your Son to University Day” campaign, modelled on the “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” that was launched in the early 1990s as a way to inform girls about career options.Dan Bell, founder of the Men and Boys Coalition, said he hopes the conference will encourage greater dialogue about these issues. “People do feel quite cautious about men and boys because it is seen as speaking up on behalf of a privileged class,” he said. Mary Curnock Cook was chief executive of Ucas until last year “But those are work issues, not education issues,” she said. “Quite often initiatives to support men do meet derision from feminists.”  When attempts are made to address men’s issues, they are ridiculed and are met with the “wrath” of feminist and gender equality groups, she said.  Last month the only university in the UK with a men’s officer scrapped the role after the candidate withdrew due to “harassment”.James Knight was the only candidate to put his name forward to be men’s officer at the University of the West of England, and said he wanted to highlight male mental health issues.However, the National Union of Students officers began a campaign against the role, and he pulled out after claiming he was harassed. The university said the post was suspended pending review.Ms Curnock Cook praised the new higher education regulator for starting to highlight the underrepresentation of white working class boys at university, by listing them as a target group for outreach activities.“But it’s too late to say ‘you have to admit more poor white boys to university’. The reason why their particular admission rate is lower is because they have fallen behind in education. It starts in the early years and gets worse over time,” she said. “When rigid gender roles were more enforced, the traditional masculine stereotype was that you just get on with it.  Now we have moved to more awareness of gender issues – but it is mainly problems caused by men rather than the problems they have.” Mary Curnock Cook was chief executive of Ucas until last year read more

Police warning as footage of violent attack on Met officers emerges

Last month, footage emerged of armed robber Owen Smith dragging PC Ellie Young from a patrol car as he tried to flee a raid on an Esso garage in Horsham.She was left with arm, leg, shoulder and neck injuries after continuing to tackle him alongside colleague PC Vicky Canales.Smith was jailed for 14 years at Hove Crown Court for his part in the raid.PC Anne Bloomfield was left with a fractured skull after being attacked with a Champagne bottle.She had stepped into support a colleague who had been punched and kicked at a property in Nottingham but sustained a hairline fracture of her eye socket, a black eye and bruising to her face and hand. She later admitted she thought she was going to die.Lee Carl Wright was charged with GBH without intent and was jailed for just two years eight months.Another female officer from Nottinghamshire was knocked unconscious by a suspect who hit her with a pair of handcuffs.Chris Bryant, the Labour MP who sponsored the new emergency workers legislation, said the footage of the Merton attack “turned your stomach”.But he warned:  “The bill will only be effective if there are enough police officers to implement it and there is the will to act. A man was seen jumping and kicking a police officer in the head “We need to have the police, the prosecutors and the courts all lined up and taking it seriously but they also need government backing.”Dave Keen, chairman of the Nottinghamshire Police Federation, said the force was “at a tipping point” and that criminals were becoming aware that back up was further away.“Policing is at risk,” he said. “Every day, officers are going out at fear of being attacked. I would issue a plea to the courts to use these new powers and take it seriously.” Police leaders have warned they will tell officers to let violent suspects go if they do not have broader support following an attack on a female PC.Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said if officers were going to get assaulted for simply doing their job, then it was not worth putting themselves at risk.He spoke out after video footage emerged of two officers locked in a violent struggle as they tried to make an arrest in Merton, south London, on Saturday.A female police officer was filmed being kicked in the head during the routine traffic stop, before being left lying dazed in the road clutching her head just feet away from a passing bus.Her male colleague was dragged around in the road as he tried to stop a suspect in a white tracksuit from running away.The female officer had tried to use incapacitant spray on the pair but to no effect.Both were hospitalised following the attack, treated for head injuries and cuts. Martin Payne, 20, from Croydon, was detained and charged with assault under new legislation designed to toughen up sentences for those who attack emergency workers. The other two suspects remain at large.Mr Marsh said: “Are we now in a society where, if we think we can’t detain somebody, we just let them go? It’s just not worth it.”We’re going to come to a point where we’re going to start pushing messages out to our colleagues: ‘Risk-assess it dynamically and, if you think you can’t detain a person, just let them go.'”We don’t come to work to get assaulted, and if we’re not going to be backed up in what we’re doing then what is the point?”He told the Telegraph that their numbers and finances had been “stripped down to the bone”, warning that a police officer in London was attacked every hour.“Society has changed, people think it’s OK to drop kick a police officer in broad daylight because they have impunity – nothing really happens.”He said the new Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act would only help if it is legislated correctly and the powers are used.The latest attack follows a spate of assaults on female officers. A man was seen jumping and kicking a police officer in the head A member of the public helped the male officer in the struggle but several cars went past without stopping and the person filming the attack did not appear to step in and help. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Army recruits taught how to fail as way of exposing weaknesses before

A new Channel 5 series follows a batch of new recruits to the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate “A lot of the boys arrive here full of bravado and gusto [thinking] that they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. But they suddenly realise that they’re not that good at all the military skills.“16 year-olds make 16 year-old decisions. These are junior soldiers who make mistakes [and] bringing them on from teenager to adult to soldier takes time. Boundary pushing is quite normal for an adolescent.”Corporal Joe Nevitt, an instructor in Cambrai Company, dismissed the assertion that modern youngsters are not resilient enough for the army.“I don’t buy into this idea that generations are getting weaker, it’s just that generations are changing,” he said. “They miss their phones more than their parents. Does that mean they’re weaker? I don’t personally think it does. The documentary follows 48 male and female recruits over their six-month course, during which time they all achieve NVQ Level 2 in English and Maths, equivalent to a GCSE grade of A to C.The AFC has a six-month-long course for technical arms – Cambrai company – and a twelve-month-long course for the combat arms, with intakes in March and September each year. The College trains about 1,600 recruits annually.Maj Cartwright-Terry, an officer in the Royal Logistic Corps, said: “For a lot of young people this is the first time they will have realised they are not that good at everything. “The AFC is about teaching young people how to fail. One of the best ways of facilitating growth and development is by exposing someone to their own weaknesses. If they don’t know that that weakness is there, they don’t have the opportunity to develop.” A new Channel 5 series will follow a batch of new recruits to the Army Foundation College (AFC) in HarrogateCredit:Chris Jackson/Getty Using a military term for dressing someone down in an enthusiastic and colourful manner, he said of the male recruits: “The boys only see five seconds in front of their faces.“You can give them a good [ticking off] for something and within 10 minutes they’re doing it again”.Raw Recruits starts on January 7 on Channel 5 A senior Army Officer says recruits cannot develop unless they know their weaknessesCredit:Bethany Clarke/Getty New recruits to the Army are being taught “how to fail” to identify strengths and weaknesses, a new documentary series will show.Growth and development are better facilitated by exposing personal weaknesses, a senior Army Officer says, as if his recruits “don’t know that weakness is there, they don’t have the opportunity to develop”.  The six-part series, starting on January 7, follows a batch of new recruits to the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, Yorkshire.Any youngster joining the army aged 16 has to attend the College, which mixes basic military training with academic education.Major John Cartwright-Terry, the Officer Commanding of Cambrai Company, told The Telegraph: “The Army is a massive apprenticeship provider. Through our investment we get the best out of the recruits.“A young person is going to thrive more with a ratio of one to ten or 12, the levels we’ve got here, whereas in the state system, you’ve got a class of 30, there to meet the minimum standards, because that’s all that can be afforded to them. A senior Army Officer says recruits cannot develop unless they know their weaknesses Cpl Nevitt, a soldier in the Army Air Corps and winner of the Army’s 2018 instructor of the year award, was himself a recruit at Harrogate 10 years ago. He says the only thing that had changed since he joined was the way instruction is given.“It was a bit more shouty back then,” Cpl Nevitt said. Such an approach has its place, he believes, but cautioned the tactic should be used sparingly. “If all you do is shout, you’re going to lose them straight away.“They’re clever kids. They know that if shouting is your only tool, they’re going to get used to it.”Both instructors had observed clear differences between males and females when it came to aptitude, maturity and team spirit.Maj Cartwright-Terry said: “The girls build and form relationships exponentially quicker than the blokes. The male junior soldiers will argue and have temper tantrums, whilst the girls quickly form teams.“But further through the course the manipulation and cattiness of the all-female sections starts to come out, while the male sections become a blokey environment where they just get on with it.”Cpl Nevitt agreed. “The girls see the bigger picture but hold grudges more,” he said. “These are 16 year-old children who have decided to join the army and start a career.” Training for recruits mixes basic military training with academic educationCredit:Bethany Clarke/Getty Training for recruits mixes basic military training with academic education Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more