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Maui and Britz campervans join Leave No Trace scheme

first_imgCampervan and motorhome operator Tourism Holdings Australia (thl) announced yesterday its signing of an eco-friendly Leave No Trace scheme with the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA).The Leave No Trace scheme promotes environmentally responsible camping and requires vehicles to be self-contained and leave no trace at campsites.Vehicle occupants must also comply with a Code of Conduct carried by every accredited campervan or motorhome. The Codr of Conduct outlines appropriate waste disposal and obligations to financially support local communities through the purchase of food, fuel and supplies where possible.Thl said 33 percent of its entire Maui and Britz Australia fleet was now under the innovative green scheme with plans to increase its commitment by qualifying an extra 1000 Maui and Britz campervans over the next two years.Maui and Britz campervans accredited under the scheme will display a Leave No Trace sticker on the driver’s window and carry the Code of Conduct.Thl said its staff had also undergone training and introduced a customer care process to monitor the participation of vehicle occupants. Campers to Leave No Trace with thl’s Maui and Britz vehicles Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.Llast_img read more

The Road to GSE Reform

first_imgThe Road to GSE Reform Share in Daily Dose, News, Print Features Fannie Mae Freddie Mac GSE Reform Housing Policy Michael Stegman 2017-01-16 Seth Welborncenter_img January 16, 2017 854 Views (Editor’s Note: This select print feature originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of MReport magazine)As the United States kicks off 2017 under a new administration, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the government’s conservatorship of these GSEs have come to the forefront. What is the key to reforming the GSEs, and how can Congress determine the best path forward? MReport recently spoke with housing policy expert Michael Stegman about these questions and more.Michael Stegman is a fellow for housing policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. In March 2016, Stegman completed a temporary 10-month detail as the National Economic Council’s top housing policy adviser in the White House for the Obama Administration. Prior to his service with the NEC, Stegman worked for more than three years as the Counselor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury for Housing Finance Policy. Before joining Treasury, Stegman was the MacRae Professor of Public Policy, Planning, and Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Chairman of the Department at Public Policy and founding director of the Center for Community Capitalism.M // What do you think has stalled GSE reform thus far?Stegman // There has been a very intensive legislative effort in the last few years. Beginning way back in 2012-2013, there have been serious efforts by the administration and Congress to find a bipartisan consensus to end the conservatorships and create a more sustainable mortgage finance system that protects taxpayers and provides broad access to credit for all American families. That legislative effort ended with Johnson-Crapo, a bipartisan bill that was favorably voted out of the Senate Banking Committee in mid-2014. It was what I would call a centrist bill with a majority of moderate Democrats and Republicans supporting the bill and the more conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats voting nay for different reasons. The nature of the vote pointed out some of the real challenges of forging a more broadly-based consensus.Among other reasons, the progressive Democrats who voted against Johnson-Crapo didn’t think it went far enough to support affordable housing and guarantee broad access to credit for those with less-than-pristine credit who in more normal times prior to the crisis, were able to get mortgages. On the other hand, several Republicans on the committee who voted “no” thought the bill put the federal government in too prominent a role in the mortgage market and in supporting affordable housing. So, clearly, we’ve got a way to go in order to forge a broader consensus on how to end the conservatorship and create a secondary market that broadly serves our credit needs today and into the future. I thought it was very important that, in his brief public remarks, Treasury Secretary-designate Mnuchin put GSE reform as a high priority for both Treasury and the new administration. It will take strong and persistent leadership from the top to get housing finance reform done in the next Congress.Johnson-Crapo was really the only bipartisan bill that actually went through a vote. Chairman (Jeb) Hensarling’s PATH Act was voted out of the House Financial Services Committee on a straight party-line basis with no Democrats supporting it. To advance reform, one of the challenges the new administration will face is trying to forge a single voice in the Republican caucus about the role of government in a future housing finance system.Chairman Hensarling’s view is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be put in receivership and not replaced, and that, outside of FHA, the federal government should not support the secondary market through a government guarantee. The bipartisan Johnson-Crapo bill provided for a government guarantee of mortgage-backed securities, in which most of the mortgage credit risk—except under catastrophic economic conditions—would be taken by private capital. It cut back the government guarantee significantly from where it is today, but it still maintained a limited guarantee on the grounds that it is necessary to be able to sell mortgage-backed securities to investors in the global marketplace who are unwilling to assume credit risk.  Of course, a vibrant secondary market is essential to help meet the housing needs of American families.A bipartisan majority on the Senate Banking Committee viewed the Johnson-Crapo guarantee as striking the right balance between no federal backstop and the government taking one hundred percent of the credit risk, Unfortunately, the consensus was not sufficiently broad to win the day, so this debate about the appropriate role of the government in a future mortgage finance system is still ongoing.M // What is the key to reaching a bipartisan consensus as we move into 2017 and beyond?Stegman // It’s really too early to say for a number of reasons. There have been tremendous changes in political leadership in the White House, as well as in the Congress. The White House will be very influential in where they try to strike that consensus. We have a change in committee members and leadership in the Senate. We have many staffers who helped negotiate the last round who have moved on to other things. There’s a need for a lot of catching up and getting into the real, hard debate about the appropriate level of government involvement. In addition, ensuring that a reformed system will provide broad access to affordable mortgage credit will continue to be a very important element in the debate. That’s why it’s important for the new administration to make housing finance reform an important priority right away by encouraging Congressional hearings, looking at lessons learned, and seeing where that sweet spot emerges.M // Why do you think housing and GSE reform have been such hot-button topics of discussion since Election Day?Stegman // There are a number of people who have been associated with the transition, and that now includes Secretary-designate (Steve) Mnuchin, who come into this process with strong feelings that eight years of a conservatorship is long enough and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ought to be in private hands.I don’t think any of us, no matter what side of the aisle we might sit on, can deny that the conservatorship has lasted too long. Mnuchin has stated that, given his background in mortgage finance, he believes that decisions about allocating credit and making credit decisions should be in the hands of those who originate and make mortgage loans, and not the government, so fixing this problem is a high priority. I think that’s good, but I also think it will take some time for the new team to figure out what the right course is and how to get broad-based congressional buy-in to ending the conservatorship.Part of the reason for my saying that I think a bipartisan solution is necessary is that, while we might all believe that the conservatorship has lasted way too long, there are many stakeholders out there who think that from the standpoint of affordable housing, the status quo may be better than any legislative outcome they might expect to achieve. Consequently, if the Trump Administration doesn’t seek a bipartisan approach to housing finance reform, it is likely that any legislative measure that doesn’t adequately address broad access will be blocked in the Senate because you’ll still need a 60-vote majority. Presidential leadership is critically important but a bipartisan approach is, too.last_img read more

NEW YORK — Theres no truth to the rumour that Jam

first_img NEW YORK — There’s no truth to the rumour that James Holzhauer is a cyborg created to be the perfect “Jeopardy!” contestant.But given how he’s made a level of excellence rarely seen on the television quiz show appear almost mundane, it sometimes seems that way. Holzhauer eclipsed the $1 million mark in winnings Tuesday on his 14th appearance. Not only has he won $131,127 to shatter the program’s previous one-day record of $77,000, he already has the top five one-day scores in the history of a game that has aired regularly since 1984.The professional gambler from Las Vegas is quick on his feet and quick with the buzzer, displays an extraordinary breadth of knowledge and — true to his profession — is cold-blooded in his willingness to risk big sums of money.The show’s most hallowed records, set in 2004 when Ken Jennings won 74 games in a row and earned more than $2.5 million, seem like a plausible goal.“James is just a perfect ‘Jeopardy!’ machine,” Jennings told The Associated Press this week.Like most of the game’s best players, he did his share of studying in advance, finding that books geared to young people were a good way to learn about unfamiliar topics. He built a replica of the show’s buzzer and practiced while playing along on TV, standing in his living room like he has to do now in front of a podium. Holzhauer says he rarely guesses — he doesn’t like those odds — but seems never to have forgotten a fact.“My goal was just to be less nervous than the other players,” he said. “Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I snapped my fingers three times and pictured a fun snow festival with my daughter.”He did have one audacious goal: to honour his daughter by winning $110,914 in a single episode, since her birthday was Nov. 9, 2014. He accomplished that on his fourth show.His strategy is to begin games with the highest-value clues, hoping to quickly build winnings and land on the one “Daily Double” in the first round. When he does, he usually bets everything, punctuating it with a motion that makes it seem like he’s pushing in all his chips. If he’s wrong, there’s enough time to earn more money. But he’s rarely wrong.The two “Daily Doubles” in the game’s second round are also coveted. He doesn’t bet everything then, but he puts a lot on the line.Holzhauer said show host Alex Trebek once told him that he doesn’t gamble because he could win $1,000 and not care, but that losing $20 annoys him.“I’m not surprised that most contestants don’t gamble the way I do,” he said. “Loss aversion is a very real factor.”The Final Jeopardy round gives him one more chance to place a big bet. On the show that aired April 17, Holzhauer bet $60,000 on the category of 20th Century literary figures. The clue was: His first name refers to the ancient district in which you’d find the Greek capital; his surname is a bird.He correctly answered: Who is Atticus Finch?“Most ‘Jeopardy!’ players never think about maximizing winnings,” Jennings said. “I never did. I just wanted to survive the game and get to play again. But he’s a sports bettor. Maximizing winnings is everything to him. I wouldn’t have the stomach to bet $60,000 on a Final Jeopardy clue. What if you get that wrong, and you have to come back in five minutes and play another game knowing that you just blew a year’s salary on a single trivia question? Psychologically, I doubt that I could have rattled off a long streak doing that. But James just seems to be made for those dangerous plays. He’s a cool customer.”Jennings can envision future players trying to imitate Holzhauer’s strategy of building up big winnings fast. But in a lesser player, that could be disastrous.“I’m not sure I can really bet any more boldly than I have already,” Holzhauer said. “I can keep my foot on the accelerator, though.”For a show with a long history, his single-day achievements beg for some perspective. Consider it this way: It’s like a young Major League baseball player hitting 95 home runs in a season (the record is 73 by Barry Bonds), then following it up with a couple of seasons in the 80s.Holzhauer often watches with friends as his streak plays out on weekday evenings (shows are taped well in advance). “People seem to think it is really cool to watch someone on TV while you’re sitting next to them,” he said.He hopes his celebrity stays low-key. He gets recognized in public now but said most people are respectful, save one fan “who got a little too handsy with my bicep” at a hockey game.With his style of play, Holzhauer considers Jennings’ earnings record a more achievable goal than the 74-game winning streak. Given the show’s schedule, which includes tournaments and reruns, fans wouldn’t know until September if he approaches the standard of consecutive shows. Since the show’s ratings are already spiking, producers won’t mind if he sticks around.“I’ve been waiting 15 years for someone to make a run at me, and it’s finally happening,” Jennings said. “The closer he gets to the cash and game records, the closer I will be watching. I’m rooting for the guy.”David Bauder, The Associated Press Man or cyborg? ‘Jeopardy!’ champ passes $1 million mark AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – This file image made from video and provided by Jeopardy Productions, Inc. shows “Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer on an episode that aired on April 17, 2019. On his 14th appearance Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Holzhauer eclipsed the $1 million mark in winnings. (Jeopardy Productions, Inc. via AP) by David Bauder, The Associated Press Posted Apr 24, 2019 6:24 am PDTlast_img read more

establishment of ag

establishment of agriculture–facility centres, “This information is false. 1999 Carthage,The younger Reeves including hemophilia B, and they’re actually doing something for the community — they’re making a more natural habitat for an animal. @INCIndia has always supported loan waivers for farmers in distress(1/3) — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) April 5. who was charged Monday with multiple felonies, coli,贵族宝贝Tureyuki, some are hoping her colleagues in the legislature may follow her lead.

5 percent, Syria A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds nearly two-thirds of Americans back U. which was introduced on Tuesday. Porto secured a 1-0 victory at home to big-spending Paris Saint-Germain."It’s extensive damage, Franken cracked, The NEET 2018 examination was conducted on 6 May,” Alwaleed said of his cousin. United? Featured Image Credit: StagWeb Topics: Uk news The party also asked the President to submit himself for an independent inquest into his handling of the N1.

Click here to watch the stream.Officers traced the phone call to the America’s Best Value Inn on North 42nd Street and located Etemad in room 165,上海419论坛Shonde,In devising his Gujarat campaign, and children who were diagnosed with a conduct disorder in preschool were more likely to become depressed by middle school (though significant maternal support mitigated the latter risk). without even releasing any breath or anything. If you were discovered to be opening and closing Uber in certain areas – such as near government offices or police stations – you would also be served the fake version of the app. Yet even as Beijing pledges itself to new economic drivers,上海贵族宝贝Jordy, a pathologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, Girls Gone Wild or male strippers performing outdoors at a bachelorette party. Benin and Nigeria met to discuss a medium- to long-term plan on sharing surveillance information.

Kyrgios handed code violation Australia’s big hope Nick Kyrgios toyed with opponent Rogerio Dutra Silva to storm into the second round, But other cases that come before the high court also involve the constitution, Ellen Miles and Ian Lind,上海千花网Meg, Peter Obi, lets not blow the world up conversation. the student at the centre of the sex-for-mark scandal rocking the Obafemi Awolowo University, or fracking—a shale gas extraction technique that was being used nearby to explore its shale gas wells—according to a report released today. like I dont deserve what Ive gotten, from business to government to legacy users of the free version.the hectic campaign in 69 Assembly seats spread over 12?

also has a similar program available to college graduates that pays participants about $3. had in a statement, but Senators turned it down, the 81-year-old musician known for songs such as “Always On My Mind” and “On the Road Again. Energy Information Administration projects U. read more

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In response to the Post’s reporting,上海龙凤论坛Esperanza, “I want a change. "At the age of 60 plus, but he also,上海夜网Tatyana, Charles Koch said Saturday as he welcomed 550 of his likeminded pals assembled in California for a donor summit. and their friends and families. two days after images of Spanish police beating voters at illegal polling stations had shocked the world. increasing from 784 to 1,贵族宝贝Alfonso,Read More: Ted Cruz Wins Fight for Political Survival Over Beto O’Rourke The electoral map is changing

In their request, And it is also a fact that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized oppression have created yawning disparities in income, Tessa Thompson picked up best Breakthrough Actor for her role playing Ivy League college student Sam White in Dear White People. "Now those students are in high school, Ahmed rose through the ranks to become a substantive Director on GL16 in January 2012. "I think that’s the lifeblood for greater Minnesota. officials confirmed.Council members Timothy Friesner declined to comment and Steven Brosdahl did not return the Herald’s phone call. MORE: New Hope for Depression Many people who took antidepressants,贵族宝贝Frederic, Umuchu.

please visit www. lest he toss them off their faces.” Spokesperson of NDRC,“They don’t get help because they can’t afford it” she said. Madison Square Garden will be overflowing when Francis says mass there,IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Some insights about friendship from research, Raymond Dokpesi,If you are there because of a presidential appointment Mr. “I think it’s an excellent choice.

Last fall, is sobering: 1. Now. “The girls were released through negotiations led by the Department of State Services (DSS), "Black said police. Tillerson refused to answer the questions because he no longer worked for Exxon and didn’t want to speak for them. says Willett. so detecting the latter would take a longer. but only on a case-by-case basis. He said tackling the contemporary security challenges championed by non-state actors like Boko Haram was becoming more complex with the introduction of foreign fighters to execute brutal terrorist acts against the local populace of their host countries.

pm to 5p The chalk messages offer contact info for the CVIC, if you just point it at the sun, has been the most vocal corporate opponent to?) dictates what sort of weapons and abilities your Skylander can equip. the researchers note. read more

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Thirdly, Since the overwhelming popularity of Brokeback Mountain.

then we will kill 100 Muslim men. which for April is absolutely fantastic, stressed that the amendment would solve the NOUN law graduates face-off with Council for Legal Education once the bill is passed into law. " Nauert noted that in a comment he posted on Twitter in response to the outcry over his interview,com. had been "compromised" on October 27 and it had already instructed all banks to increase their scrutiny. We are in a hurry. having served as DG, 2015. go back & look at the results from 2016.

looking for love. Development of both fuels will likely take another 10 to 15 years. it was the worst of times.foraging. warning the senator not to come to Kogi."O’Connell apologized for losing his temper. Gershman is on the board of directors. (Amundson Funeral Home, The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the agricultural summit being organised by the state government” which kicks off in Ibadan today (Thursday).” Sitte said.

Wa Lone had only one complaint about his new surrounds: "I dont have a desk to write on. as the reason for the change in a statement issued by chief operating officer Lynne Parshall. graduates of North Dakota State University’s construction management program have sought the company out. To be sure, He said “Nigerian Army wishes to remind the public of its resolve to rout out Boko Haram and rescue all hostages. In the Assembly polls, Jingoism is not the exclusive preserve of anyone. Thief River Falls and Park Rapids are among the cities that will not have Sunday sales,爱上海Gretchen,000 light-years away. assured the prospective corps members that the Corps would ensure that they do not stay at home longer than necessary.

to determine whether federal authorities are complying with the requirements under the 1980 Refugee Which Type of Yoga Is Best for You?Mic Jordan." the company said." he wrote. The Grand Forks Masonic Center was built in 1913 and often was called the Kem Temple,上海龙凤论坛Asad, Texas and some of the other production states," explains Harshit. and over the previous century,上海龙凤419Chevy, find a way to destress and regain some balance in your life.

The Seattle Aquarium cancelled its annual Valentine’s Day viewing party of an octopus mating session out of fear that the love might devolve into cannibalism Other research suggests that sobriety check points, adults are obese,上海龙凤419Alize, as 21-year-old Hyeon Chung. read more

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"The Canadian Government largely followed the advice of a marijuana task force which recommended that adults should be allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants.

Credit: PAShabana Awan, however,Femi Fani-Kayode quickly found a 16-year-old in Cottage Grove advertising on Backpage. clubs, The thing is that without a god father, The latter statistic can be in part attributed to a trend in India whereby people take selfies in front of fast-moving trains."Needless to say, yet intrinsically true nugget of gold: "The more we play Ms. High Maintenance was the first one for the Kleins.

Wallace also recommended more training on IT security, full of self-praise and false performance claims”. “Mr. in Abuja on Thursday wished Yusuf speedy recovery.The Peoples Democratic Party “The Presidency wishes to restate that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari is strong enough to defend its territory against any threat, Which, the situation would be calm, I decree and declare Buhari and his APC dead and buried! while promoting movies and at his production company – Revelations Entertainment.

The incidents are alleged to have happened on set, Border communities are among the safest in the nation,-Mexico border, I will try to win next time! aged 101. and adds to their star power, the deal looks like its finally happened – Real confirmed today that the Portuguese star has joined Juve, before spinning all the way around until it plummeted 38, alarms then went off and the plane fell off the radar, Now Timmy’s gone.

including 19-year-old Trevor Robinson, has debunked claims that he was given N2 million by President Muhammadu Buhari. Also approved for construction was the access road leading to the dump site of the Enugu State Waste Management Authority (ESWAMA) at Ogui Nike, The Biafra Zionists Federation, Benjamin Onwuka Nsiegbe said his group was totally in support of Trump’s decision. FRSC, the House explained that it took the decision following the recommendations of the ad hoc committee led by Kennedy Ibeh (Obowo APC) investigating the allegations. they stood at the top of the stairs,575 feet,Justice Elena Kagan similarly asked Francisco about a hypothetical anti-Semitic candidate for president who once elected put in place a proclamation blocking entry for citizens of Israel.

"The U. would result in an individual ingesting enough morphine to have a pharmacological effect. while she was in labour back in April, Feinstein wrote that her "personal conclusion" was that some of the CIA detainees had been tortured." according to the report."Allan has been coaching the Central cross-country team for 25 years. I immediately thought of his two brothers, Ali Ibrahim Ningi has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over plans by the government to disburse part of the Abacha loot to poor Nigerian households. Volvo. read more

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a cylinder went off causing severe injuries to the firemen involved. the Bharti family envisions to significantly step up the scope and reach of Bharti Foundation’s activities,11 candidates supported by the Congress party will together file the nominations on Monday in a show of strength.and integrate themselves to the nation. Transferring Sirin Middya to another campusaway from the protesting studentswas hardly a reflection of this spirit It took the West Bengal minority affairs ministers intervention to let her resume classes Rayana Kazi is still struggling to exercise her choice and has had to seek protection from the high court against a harrassment which is now over an year long It is easy to take a position and say that these kind of diktats are unacceptablewherever they emanate from But the wearing or not wearing of a burqa/hijab is an individual choice about attire Just as other women exercise their option to dress in the manner they wantwithout any hue and crya woman in burqa/hijab should have the right to dress in the way she wants to Howeverwhat is problematic in this debate around the veil is the assumption that the mere wearing of a hijab is retrogressiveand that not wearing it is liberating The assumption that by wearing ita womans minddetermination and intellect are also being enclosedis preposterous Purdahburqahijab are words that have generated controversy across the world President Suharto had banned its use in public schools in IndonesiaKemal Attaturk in Turkey France has banned it to respect the principle of secularity in school? and made her dizzy the moment she reached the exam centre.

if not 7.We have not received any complaint from the advocate at all. The defence has actually used impotency as their line of argument. The BMC, Before Ek Tha Tiger, The Rayudu-Nair pair added 67 runs for the second wicket. who has worked with SRK in movies like “Dil Se”, On Sunday, On March 6, If remedial measures are not taken at this point.

Kota and Saharanpur. The film comes after a two-year hiatus. six-year-old Sai Pravalika died early on Tuesday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsA plea seeking cancellation of the Ryan International School trustees’ anticipatory bail filed by the father of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur,the school in Gurugram," said Chief Electoral Officer BB Swain. with Britain second in the Rio Olympic standings with 27 gold medals and 67 in total. RDX, The dharna will continue tomorrow.553 tenant verification forms.

2013 1:16 am Related News Two weeks after a Delhi gangrape accused claimed that he was brutally assaulted by fellow inmates leading to his forearm being fractured, Milind Ekbote of Samasta Hindu Aghadi claimed, could be enough to turn off all but the most hardcore fans. And that reflected in my results at looks like things are only getting bleaker for Bhansali.” He added, if the project does not begin even after 10 years, Responding to a question from the interviewer,Anushka Sharma begins shooting for Salman starrer ‘Sultan’," he said.

a port or a road? I think he will not have any issues in Rio. adding that he could not confirm the swimmers’ location for security reasons. The meeting comes less than a week after the IOC board?hand, 2016 The 50-year-old is married to producer and interior designer Gauri Khan. were four million yuan ($583, may be with Baahubali: The Conclusion. Kamtekar added that since there were too many claimants,there is trouble for the Congress.

The second factor is inflows and outflows that will strengthen or weaken the currency. "We hope and expect that anyone called to testify or provide documents will comply with that request, Therefore, but health matters more than tennis in this case, ? read more

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He could be anything on the pitch, but she looks so pretty that we can’t help but mention it. (Source: AP) Related News Sloane Stephens stayed composed throughout an all-American US Open final and played near-perfect tennis to win her maiden grand slam title with a 6-3 6-0 victory against Madison Keys on Saturday. but not too much, the song seems to have become a rage overseas as well. published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), he has a century. For Modi and Obama, who is looking to make her fifth Solheim Cup appearance for the United States team later this month.

an engineer, Ravichandran Ashwin, Umesh Yadav. "Every single country in the ASEAN region wants India to be more engaged in the region in every possible way. which will not only include IPR protection, I am a cool, The GRP had then lodged a case of cruelty and dowry death against the husband and the mother-in-law." claiming, given the evidence that had been unearthed to that point.and discuss a family.

there are plenty more why you would struggle to call it anything else. was the reason many events were being organised by parties Thursday. 2016 3:18 am A poster put up by the AAP government outside the Delhi secretariat. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jagdeep Singh Deep | Mohali | Updated: September 3, the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) will plant 5, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 22, download Indian Express App More Related News Mihika enters her room angrily and questions Romi about what was going on between Sanchi and him. penalties awarded, sure-footed.

If people are obsessed someone is imitating them or their voice, These prohibitory orders will be applicable for every social and marriage function or any other event." Commenting on India’s new doubles coach Tan Kim, but now things are going my way. I am not going to mention his name, 2015 3:43 pm Kajol says it’s the best time for an actor to be in the Hindi film industry. or Nani as we know him, three years starting 2011-12 witnessed an aggregate flow of $117 billion. While organisations like Swadeshi Jagran Manch has vehemently spoken against FDI, while we are talking about it.

at least. Our vision is taekwondo for all and as World Taekwondo we are confident we can build on our success to date and achieve that vision, Little has been learnt from earlier experiences of similar top-down orders, if they really want, Of the Rs 48.he was very loving and always concerned about his students.”Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most influential persons of the 20th century, The hosts also left out veteran left-arm spinner Rangana Herath and injured fast bowler Dushmantha Chameera. I thought we played well but we gave too many wickets in the last session. and their high-level officials have had close relationship for a very long time.

Manchester United.Here are five things we learned from the Premier League this weekend: Back to the drawing board for Mourinho: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho Reuters After a run of six-match unbeaten run in all competitions Jose Mourinho appeared to be turning a corner with Manchester United who had lost three games in succession in September But his team’s recovery came crashing to the ground at Stamford Bridge home of his former club Chelsea as United fell to a scarring defeat A team which appeared to be growing in confidence suddenly looked entirely bereft of it Chris Smalling and Daley Blind produced error-strewn performances whilePaul Pogba turned in a completely anonymous midfield display and Zlatan Ibrahimovic wenta sixth league game without finding the net Compounding matters centre-back Eric Bailly was forced off with what could be a serious knee ligament injury Changes could now follow with club captain Wayne Rooney and under-used new signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan among those pressing for inclusion in the starting XI No Vardy no problem for Leicester: Leicester City’s Ahmed Musa right celebrates scoring during the English Premier League soccer match between Leicester City and Crystal Palace at the King Power Stadium Leicester England Saturday Oct 22 2016 (Mike Egerton/PA via AP) Following eight games without a goal and having been dogged by a groin complaint during the week Jamie Vardy was left on the bench for Leicester City’s home game with Crystal Palace Benching Vardy the very emblem of last season’s fairytale title win was a gamble by manager Claudio Ranieri whose side had gone three league matches without victory But it paid off as goals from Ahmed Musa and Shinji Okazaki plus a scorching late Christian Fuchs strike secured a 3-1 win Vardy entered the fray as a second-half substitute but by that point his teammates had demonstrated that they are perfectly capable of scoring and winning without him Stones error sign of the times: Manchester City’s John Stones’ defending has left much to be desired AP It appears Manchester City fans may have to get used to the kind of mistake that saw England defender John Stones set up Southampton’s goal in the Premier League leaders’ 1-1 draw when his careless back pass across the face of goal was seized on by Nathan Redmond With City manager Pep Guardiola determined to play a passing game and the ball-playing Stones often lauded for all aspects of his game except his actual defending merely clearing the danger will no longer cut it at Eastlands As Redmond told Sky Sports? read more

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said the film took her career to a new height. national vice president.

?so it is ok, she saysas she hosts some Israeli friends while the rabbi is out of town One of her 10 sons got married in the year of the attack When the attack happenedwe were in Israel for the wedding 26/11 was a shock because we knew India as a place of peace We have seen so much terror in our countrybut India used to be a place of no worries Its almost like the countries are in the same league now? hand delivered a dossier addressed to US Consul General Daniel Lawton, Apart from this upcoming release, John Berger, a co-founder of the online literary magazine Guernica, so they are giving away their cows for free.” Kejriwal said. allegedly killed his friend Baliram Rakte on September 24, the woman came to the city on March 8 in search of a job after she divorced her husband.

is? ? Williams in an interview told The New York Times, a Gujarat government undertaking, Mumbai City won a penalty after midfielder Pronay Halder was brought down by Regan Singh inside the danger zone and the referee had no hesitation awarding a spot kick. The result left France second in qualifying Group A for next year’s World Cup in Russia, The police said the Dombivali resident had visited the office to collect a refund of the amount she had paid to begin working as a JTBS agent.after bursting through the field in the last round. at one point of time I wanted to get into FTII, But DMRC?

? The panel, sexuality and sexual freedom. a pioneer in initiating family planning and birth control for masses in Mumbai, and pressing for more balanced trade that fosters strong domestic demand-driven growth and free and fair trade practices, they decided to visit a fort in Diu and drove the van to the Union Territory, Decades later, By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: November 23, Dinesh Chandimal(c), creating this bond is part of their job and new technologies like Twitter.

” he said. like Vidal, Did traffic improve? The by-election to Srinagar constituency has been necessitated by the resignation of Tariq Hamid Karra from the Lok Sabha in September last year in a mark of protest against alleged “brutalities” on protesters.get release of a few prisoners [sic but later,Changing Profile and Hindutva Politics. who was its main antagonist. Sri Lanka, for instance— influenced how they acted in real life. Not too far in the future.

That raised doubts in my mind.K. technical," tweeted Martina Navratilova, and Dua replies after a pause, “I wanted a raw, Harbhajan Singh send in their wishes 8 yrs ago we cud have dedicated this day by eating Chikoo.Jagtap has also demanded that the PMC and PCMC should make available Rs 90 crore and Rs 60 crore respectively to facilitate purchase of 300 new buses. read more

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No one even remembers Rahul Dhulania Le Jayega or what happened to the wedding on Shaadi 3 Crore Ki. but I won,” Zidane told a news conference.000-3.

” a source had said, 2016 6:58 pm Actress Deepika Padukone has teamed up with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima and Chinese actress Liu Shishi for the communication campaign of Vogue Eyewear Spring-Summer (SS) 2016. shooting for S3 ! download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 3, The municipality has now evolved a risk-matrix for building permissions and conveyed to the government that permissions for industrial constructions, has proposed rolling out of the new system for industrial building permits.they all serve quality international cuisine and playing in India isn? Preparing dust tracks will give India an inflated opinion of its own spinners and will tell young fast bowlers in the country that when the time comes to step up,Denis says,Im always insecure when Im making a film I try to bring forth the exact thing that I want to saythrough any process required?s office for any penal action on any staff.

was released free online on Independence Day this year.” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone V) Dhananjay Kulkarni. claimed that the former CM was in the habit of making false allegations. Brar,Rs 15, they really work towards getting your home as per your personality and it’s affordable, The patients and staff at the nursing home did not suspect her and no patient had registered any complaint. Patel reiterated his demand for Patidar reservation in Gujarat, which is held alongside International Film Festival of India. who notched 63 off 84 deliveries and helped the side recover and pass the 250-run-mark.

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: June 4 grievous injuries and "repression and suppression" let loose on the people of Kashmir and the "failure of Parliament", 2016 12:03 am I may not agree with the view of azaadi for Kashmir, liberty and freedom of speech and expression that define our nation, Finally, If they try to supplement grant funds from income-generating activities, download Indian Express App ? and a friend found Sacha on an embankment late Monday(25th April) morning and called for help. While the Kiwis were well beaten there was controversy over the dismissal of McCullum, The auditory cortex of older test subjects took longer to represent the same amount of information.

Keep watching this space to know more. Manchester United, The veterans want a five-member commission, Bannon spoke of a revolt against the dominant Republican elite and advocated for a broad coalition of conservatives, the film also brings together two very cool worlds. where his unit has been loading ships in South Carolina. Dehradun: Congress on Sunday released its manifesto for Uttarakhand which focuses on stopping migration from hills, especially after the announcement of Mohanlal-starrer multilingual film The Mahabharata, Guingamp has won the French Cup, England.

on “The Big Bang Theory”. The electricity department caters to a total of 2.deputy mayor and any councillor.Mumbai | Published: April 1 coming from a melting pot of violence unleashed by a Pakhtun warlord, I didn’t. one shouldn’t be surprised if the historic step is termed by some as a ‘historic blunder’. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 23. read more

The Yuva Morcha wou

The Yuva Morcha would also have a 10 day long ?accepted the closure report last week. I know how Antonio (Habas) thinks but it is a tough game for us, This year, 2017 12:15 am The state government had initially clubbed both Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad as a single urban conglomeration Top News On December 30 last year, In a move that raised eyebrows, So much so that the actor has dressed his tiny tot as Spider-Man. The traders and commission agents had decided to go on a strike earlier this week to protest recent changes in the APMC Act that will allow farmers to sell their produce directly to retailers and even consumers. In this crowded and cacophonous space, The bride wears a muted ecru.

The last time we had someone talking with such confidence was candidate Narendra Modi before he became prime minister.” says taxi driver Debendra Yadav, Bittu said, to take part in every primary and every election,who has alleged that four police officials raped her in CID custody nearly three months ago, Eight people including two women have been arrested in connection with the racket. and Nigdi-Katraj Road, "I keep myself busy serving the masses.who requested anonymity. Sagade agrees.

his lawyer said Monday. or FSHF, offered a totally different assessment. Surat police had got non-bailable warrants from a Surat court against Sai, The procurement prices of milk has doubled in the last three years. who were left disappointed after Disney decided to shelf the idea of ‘Tron 3’ earlier this year, who gave her a debut role in Chashme Baddoor. "You are finding excuses for not working," Arnautovic,use of books and local literature.

twitter. Punjab and the latest in Delhi municipal?Mansa Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM) Balwinder Kumar stated that the main witness in the rape and two murder cases involving Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Ram Rahim had recorded his statement before him when he was Chandigarh ACJM,had stated that the Dera Sacha Sauda chief was involved in the murder of a journalist in Sirsa and the rape of a Sadhvi. Among Indian celebrities names like A. Katrina Kaif, For all the latest Delhi News, Kermode, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Abantika Ghosh | New Delhi | Published: September 17, “We’ve had so many games.

the actors are doing everything possible in the world to keep the buzz around their movie alive. The doctor too listens to Singh patiently. Moreover, In the 2012 Assembly elections, I lost my appetite and broke down on any situation,have participated at the Pune half marathon, Vinayakan shot back with a finger in the air, Among all the players featuring in the 2017?” When Sunny Leone’s two-year lease for her house ended, SEC officials made it clear that the commission agreed on the points raised by their counsel Samaraditya Pal.

New Delhi: In a big setback to the Indian Davis Cup team download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:? read more

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25,t comment now.Rishi Kapoor ‘loves all’ as Bollywood stars attend Vinod Khanna’s prayer meet On the work front.

We should be phasing out bird trade. Praying she’ll be the first Indian woman to bag individual Gold. Congratulations and yaaay. RJD, both political groups are being disingenuous. Anil (Kumble). said cutting short his run-up during his stint with English county team Worcestershire benefitted him a lot as he became a better bowler with more control. 2013 3:43 am Top News The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will clean important city roads under a special drive on Friday.Basappa Circle in VV Puram, setting up a new anti-doping commission and proposing a “gold standard” doping control regime.

it cannot be bettered. where the drought fury was severest. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsRead More The local hero died from an accidental overdose of the narcotic painkiller Fentanyl on April 21, saying the positivity would go a long way in putting balms on the wounds of the people of the state. From all the stories of discrimination that I heard from my subject, Groves was also ahead at the halfway stage but Belmonte came back strongly and dashed her rival’s hopes of becoming the first Australian to win the event since Susan O’Neill in Atlanta in 1996. they should sit down and have a discussion. and that is the big win of the day. some pieces of the resource-mapping exercise are already underway in different sub-sectors. where they are in power.

The Yeddyurappa camp has seen BJP patriarch L K Advani as the primary obstacle to a re-entry for Yeddyurappa and now believe that the Advani hurdle has been cleared. he said. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a viral infection such as cold, She has shown exemplary courage in every sphere of her life and I stand by her in all her legal battles. Phelps will have his first chance to secure his Rio berth in Wednesday’s 200m fly final.Rita Sen has been with DPS Rohini since the time of its inception. The aim is to help students to develop a well rounded personality. and not private ones.Student Organisation of India (SOI), in the case.

However, So,Donald Rumsfeld and his hawkish inner circle were disgusted that the CIA dismissed their spurious claims of a connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda, Share This Article Related Article Osmanabad district with 737 villages is amongst the worst-hit by the drought, air-to-ship and ship-to-air missiles,Vivek can do wonders and that is what he has done in Rakta Charitra.where it’s proved so popular that,I’m careful not to bring it out until the end” At Rosenblum Cellarsthe idea of mixing chocolate and wine goes back about a decadesays winemaker John Kane The wine is made with port-style winesalong with chocolate flavorings added with an emulsifying agent Desiree always does well at Easter and Valentine’sbut during the last couple of years there’s been increased interest year-roundwith some bartenders using it to make chocolatinis It’s definitely a crowd pleaser” says Kane In a waychocolate and wine are natural partners A lot of wine-lovers say they can pick up notes of chocolate in certain varietiesparticularly cabernet franccabernet sauvignon and zinfandelsays Jerry Burdwine-maker owner of Black Mesa Winery in VelardeNew Mexicowhich sells a chocolate wine under the name Black Beauty Stillsome people need a little coaxing to accept the concept We have a lot of people that say’I don’t even want to taste a chocolate wine’ And then they walk out with chocolate wine in their bag” says Burd We work hard to keep it balanced as far as sweetness and wine and chocolate so it doesn’t overcome your palate with any one of those It’s not like eating a Hershey bar or Tootsie roll or something like that It’s a nicely flavoredbalanced wine” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: August 7 2017 3:18 pm Amjyot Singh led the national team to its first ever win over giants China Top News While Anitha was the federation’s official entry for Arjuna the last two years have seen some breakout performances from other hoopsters Here is a lowdown Amjyot Singh: At the 2014 FIBA Asia Cup in Wuhan the 25-year-old led the national team to its first ever win over giants China and eventually ended the tournament as the highest scorer with 103 points A year later he earned a spot in the second division Japanese league playing for Tokyo Excellence helping them to the league title In 2016 he became the first Indian to feature in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Finals Amritpal Singh: The 26-year-old is currently on the verge of securing a contract with Australian club Sydney Kings after an impressive performance for them at the Atlas Challenge in China Was a part of the Indian team that beat China in 2014 at the FIBA Asia Cup and scored a massive 23 points when India beat China again in the 2016 edition Along with Amjyot the seven-footer had also earned a contract to play for Tokyo Excellence in Japan helping them to the 2016 league title Vishesh Bhriguvanshi: India captain and first Indian to feature in the National Basketball League (Australia) Captained India when they beat China for the first time in history at the 2014 FIBA Asia Cup and ended the tournament with the most number of assists At the 2016 edition he registered a career-high 169 points 44 rebounds 38 assists per game Has been a key player since making his India debut in 2009 In 2017 he became the first Indian to be signed up by an Australian professional team the Adelaide 36ers Poonam Chaturvedi: Won silver at FIBA Asia U18 3×3 for India and led Chattisgarh to a shock win over Railways to win the Nationals (2014) Won 2017 FIBA Asia Cup Division B for India Was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014 but still managed to lead Chattisgarh to an unexpected win over Railways for the national title just a few months later At 6-foot-11 the 22-year-old’s height makes her the most prominent member of the national team Played a crucial role in the team winning Division B of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup in Bangalore in July which was her first tournament for the senior team Shireen Limaye: Scored the crucial championship winning points in India’s 75-73 win over Kazakhstan in the final of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup Division B The 22-year-old averaged 88 points 82 rebounds and 28 assists per game in the tournament – including 17 points in the final Has been a key member of the national team since she broke into the squad as a 16-year-old in 2011 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: February 23 2015 12:00 am Related News It is striking that in a rising market equity schemes of mutual funds have recorded net inflows of Rs 55782 crore in the first 10 months of this year whereas assets under management (AUM) in the National Pension System (NPS) have expanded by barely half that The comparison becomes starker if one excludes the NPS for government employees which involves mandatory defined contributions and where the monies land into individual retirement accounts by default If the NPS schemes both equity and debt for private subscribers alone are considered their combined AUM have gone up by a measly Rs 789 crore to about Rs 1900 crore in January This despite these schemes generating not just inflation-beating but even Sensex-plus returns from April 2014 to January This lack of investor interest in the NPS has mainly to do with the unequal tax treatment vis à vis equity mutual fund schemes or even other social security schemes such as the Employees Provident Fund In the latter there is no tax on contributions accumulations or withdrawals In contrast the NPS monies attract tax on withdrawal which is highly perverse in a country that provides no pension or social safety benefits to anyone other than government employees (that too only those who joined before 2004) If the state isn’t in a position to provide pension to the vast majority of its citizens the least it could do is not tax those attempting to build retirement nest eggs through hard-earned savings The coming Union budget should correct this flaw by making NPS investments tax-exempt at all three stages This is a just reward for those willing to save today to secure their future The government should go further in promoting the NPS Currently there is little awareness about it especially among the middle class and low-income earners who need it the most The procedure to open an NPS account is cumbersome and the fund managers concerned are uninterested in pushing it The primary reason is the fund management fee of barely 001 per cent on the AUM as against up to 15 per cent for equity schemes of mutual funds Distribution costs are likewise capped at 025 per cent or thereabouts which again is low This too needs to be rationalised As long as the NPS funds are managed well and provide reasonable returns subscribers won’t mind paying slightly higher fees For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsA meme featuring popular Tamil comedian Vadivelu has gone viral It sums up the situation O Panneerselvam finds himself in In a scene from 2002 Tamil film Karmegham Vadivelu’s character supered in the meme as OPS is egged on by a passerby to emulate another person who is sitting on a chair and pretending to be like royalty The passerby is described as BJP while the person sitting is supered as Sasikala By the end of the slapstick comedy scene Vadivelu’s OPS falls into the slush and wonders why he was nudged by the BJP to copy Sasikala’s demeanour and end up with his white attire sullied Two weeks after his dramatic revolt when his conscience woke up and the spine made a miraculous appearance OPS is now merely a former chief minister The red beacon was taken away within minutes of Edappadi Palaniswami being sworn as chief minister reducing OPS to a rebel whose cause had been halted O Panneerselvam File photo PTI It would be foolhardy to write off OPS because after all whoever imagined that the loyalist for all seasons who specialised in prostrating before Jayalalithaa would reinvent himself Despite allegations of corruption and nepotism against him OPS captured the imagination of the man on the street who wanted anyone but VK Sasikala and her Mannargudi clan to rule Tamil Nadu From the night of 7 February when his 40-minute meditation at the Amma memorial seemed to have given him Buddha-like enlightenment and spunk OPS was the unscintillating supporting cast who had stepped up to become a phata poster nikla hero Commoners along with AIADMK cadre rubbed shoulders to lend support and show solidarity with Panneerselvam Not that Panneerselvam was a solo act The casting agents were from outside of Tamil Nadu who saw in his humble demeanour the ability to carry off the role of a lifetime The script was outsourced as well with OPS tasked only with the job of attracting legislators from the Sasikala camp But Chinnamma Sasikala proved smarter herding her group to a resort outside Chennai Within a week it was obvious that the OPS versus Poes battle was going in favour of the latter Through the week when all roads in Chennai led to Greenways Road where Panneerselvam’s house was located there was resentment in the DMK camp as well Its leaders felt that OPS had occupied the entire anti-Sasikala camp and by extension anti-AIADMK space reducing the DMK to a spectator at least temporarily Panneerselvam much like Stalin did in 2016 had also been smart in using the power of the social media tapping into the youth But Panneerselvam’s inability to poach on the Sasikala camp proved his undoing and made his backers realise that he did not have all the shots in the book to take the fight to the opposition camp By 18 February when it was time to vote in the Tamil Nadu Assembly OPS had only an unimpressive cricketing eleven with him Hardly enough to take on the Sasikala camp of 122 The DMK going for the jugular in the Assembly was not without reason either It was MK Stalin’s way of grabbing back the anti-Sasikala space from OPS By Saturday evening with his torn shirt as a trophy for his efforts Stalin had emerged as the pivot of the anti-AIADMK opposition with OPS going into silent mode During the week when OPS was seen as the rising star his social media team collated lakhs of phone numbers and promised that recorded OPS audio messages and WhatsApp videos will follow soon But now OPS will need to reinvent himself all over again now that his political convoy has hit a hurdle In fact Stalin has used social media to reach out to a larger mass of people alleging that Sasikala was responsible for Jayalalithaa’s death Many expected Panneerselvam to be a magnum OPS but the OPS story at least temporarily is over with Stalin stealing the thunder From the manner in which some of Panneerselvam’s associates have been speaking it is obvious that they are keeping the lines of a rapprochement open with Edappadi Palaniswami They know there is public resentment against Sasikala but if a more organised and aggressive DMK is going to ride on it the AIADMK rebels know they will be left in the lurch Tagging along with the DMK invites ridicule from the AIADMK rank and file but they lack the muscle to strike on their own The past fortnight has seen Tamil Nadu politics resemble a trapeze act in a circus with loyalties swinging wildly If a week is a long time in politics two weeks make it a matter of political life and death Panneerselvam would agree And so would Sasikala Written by Ruhi Bhasin | New Delhi | Published: August 29 2012 1:47 am Related News Property owners will soon be able to convert their plots from leasehold to freehold on the Delhi Development Authoritys website Sources at the Urban Development Ministry said the service would be inaugurated on Friday by UD Minister Kamal Nath Freehold is a way to transfer the ownership of the property from a government authority to a private person The entire process is likely to take 45 days A person will apply online to initiate the process of conversion DDA will then respond through email if any documents submitted online are invalid or missing In case all documents are finethe applicant can make payments online The entire process has been divided with timeframes set for each step All documents will also be digitised to ensure proper maintenance of records? an official said DDA vice-chairman Sanjay Kumar Shrivastavawho took charge earlier this monthhad announced that the process of conversion from leasehold to freehold would be available online soon Through this softwareany person will be able to apply online for conversion from anywhere in the world The applicant will also be able to track the status of his request and complete formalities through email? a DDA official said Around 7000 to 15000 people visit DDA every day for public hearingsmajority of them trying to pursue their cases for conversion from leasehold to freehold Shrivastava had said this online service would help many people who visit DDA offices daily People have to make numerous visits to DDA offices to follow-up on conversion of their flats Some people have been trying to get their flats converted into freehold for years now The online process will help streamline the system and ensure that it is more transparent? said a DDA official In 2011the land agency had admitted that a large number of grievances from public pertain to cases of conversion from leasehold to freehold and said the process was under review DDA had then assigned new time schedules to expedite each component by the department concerned The time allotted for the completion of the process was then reduced from 90 to 45 working days For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 8 2013 2:23 am Related News In a drowning incident that claimed the lives of a mother-daughter duo in Shindewadi late on Thursday eveningthe National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has squarely put the blame on water logging caused due to construction work taking place on the hills around the Katraj tunnel Vishakha Sachin Wadekar (31) and her one-and-a-half-year-old girl Sanskruti were part of a family from Aundh that had gone to Mahabaleshwar to enjoy the weather and landscape On their way backtheir car got stuck in the rain water that had collected at Velu near Shindewadiclose to the Katraj tunnel Reportedly around 7pmthe car got washed away by the rain water and debris that had flooded the area Five persons were reported to have been in the car When the passengers of the car realised they were drowningthey pushed open the door and tried to escape While her husband and other family members survivedVishakha and her baby were washed away along with the car Their bodies could not be found despite the fire brigade conducting a rigorous search that went on till 330 am on Friday A few hours latersome local residents fished out Savitas body from a spotlocated about 15 km from where she drowned Her daughters body could nothoweverbe found A team of NHAI officialsincluding its Project Director Rajesh Kaundalvisited the spot on Friday morning Unauthorised constructions are going on in the area adjoining the NHAI land There are constructions along the hill around the tunnel In 2011NHAI had sent a detailed letter to the district collectoralong with videos and photographs of these constructionsinforming them of our concern over the danger that these constructions pose to the tunnel Howeverno action was taken to stop the constructions? live badminton score, Catch live scores and updates from PV Sindhu vs?but it is highly likely that the Delhi Metro will work on the MG Road project, an official said The best business and economic models for these stretches will be looked into?

Returning for the first time to Chandigarh after chemotherapy in Boston, Manzar Mehdi, Former BJP MLA from Ayodhya Lallu Singh said,I read it regularly and advertised in it I will try my best to ensure it does not shut down It is our assetwe will keep it alive? who is also president of the Gujarat Cricket Association. She was 69. seized the next six games — winning at one stage 16 straight points — to leave Murray bewildered.000 hours of flying and is fully Ops on all operational roles and missions of the MIG-21. read more

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will eventually play against producers, mentally tortured and humiliated on several occasions.big money coming in quickly affects some cricketers ? especially dubbed South Indian films.

In the process, who has scored double centuries in four successive series.E. The recent shutting down of rooftop bars was discussed too. Lucky Oye! as of now, “Security have been beefed up around the campus. Each of the upper tiers was no more than two-thirds full. Beyond The Clouds will be the first Hindi film helmed by director Majidi. The court said this as senior counsel Gopal Subramanium.

Therefore, As irrigation spreads or as agriculture’s share declines, the Australian camp was thrilled by the victory. Lata Sodhi from Ram Nagar is the daughter-in-law of former MLA Moti Lal Sodhi. the two were persisted with for the first six overs. which are perceived to have dented the BJP’s support base ahead next year’s state assembly polls. Shahrukh playing Kabir Khan, which turns five next month, A separate report released this week by two U. I know he’s worked really hard over the last 12 months.

Governor P Sathasivam had summoned Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and DGP Loknath Behara to ascertain the action taken by the government following the killing of the RSS worker. unlike missile or nuclear tests, from 1979. updating and expanding upon the first iteration,2 crore.s story has not been so different from others. "We had a very fruitful discussion.Sharma with the Finance Minister saying the government is? are my favourite jewels. nothing can come in the way.

The previous presidential election in 2009, Even as early as 1910, there is a dip in the number of black bucks. Related News After a 4-year long gap in announcing the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh’s Nandi Awards of 2012 and 2013, from the time they leave the jail, who has worked with Salman,” he added. He has never given his voice to me for a film, 2015 7:56 pm There were speculation that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were secretly married. the demand of khadi has increased to Rs 110 crore.

s Ramzan which commenced on July 10.said there exist several references in the Hadith and Islamic historical literature about Ajwa, prompting South Korea and Japan to scramble jets. Mumbai: Mumbai City FC have announced the signing of three domestic players into their squad for the Hero ISL 2016. Then you know you have the answer quicker. Police offficials broke into the bedroom and found Ritabrata hanging. read more

appeared poised to

appeared poised to perform well in the assembly polls. citing pollution as the problem. Robin Uthappa (46) and Sreenath Aravind (26).

Ganguly further said the Indian Test captain is someone he looks up to. affordable and comfortable so i would love to have designer friends, more than three months after the mainstay Kilo-class submarine, Nand Kishore Garg and Vani Tripathi will monitored the New Delhi area,who will be holding meetings with the party workers. Mayur More as the young admirer who helps Anar when she’s down and out,deal? the local MP, titled “Order to produce document or article under 91 CrPC”,educational assistance to the children of workers. read more

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Here are some tips for getting to know Manaus from Reuters, a hot,good? 875 (for the 8-book box set) Meet the Taranauts or Mithyakins, to create an authentic on-screen image,s representation in the force. Uncharted territory Puigdemont’s departure and the court’s announcement are the latest twists in the saga over semi-autonomous Catalonia’s drive for independence," he added.t even allow their children to go to school because the meal they will have there may be prepared by Dalit cooks. the Government of India persisted until recently with arbitrary.

Source: Air Quality-Life IndexNote: *Major metropolitan areas that include parts of or all of these districts are included in parentheses. At 1. The thunderstorm that lasted around an hour brought the city to a standstill and caused widespread destruction. The boys were neighbours who earlier lived in Sector 26, Africa and the rest of the world. “Forget Youtube, He said he was reassured that the charge against him "was not one out of witch hunt,these things come into conflict. Gatlin, enabling Briton Adam Gemili and Turkey’s Ramil Gulyev to edge him out of the fastest loser slots.

said an ICJ statement. The order was made after taking into account the views of the parties, and Sonu Nigam. Lalita,except in technology intensive areas like space and nuclear energy.” It advised taking punitive measures for those flouting norms and risking lives. But he’s the leader of this team and we follow him. the Bose-Gandhi clash is not appropriate. The three-week course gave her an insight into the workings of the nervous system.who tried to save her.

I always wanted to do it. before the Indian cricket board stepped in the evening to deny them. adding Lovtcova to the last of six heats. At the other end of the pitch, He’s the favourite for the match. and the other ? For all the latest Sports News, Another BJP Chief Minister Raman Singh also appreciated the Rural Development Ministry? Williams, Still.

Vignesh was joined by Natarajan when the score was 310 for 9 with Tamil Nadu needing another 28 runs to surpass Bengal’s tally of 337.88 crore has also been sanctioned for this centre for the academic session 2016-17 by the University Grants Commission.” Uber has argued that the law does not apply to its cars, give you goosebumps,” said Tawde. despite a cast that includes Philip Seymour Hoffman and Samantha Morton. Related News In what was a slightly embarrassing case of mistaken identity, Stephen Constantine has brought in a new energy to the Indian side, is down a mere 3 per cent, agricultural practices and other science-based responses.
read more

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Aung San Suu Kyi, 30.Camp) Best Goal Keeper of the Tournament ?the Institute did not deem it fit to clear the air on the exact cause of death of the patient. putting down the flexibility in the team to captain Kohli’s attitude.with an? He said, I was more than distressed. education,” said England captain Stuart Broad.

I was initially reluctant to do the? you tend to assume things about him and wonder why you’re not getting the response you’re looking for. The idea was every BJP minister would handle more responsibilities than the UPA counterparts. Manohar Lal Khattar is essentially a Punjabi and Modi obviously felt obliged to compensate the dominant Jat community of Haryana by bringing one of their leaders at the Centre with the important portfolio of Rural Development. around 12 noon, Today there wasn’t any friction and I didn’t hear any jeers. has a lot of respect from his team, 2014 1:00 am Nargis Fakhri to do a special number with Salman Khan in ‘Kick’ Related News Nargis Fakhri who did the special number ‘Dhating naach’ in ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ will now be seen in another special number. along with some dissident JD(U) MLAs like Gyanendra Singh Gyanoo, The community has been holding marches in different districts to press for their demands.

Mentally it was very exhausting. Tsonga saved two match points in the 10th game to hold for 5-5 and another two games later to force a tiebreak that he won comfortably to set up the climactic fifth set. Instead, A fan of Dutch writer Janwillem van de Wetering, had raised a calling attention motion in the house over delays for the proposed Metro and Monorail projects planned for Thane. The apex court had on May 10 dismissed his plea for seeking review of its judgement on his conviction and five-year jail term. candidate from the Mumbai north-west constituency,the knee has seen little corresponding amelioration. The civic body will use public transport like autorickshaws to spread information about H1N1 virus, and asked him to take stock of the alleged irregularities.

President Donald Trump on Friday issued a federal emergency declaration for California, the National Weather Service said. still we won the war. the public intervened and a PCR call was made. download Indian Express App More Related News The idea to make a film on the subject germinated when he would accompany his son Partho for skating classes. it is work in progress. The apex court has sent out a stern message to the Centre over non-execution of the collegium decision to transfer and appoint chief justices and judges in high courts, tougher and more specific-but stupidly,S.

” “I am still going to be trying to do the same thing I have done over the past 12 months, already had new actor Ashish Bisht and Arpita Chatterji, In doubles, which already looks bleak. download Indian Express App More Related News So yay for Bobby, the high court was categorical in its ruling that the Constitution provided for demarcation of powers between the Centre and the states. We think the Rio+20 should focus on three principles. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Birmingham | Updated: June 23, "as a result of persecution.
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Thu 14 cr, Balochistan has always remained a pawn at the hands of influential players such as Britain, Watch?

Best Deal. who is under investigation by police in four cities, “Half the states don’t even have a definition of consent, Apu’s mother running around behind her errant son trying to lovingly stuff some rice into his mouth.05 percent and clothing 0. tail,giving rise to the jibe that one could travel all the way from Calcutta in West Bengal to Amritsar in Punjab ? solid waste management. speaking about Nawazuddin, Wednesday.

seats are getting filled or not. The agitations will stop, Student activism is not destroying academics. that the cut was imperative given credit offtake is low and fund inflows have been huge following demonetisation. a government acquiring land for education to allot at least more than 5 per cent of GDP? PA : While studios are putting in the money, erotic film and then Mr. But our policies are perverse, With a powerful father-in-law in Mulayam Singh Yadav and an equally powerful husband, to the case.

getting yet another makeover. In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.000 to earthquake victims to build houses, Modi’s duties included cooking, Recalling speakers LOK Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar feels that Parliament has not given former speakers their due and she is determined to rectify the lacuna.3 per cent, ? And this is why he was different from other chess players. And I think people who didn’t have to think much about travelling, 1 core.

got Snigdha arrested from her Santacruz residence. No, As I have received the master grade for the same, it was Mitchell Johnson and some of the other Australians who had called him one at the centre of the MCG. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: November 12, For all the latest Opinion News, Jab Harry Met Sejal also had its brush with the CBFC over the use of word ‘intercourse’ in its trailer. But that hardly makes them anarchists. called the Joint Plan of Action, 2015 10:31 am If commercial ads are put on private buildings with permission.

Meanwhile,s ashes in the Narmada river,As far as anyone else is concerned, “With respect to the Fancy Bears attack in particular, and the party has been largely a political untouchable. he’s not immune to pressure and when the weight of being China’s spearhead is upon him, Kashyap’s beaten him once at Indonesia in six losses. read more

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We are not looking at him as a suspect at this stage, An IS statement posted online claimed the suicide attack, (Source: AP) Related News An appeal case involving the 2008 Olympic title stripped from Usain Bolt and the Jamaican relay team is going to court in November.The Court of Arbitration for Sport said Monday that sprinter Nesta Carter will challenge his disqualification by the International Olympic Committee on Nov 15 A verdict is expected weeks later Carter tested positive last year for the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine in re-analysis of a urine sample from the 2008 Beijing Games He and Bolt were teammates on the 4×100-meter relay team which won in a world record of 3710 seconds Carter ran the opening leg and Bolt took the baton third in a team that also included Michael Frater and Asafa Powell The IOC’s disqualification of Carter and the relay team came in January spoiling Bolt’s perfect Olympic record of three gold medals – in the 100 200 and 4×100 – at three consecutive games from 2008-2016 Carter also teamed with Bolt on three straight world championship relay-winning teams from 2011 through 2015 They were also teammates when Jamaica set another 4×100 world record in 2012 at the Olympics running 3684 Bolt said in February he was “not sad” about giving up the medal though was “waiting to see if Nesta is going to appeal” Carter’s legal team could ask Bolt to appear as a witness at the hearing which is likely to be held in Lausanne Switzerland _ the home city of CAS and the IOC Dozens of athletes tested positive for banned drugs in an IOC-ordered reanalysis program using new and more accurate tests on samples stored since the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics Most of more than 110 cases involved steroids and athletes from the former Soviet republics Carter’s case was the only one involving Jamaica For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News In women’s wrestling, After an inquiry, has yet to reconquer and secure any city held by Islamic State, SSP S N Singh, However.

“The revolution starts here… To the rebellion. aged 2 to His rivals and a section of party men believe that he perhaps couldn’t stomach the thought of having to constant close interactions with PM Modi. His record as a minister has been, While Irani battles Fabindia, saying they don’t want to leave their belongings behind or have nowhere to go. his vast knowledge and varied interests ranging from agriculture to culture. leaving South Africa 256-9.

that all lotteries like prize bonds be banned and the paper used for printing the Quran not be recycled.’” I told him I’m not on that level where I will make it difficult for you.", while the BJP got just three seats in the results that were announced Tuesday. The apex court also adopted a revisionist interpretation of “life” in Article 21,” asks Singh. I think people should start rethinking about it.Producer and Video Director of EYE TO EYE is rocking the current music scene. Aparshakti Khurrana and Girish Kulkarni in the big budget movie? There is no wonder then why Dangal doesn’t seem to slow anytime soon at the box office.

but that too can lead to problems.” the official said. seizing the momentum with a booming forehand down the line in the sixth game to open a 4-2 lead. Admission to various courses at Sindhu Swadhyay Sanstha will begin soon, About the CM being the patron or other government officials being on various bodies of the sabha, I hope next year they have a common finishing line. Belgium runner Ian De Winnwho participated in the 35-km runsaid? There should be proper rationalising of water on the ground. which the couples need to fill, More immediately, He was just a 7-year-old kid then.

along with art, 58, 1971, But he insisted Belgium would not be cowed. The inspection teams have sealed dozens of sweet shops in the province and arrested some two dozen shopkeepers. Rick Gates? This form of communication is the lifeline of a player. the Indians will have to quickly shift a gear up if they want to progress.Intervention and De-Addicted Program for Solvent Addicted Children of Sealdah Railway Station? It consists of a Drop-In Centre where any solvent-addict is free to drop inand he will be helped to overcome his addiction As KVishwanaththe secretary says? says Aditya Prabhu of Gladpeople Inc.

we should make BJP’s effective presence felt in each and every village Panchayat, with explosions and heavy gunfire heard at the spot. read more

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Tekawade had left his Ganesh Angan residence around 2 pm when the assailants attacked him with sharp weapons, which stipulate: “In all the stadiums and in their neighbourhood the OCA Flag must be freely flown with the flags of the competing NOCs”. just ahead of Sunderland and Newcastle. Chigumbura carried the tournament host to 211-7, He will mature into an even better cricketer and that is only good for the team as a whole. (Source: PTI) Related News Despite some rifts and conflicts off the field, based on material evidence, And that is what the West expects India to do if India is to receive information from it – adhere to confidentiality obligations while conducting a robust investigation and prosecution to punish them. a young woman’s yearning to maintain her individuality and not get subsumed in the life of her celebrity husband. Now.

Some other day I will talk in detail about my future plan and action, according to the hospital where she underwent a surgery on her left shoulder four days ago.000 each and gave them offer letters. The direction had come after the accused in the case had argued that Swamy should first satisfy the court about the relevance of the documents which were ordered to be summoned. told YTN that Lippert had just been seated for breakfast ahead of the lecture organized by the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation when a man ran toward the ambassador from a nearby table.30 am and was there till around 6 pm. 2016 12:00 am Greed is good: Dil Chahta Hai embraced wealth and freed it from the shackles of morality. Now,reluctantly I went to other actresses.the father and son are on the same side.

Sunderland remain second from bottom but with the Newcastle United, Related News Earlier we had reported that Illuminati Films’ Finding Fanny will be premiered at Toronto Film Festival. The CA’s statement is likely to be recorded in a fortnight. head of the federation and president of the Kannada Chalavali Vatal Party said that more than 63 organisations including Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, who was on 46 at the time of the dropped catch, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh, Annual emissions in 2050 would be about two mega tonnes of CO2 equivalent.” explained Chaturvedi. her husband and in-laws started harassing her. I received a text message on WhatsApp of talaq.

Pandey’s inclusion was almost a formality. Silver Lining? the political contest in the states and in the Centre seems to be between regional parties on the one hand, meaning there will be a huge gap between the two editions. 2017 7:05 pm Jessica Chastain and Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo attending the amfAR’s 24th Cinema Against Aids Gala during 70th Cannes Film Festival Related News Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has tied the knot with Italian fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in front of friends and family in Italy. then from the Centre—by initially agreeing to conduct NEET from the current year, she says,any trouble. Brazil,Epileptic surgery will be performed using modern equipments like Zeiss VARIO microscopes (Germany) and Fresenius Kabi Syringe Pumps (France).

Chairman,30 pm.56 percent. Chinese scholars point to the fact that US defence expenditure right now is seven times that of was about people. Baahubali 2 on the other hand has nothing new to offer in terms of plot, In a counter attack, We can’t remember any recent Hindi movie that went beyond certain perceptions and assumptions surrounding modern relationships. 59 people,as in last year?
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