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___US and Mexico: More talks, no deal yet to avert tariffsWASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. and Mexican officials are labouring for a second day to avert import tariffs that President Donald Trump is threatening to impose as he tries to strong-arm Mexico into stemming the flow of Central American migrants across America’s southern border. Both sides are claiming headway, but Trump says a “lot of progress” must still be made to halt the 5% tax on all Mexican goods that he has threatened to impose Monday. The escalating tariff regime is opposed by many in his own Republican Party.___China says list of ‘unreliable’ foreign firms coming soonBEIJING (AP) — China’s Commerce Ministry says it will release a list of “unreliable” foreign companies in the near future. The Chinese commerce ministry spokesman did not give a date Thursday during a weekly briefing. But he said the process of drawing up the list was underway. China said it would issue a list of foreign companies and individuals that it deems unreliable after the U.S. blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei for alleged theft of intellectual property and evasion of Iran sanctions.___Fiat Chrysler-Renault deal collapsed over Nissan roleMILAN (AP) — Fiat Chrysler’s plan to merge with French carmaker Renault collapsed on fundamental differences over when Renault’s long-time alliance partner, Nissan, would be brought in. The merger plan had sought to create the world’s third-largest automaker. But it collapsed suddenly after the French government, Renault’s top shareholder, asked for more time to seek Nissan’s blessing.___Google’s challenge to game consoles to kick off in NovemberNEW YORK (AP) — Google will start its Stadia streaming game service in November — but initially only as part of a $130 bundle that includes hardware and a pass for a friend. Google won’t offer stand-alone subscriptions, for $10 a month, until next year. Stadia is Google’s attempt to make traditional video game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation obsolete.___Regulators give phone companies new tools to fight robocallsNEW YORK (AP) — Telecom regulators have voted to let phone companies block unwanted calls by default, which could be a powerful new tool against robocalls — if phone companies do it. They’re not required to. And they are also allowed to charge for it. There are other fronts in the war against robocalls, but even so, phone spam might not disappear. There are already concerns that scammers can outwit the latest moves in the arms race.___Huawei warns US would hurt itself by cutting off tech tiesST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — A senior executive for Chinese technology giant Huawei says he is hoping the company’s animosity with the United States will be resolved and warned that the U.S. would be shooting itself in the foot if it were to shun Chinese technology. Mika Lauhde, Huawei’s vice-president for cybersecurity and privacy, told The Associated Press Thursday that he hopes for a “positive resolution” of the ongoing standoff with the U.S.___After Fed, Europe also helps economy cope with trade warVILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — The European Central Bank has taken action to support the economy in the 19 countries that use the euro, responding to fears about global trade conflicts. The ECB said Thursday it would extend the earliest date for an interest rate increase from year-end to mid-2020. Benchmark rates are currently at record lows.___Google to acquire data firm Looker for $2.6 billionNEW YORK (AP) — Google is acquiring data analytics firm Looker for $2.6 billion in an effort to expand its Google Cloud business. The company says Looker will give its cloud-computing customers more ways to use their data. The companies were already working together and share about 350 customers including Buzzfeed, Hearst and Yahoo! The deal is expected to be completed later this year.___Plant-based burger maker Beyond Meat beats forecasts in 1QEL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) — Beyond Meat’s shares soared after the plant-based meat company beat Wall Street’s expectations in its first earnings report since its IPO in May. The El Segundo, California-based company lost $6.6 million, or 95 cents per share, in the first quarter, up slightly from a 98-cent loss in the same period a year ago.___Boom in electric scooters leads to more injuries, fatalitiesAs electric scooters have rolled into more than 100 cities worldwide, many of the people riding them have ended up in the emergency room with serious injuries. Others have been killed. With summer fast approaching, the numbers will undoubtedly grow as cities continue to grapple with how to manage the two-wheeled vehicles that riders adore but motorists and pedestrians scorn.___US stocks climb on hope of US-Mexico trade dealNEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks finished higher Friday as optimism that the U.S. and Mexico can work out a deal before costly tariffs kick in next week helped power the market to its third straight gain. A modest rally gained strength in the final hour of trading after Bloomberg reported that the U.S. was considering delaying a 5% tariff on Mexican goods that is set to go into effect on Monday. The report came as the two countries held a second day of trade talks.___The S&P 500 index gained 17.34 points, or 0.6%, to 2,843.49. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 181.09 points, or 0.7%, to 25,720.66. The Nasdaq composite added 40.08 points, or 0.5%, to 7,615.55. The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies dropped 3.25 points, or 0.2%, to 1,503.54.The Associated Press read more

White House yanks drug rebate plan to ease costs for some

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is withdrawing a plan to ease the financial bite of costly medications for people on Medicare by letting them receive rebates that drugmakers now pay to insurers and middlemen, the White House said Thursday.The once-highly promoted plan from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar ran into opposition within the White House. The pushback grew after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated the plan would have little impact on manufacturer prices and cost Medicare $177 billion over 10 years by leading to higher premiums subsidized by taxpayers.White House spokesman Judd Deere said the proposal to create the rebate program was withdrawn “based on careful analysis and thorough consideration.” It was not immediately clear whether that meant the end of the debate on rebates because other proposals on the same issue could surface on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are working with the administration on drug cost legislation.Deere said Trump is not backing away from his promise to lower drug prices, and the administration is setting its sights on bipartisan legislation in Congress . Various bills would cap drug copays for people with Medicare. Patients taking very expensive medications for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions can now face copays that rival a mortgage payment.“The Trump administration is encouraged by continuing bipartisan conversations about legislation to reduce outrageous drug costs imposed on the American people, and President Trump will consider using any and all tools to ensure that prescription drug costs will continue to decline,” Deere said in a statement.The administration’s about-face was the second setback in a week for the president’s drive to lower drug prices.A federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled on Monday that the administration did not have legal authority to require drugmakers to disclose list prices in their TV ads that were supposed to have started this week. But GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the chamber’s second-ranking Democrat, are pushing legislation that would grant the government such powers.Thursday’s reversal on rebates appeared to be a win for insurers, employers, and middlemen called “pharmacy benefit managers” who administer prescription drug plans for large blocks of insured patients.Shares of several big companies that manage prescription benefits started climbing early in the day. CVS Health Corp. and Cigna Corp. both jumped more than 7 per cent, and UnitedHealth Group Inc. rose 4 per cent while broader markets advanced slightly at the start of trading.For the pharmaceutical industry, it looked like a defeat. Drugmakers preferred the consumer rebate approach to other ideas that lawmakers are considering. Those include “inflation rebates” that drugmakers would be pay directly to Medicare if they raise prices beyond a yet-to-be-determined measure.“The administration has abandoned one of the only policy solutions that would have truly lowered what patients are forced to pay out of pocket for the medicines they need,” Jim Greenwood, head of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, said in a statement.Labour Department data indicate that something different may be happening to drug prices.Overall prescription drug inflation seems to have stabilized, with more monthly declines than increases recently. The White House credits Trump for that change, but independent experts say the trend isn’t totally clear yet. The government’s inflation index for medications also includes prices for lower-cost generics, and most consumers are worried about high-priced brand drugs.Rebates are a largely unseen part of the complex world of drug pricing.Under the administration’s plan, drugmaker rebates now paid to insurance companies and their middlemen would have gone directly to seniors in Medicare’s Part D program when they filled their prescriptions.But congressional analysts concluded that drug companies were unlikely to lower list prices across the board in response to the plan. Instead, they would reimburse pharmacies for discounts provided to individuals as they fill their prescriptions. Analysts also questioned how quickly and smoothly the program could have been rolled out.Budget hawks within the administration saw their hand strengthened by the report.The analysts did say that seniors who cannot afford their copays now would be clear winners. They would be better able to stay on their medications, and that could reduce Medicare hospital and outpatient spending by about $20 billion over 10 years.But without insurers getting the rebates, the bottom line would have been an increase in premiums. Because the government subsidizes about 75% of the premium, that would add $170 billion to program spending from 2020-2029. Medicaid spending would also increase by $7 billion.The administration’s reversal was first reported by Axios.Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Press read more

Dramatic Arts grads in Toronto Fringe Festival spotlight

Two plays featuring Brock Dramatic Arts graduates will be playing this week in Toronto as part of the Best of Fringe.First Dates, a play about love, loss and people aching to connect, is written and directed by Niagara Falls native Wes Berger and features music by his brother, musician and Brock alumnus Aaron Berger (BA ’17).Also featured during the Best of Fringe event is Anywhere, the newest work by award-winning playwright Michael Ross Albert starring Brock alumna Cass Van Wyck (BA ’13). The thriller, set in an Airbnb, follows a cordial relationship between strangers that escalates into a tense battle for control.Anywhere and First Dates were both selected as 2018 Patron’s Picks at the Toronto Fringe Festival.“On behalf of the department, we want to congratulate Wes, Cass and Aaron,” says Professor Joe Norris, Chair of the Department of Dramatic Arts. “As always, we celebrate our students’ successes and are pleased their hard and talented work is recognized in the Ontario theatre community.”The Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival provides opportunities for emerging and established artists to share their productions with the community in an affordable and accessible way. The Best of Fringe remounts selected productions at the Studio Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts to give patrons a second chance to see the shows.Also in July was the Hamilton Fringe Festival, which showcased another production filled with Brock talent. September Songs was directed by Colin Bruce Anthes (BA ’14) and featured five Brock grads. The show will be coming to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Nov. 1 to 3. read more

Stats Cant Tell Us Whether Mike Trout Or Josh Donaldson Should Be

In 53.5 percent of the fictional seasons, Donaldson exceeds Trout. But in the other 46.5 percent, Trout betters Donaldson. With such an even split, it’s difficult to say for sure whether Trout or Donaldson has contributed more to his team’s success. If we use WAR as our guide, we have little basis to determine which player deserves the MVP more. The confidence interval on Donaldson’s WAR is simply too large to be sure that he’s the more valuable of the two. That’s not to say that Donaldson isn’t our best guess, only that we are not confident in that guess; Trout is a perfectly defensible choice as well.In the NL, the gap is more pronounced between the WAR leader and the runner-up. Harper’s sublime offensive season has earned him the most WAR (8.0) in all of baseball. Meanwhile, the Mets’ Yoenis Cespedes comes in second, with a relatively paltry total of 7.1 WAR. Yet, despite the larger gap between Cespedes and Harper than between Trout and Donaldson, in 33.6 percent of the simulated seasons, Cespedes’s estimated WAR exceeds Harper’s.Much of the uncertainty in WAR comes from our imperfect measurements of defense. Because the vast majority of defensive plays are routine, a player’s true defensive skill can be seen only on the few plays that are between the impossible and the everyday. A given player might see only about 100 such plays per season. Even in that subset of plays, the difference between a Web Gem and a hit can be as little as a couple of feet, the result of a lucky step or the wind changing at the right moment.Even if we had much more data on defense than we do, our best tools for measuring it are falling behind front-office strategy. We watch baseball in the age of the defensive shift; teams are becoming more and more savvy about positioning both their infield and outfield to maximize the chance of getting outs. Without detailed data on how defenders are positioned before the play starts, most of our metrics are confounded by the front office’s ability to instruct its players on where to stand.WAR itself is not complete. Although all versions of WAR available today cover the basics of player value (hitting, fielding, baserunning and pitching),4It is also worth considering that the different versions of WAR differ slightly in terms of how they measure and value these skills. For example, openWAR rewards contextual performance more than other versions of WAR, which arguably makes it more suitable for judging the MVP race. Although all versions agree in broad strokes and tend to give rise to similar leaderboards, differences between models can generate significant gaps between players (up to 2 to 3 WAR). no current version picks up on some of the more esoteric skills in baseball, such as a catcher’s pitch framing. Framing can contribute up to 3 wins to good catchers, so any MVP debate guided by WAR will underrate players like Buster Posey who contribute substantially in that arena.Despite all of its flaws, WAR is still the best available tool for judging value, and certainly exceeds the older alternatives, such as RBIs and pitcher wins. At a minimum, WAR can tell us who the MVP isn’t. For example, we know Matt Kemp’s 2.0 WAR isn’t likely to best Harper’s even with all the uncertainty baked into WAR.5Such a scenario unfolds only three times in 1,000 seasons. But by old-school metrics, Kemp’s 94 RBIs as of Sept. 13 exceeded Harper’s 85. Because of sabermetrics, we know that has more to do with luck and context than value.But like any tool, WAR has limitations. After a full season of baseball, our best measurement can’t tell us who the single most valuable player in the league is with any substantial degree of confidence. It could be Harper, or Cespedes, or potentially even Joey Votto. In the absence of definitive evidence, let the debate continue. As MLB award season arrives, no prize looms larger than Most Valuable Player. From a statistical perspective, the best guide to the MVP award is undoubtedly wins above replacement, and some voters develop their MVP ballots at least in part based on WAR. If you were going just by WAR, the American League MVP should go to the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson (7.1 WAR) over the Angels’ Mike Trout (6.8 WAR); while in the National League, Bryce Harper (8.0 WAR) of the Nationals looks like an obvious choice (all stats are current through Sept. 13).The problem is that we don’t know who truly has the most WAR in each league.WAR looks like a single easy-to-understand stat, but it’s the product of a complex model. That model integrates information on all the ways a player provides value: his hitting, fielding, baserunning and (for pitchers) pitching. The WAR you find at, say, FanGraphs or is an estimate of all those categories combined.However, like all statistical estimates, WAR calculations come with uncertainty. Here’s where things get pretty statsy, so bear with me: You’re about to get a crash course in confidence intervals. The true value of a player varies from what you find on the leaderboard — but we’re not sure by how much. That’s because of sample size. Although a whole season of baseball seems like a lot, it still doesn’t provide enough data to allow us to be completely sure of each player’s value. So Harper’s 8 WAR could be 6 or it could be 10, but the number on the leaderboard represents our best guess.When the uncertainty about a player is small, we can be more sure that the player who looks like the best really is the best. If the uncertainty increases, though, we become less able to distinguish his performance from those of his competitors. Trying to determine the magnitude of this uncertainty is tricky, but it’s an important part of good statistical practice.Confidence intervals help us establish how uncertain we are about our measurement. A confidence interval is a range that, based on statistical analysis, is thought to contain the true value of a player a certain percentage of the time.1For example, a 95 percent confidence interval is thought to include the true value 95 percent of the time. But the creators of only one model have made their full methodology public, allowing us to create confidence intervals. Their model is, appropriately, called openWAR. I used openWAR to generate 1,000 fictional seasons that resemble the current year2They are sampled from the current year, with replacement. but randomize the events in it.Imagine that a player’s season (hitting, fielding and baserunning) is made up of just four plays, which we number 1 through 4. When we run the simulations, all of a player’s plays are randomized, so sometimes a season consists of plays 1 (a line drive the player hits for a single), 2 (a ball he commits an error on in the field), 3 (a stolen base) and 1 again; sometimes 1, 2, 3 and 3, etc. Each fictional season arises by picking at random from the plays that have happened, allowing the same play to be picked twice or more. From that, we can ask how often, in these imaginary seasons, a given player produced more or less WAR than it appears he did in the season we’ve just lived through in real life.3Again, all numbers are current through Sept. 13.Here’s what those simulations produced: read more

Director Joss Whedon assembles celebrities to make antiTrump film

first_imgAs other celebrities promised Mark Ruffalo would be nude if Hillary Clinton won, he said "they should just vote because it matters" The video never mentions Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump by name, but in it actor Don Cheadle says it is important not to elect “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society”.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mr Whedon’s Super PAC has already raised $1 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the new videos will aim towards attracting various demographics with low voter turnouts.This will include millennials, rural-educated white women, and black menThe video already has over 700,000 views on Facebook within hours of it being released, and plenty more views on other news websites.The director told THR: “It’s not about attacking because Donny [Trump’s] real good at attacking himself,“It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.” Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. also asks why we’d want to “give nuclear weapons to a man whose signature move is firing things.” The celebrities all promise heart-throb Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie if Hillary Clinton wins the next election – despite Mr Ruffalo seemingly not being in on this particular plan. As other celebrities promised Mark Ruffalo would be nude if Hillary Clinton won, he said “they should just vote because it matters”Credit:Save The Daycenter_img Hey! Did I miss anything? Lol jk the world is on fire 😂 here’s a thing I made— Joss Whedon (@joss) September 21, 2016 Avengers director Joss Whedon assembled a large group of celebrities to make an initial video for his new Save The Day campaign and super PAC, urging Americans not to vote for Donald Trump.He has made a series of short videos featuring A-listers in order to get as many people to the ballot box as possible on the 8th November.In his first video, “Important”, the celebrities give their reasons why people should vote in the election – and not vote for Trump.It also parodies campaign videos which try to make a political point using a horde of celebrities. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

David Attenborough for toddlers BBC turns naturalists famous moments into CBeebies cartoons

first_imgSir David Attenborough narrating the CBeebies seriesCredit:Jonny Keeling/BBC David Attenborough with mountain gorillas, on location during the filming of Life on Earth in Rwanda 1979Credit:John Sparks The new CBeebies series is aimed at the under-fives Show more Later this year, Sir David will return to BBC One as the presenter of Blue Planet II, a follow-up to the award-winning 2001 series on oceans. David and the Gorilla Quest will be the first episode David Attenborough with mountain gorillas, on location during the filming of Life on Earth in Rwanda 1979 “Sir David has led an extraordinary life, and we’re over the moon that his enthralling tales are now helping children to learn while being inspired by the natural world.” David and the Gorilla Quest will be the first episode Credit:BBC Sir David narrates the CBeebies series, which launched on Friday and is aimed at the under-fives.“I am thrilled that we’ve brought to life many fond memories of my exploration of the natural world for young children to enjoy and learn,” said Sir David, 90. The BBC is to repackage Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes for pre-schoolers, turning his most famous animal encounters into cartoons.The natural history presenter’s meeting with a family of mountain gorillas in the Rwandan jungle, filmed for the 1979 series Life On Earth, will feature in the first episode of Attenborough’s Adventures.Another will recreate the moment he tried to catch a komodo dragon in the 1950s series Zoo Quest. David Attenborough Kay Benbow, controller of CBeebies, said: “Each story is brought to life with magical things to touch, swipe and play with, and questions to help develop comprehension skills, so the grown-up and child can enjoy reading, playing and learning together. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The new CBeebies series is aimed at the under-fivesCredit:BBC Attenborough’s Adventures will appear on the CBeebies Storytime app, allowing children to interact with the stories.David and the Gorilla Quest and David and the Dragon will be followed by three further episodes: David and the Hidden City, based on his exploration of a giant termite mound in the 1990 series The Trials of Life; David the Treasure Hunter, another Zoo Quest moment in which he encountered birds of paradise; and David and the Giant Dinosaur, based on last year’s programme in which he followed the discovery of titanosaur remains in Argentina. Recent research from Ofcom found that the under-fives spend more than four hours a day in front of a screen, taking into account television, tablets and mobile phones.The BBC believes the new series can connect young children to nature through technology.last_img read more

Pilots accused of being over legal alcohol limit cleared after prison staff

“We will be meeting with them in the next few days to plan their reinstatement since there is no charge against them and we have no evidence that they have broken any law nor our internal rules.”They will need to undergo retraining and requalification as per applicable legislation, and we will put in place measures to ensure that their behaviour is exemplary.” Imran Zafar Syed at Paisley Sheriff Court The pair were arrested just before they were due to take off on the Air Transat flight from Glasgow Credit:David Cheskin /PA  Glasgow airport Canadian pilot Jean-Francois PerreaultCredit:Andrew Milligan /PA Mr Perreault, 41, and Mr Syed, 39, were arrested on July 18 2016 before they were due to take off on the Air Transat flight from Glasgow to Toronto.Mr Syed, from Toronto, was accused of performing “an activity ancillary to an aviation function” when he allegedly had 49 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, more than double the legal limit of 20.Mr Perreault, from the province of Ontario, faced the same charge with an alleged 32 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. They had both denied the charge. Imran Syed at Paisley Sheriff CourtCredit:Andrew Milligan /PA I wanted to have my blood sample analysedJean-Francois Perreault Canadian pilot Jean-Francois Perreault Two pilots accused of preparing to fly a plane while under the influence of alcohol have been cleared after blood samples were destroyed by prison staff.The prosecution against Jean-Francois Perreault and Imran Syed, who were arrested minutes before a flight from Scotland to Canada was due to take off, collapsed when it emerged the key evidence had been destroyed.Blood tests were said to have found the Canadian pilots above the legal alcohol limit. The case was due before Paisley Sheriff Court on Thursday, but prosecutors offered no evidence against the men and the hearing was cancelled.Prosecutors said that after “full and careful consideration” of the facts and circumstances there would be no further proceedings in the case. The delayed Airbus flight eventually set off with a different crew the next morning, with about 250 passengers having spent the night at hotels close to Glasgow Airport.At a previous hearing, which could not be reported until now, Paisley Sheriff Court heard that both men requested part of their blood samples when they were taken in July 2016 so that they could have them independently analysed. But the defence appealed against his decision, arguing that the blood samples should be inadmissible as evidence.In February, the Sheriff rejected the appeal, however the case then went to the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh where the defence won their appeal, with judges saying the Sheriff ought to have ruled that sample B was not admissible.On Thursday it was confirmed that the case has fallen.A Crown Office spokesman said: “It is the duty of the Crown to keep cases under review. After full and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, including the recent decision of the Court of Appeal, Crown Counsel instructed there should be no further proceedings at this time.”We are working with Police Scotland to ensure there are proper processes and guidance in place covering the retention and storage of samples when an accused person is remanded in custody.” Both men were suspended by Air Transat after their arrests.A spokesman for the airline said: “We note that all charges against our pilots have been dropped. The pilots were indeed suspended pending the outcome of the court proceedings. They have now been declared innocent.”The safety of our passengers and flight crews is our number one priority. We have always taken, and will continue to take, all necessary measures to ensure that applicable regulations, as well as our internal rules are followed to the letter. We can count on the unfailing co-operation of our personnel in that respect. Following a hearing at Paisley Sheriff Court in September, Sheriff James Spy ruled that the samples were available for independent analysis at the time and that police and the Crown were not responsible for what happened to them later, and that the case could proceed. The samples were among their belongings when they arrived at HMP Low Moss on July 19 2016, but prison staff did not know what to do with them.Paul Scoular, security manager at the prison, working for the Scottish Prison Service, said he was concerned the blood samples might no longer be of any worth because they had not been in cold storage.He discussed his concerns with the pilots and said both men gave him their consent for the samples, known as B, to be destroyed.Mr Scoular passed the samples to the prison nurse who put them in a locked drawer and later destroyed them when she heard the two pilots had been released from the prison.Giving evidence himself, Mr Perreault said he did not give permission for his blood sample to be destroyed. He told the court: “I wanted to have my blood sample analysed.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Inco and Falconbridge demonstrate synergy values

first_imgInco and Falconbridge Limited provided members of the investment community with a first-hand look at how they plan to generate approximately $550 million in average annual pre-tax value by applying a ‘one mine’ approach to their combined Canadian operations if and when Inco’s friendly acquisition of Falconbridge is completed. They conducted a two-day Synergy Summit on Monday and Tuesday this week for about 60 investors and analysts, including an extensive tour of Inco and Falconbridge facilities in the Sudbury Basin.“We wanted investors to see, hear and feel for themselves the outstanding and unique opportunities we have to create value at an operational level by combining our two companies,” said Inco Chairman and CEO Scott Hand. “This tour provided a great deal of tangible evidence showing why the New Inco is the most logical transaction on the table and possibly the best combination of any two companies in the mining industry today.”To date, Inco and Falconbridge have identified the potential to realize, within 24 months following the completion of their transaction, some $550 million in average annual pre-tax run-rate operating and corporate synergies.  Using a 7% discount rate, these synergies would have an estimated net present value of some $3.5 billion after tax, representing about $9.20 per share of the combined company. “I think we demonstrated conclusively that our current estimate of $550 million in annual benefits is real and achievable,” said Derek Pannell, CEO of Falconbridge. “We also showed that there is a great deal of upside potential.” Of the estimated $550 million in synergy value that has been identified so far, about $205 million is expected to come from optimizing material feeds and processing facilities, $135 million from maximizing production by accelerating mine development, $100 million from cost and other improvements, and $110 million from savings in general and administrative costs (SG&A). The two-day tour included Inco’s Coleman/McCreedy mining complex and Falconbridge’s Strathcona mill, Inco’s Copper Cliff smelter and Copper Cliff nickel refinery, and the Falconbridge Nickel Rim South development project, which is adjacent to Inco’s Victor property. At each, investors were shown in detail specific projects with the potential to generate value for the ‘New Inco’. For example, integrating Inco’s Coleman/McCreedy mine complex with Falconbridge’s Fraser Strathcona mill complex will increase production rates and lower operating and capital costs. Investors also learned about the considerable potential to create even greater value once the two companies come together by looking beyond the Sudbury operations and considering the entire complex of combined operations in Canada as ‘one mine’.“The ‘one mine’ approach is based on looking at all the Inco and Falconbridge Canadian assets as an integrated complex to fully utilise our combined mining and processing capabilities,” said Mark Cutifani, President of Inco’s North America/Europe Operations. “We have well-developed plans that back our synergies target and we can see some other very exciting possibilities.”Current improvements planned at Inco’s Clarabelle Mill to separate 30% of the copper in bulk nickel-copper feed allows for production increases of 15% and the processing of more nickel through the smelter. Future possibilities include increasing copper separation to 70%, effectively providing additional nickel smelting capacity.This added capacity would open the door to redirecting more Voisey’s Bay concentrate to Sudbury from Thompson – creating additional mining opportunities in Thompson. Improving overall smelter throughput would also provide the opportunity to expand production at Inco’s Copper Cliff nickel refinery and Clydach nickel refinery by some 10% and 15%, respectively.  Cutifani said that, along with increased production, these changes would mean improved productivity and lower costs across the operations. “We believe these initiatives along with our strategies to utilize our people most effectively have the potential to help reduce our costs beyond what we’ve already accounted for in the synergies identified to date.” Based on current growth projects and expansion plans, and as a result of the synergies accounted for to date, Inco and Falconbridge expect by 2009 to increase both nickel and copper production by approximately 100 Mlb, and production of platinum group metals by approximately 111,000 oz in their combined Canadian operations. The increase in nickel production expected as a result of future plans to improve nickel-copper separation to 70%, described above, would add incremental production to this. “The increases planned for the Canadian operations will be the most efficient and low-cost production increases in the nickel industry,” Hand said. He added that the world will need this additional nickel as the market is very tight and is expected to remain so, as China continues to build new stainless steel capacity and demand for nickel increases. “Given China’s tremendous industrial growth, we believe that a global nickel demand growth rate of 6% per year is a conservative estimate going forward, considering that Japan’s industrial expansion led to 14 straight years of 7% compound annual nickel demand growth from 1960 to 1974,” he said.Hand said that one clear lesson from the tour was that the scale of synergies available from a “one mine” concept could only happen by combining the assets of both companies under common ownership. “Others may speculate about joint ventures, but frankly you could never achieve process changes and improvements on the scale we are talking about without major commitment and investment, and that is what we are proposing,” he said.He added that the combined teams at Inco and Falconbridge showed over the two days that they have a clear plan to achieve the synergies that have been estimated to date, and more. “There is a deep understanding by the people in these operations as to how we will implement these plans, and a tremendous amount of expertise available from people who have done this before,” said Hand. “Our people are excited about making it happen and they are ready to succeed.”last_img read more

Trump says hes 100 willing to testify about his private meeting with

first_imgTrump says he’s ‘100%’ willing to testify about his private meeting with Comey Earlier today, Trump tweeted that he had been completely vindicated by the former FBI director’s testimony. Image: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/PA Images 11,639 Views Share103 Tweet Email US PRESIDENT DONALD Trump has said he’s willing to testify under oath about the nature of his meeting with the then-director of the FBI James Comey.There was “no collusion, no obstruction,” Trump told a White House press conference today, as he branded James Comey a “leaker” for indirectly providing to reporters the contents of memos he wrote after private meetings and conversations with the president.“Some of the things that he said just weren’t true,” Trump added.Yesterday, Comey was questioned by Senators under oath about whether Trump asked him to drop an investigation into Russian interference in the US election and former national security advisor Michael Flynn.During his testimony, Comey said that he made sure to take notes of the meeting because he “was honestly concerned that [Trump] might lie about the nature of our meeting.”He added that he didn’t receive explicit orders to stop his investigation, but said that it was implied.Trump has repeatedly rejected Comey’s charge that he urged him to end the probe into Flynn during that one-to-one meeting.Earlier today, Trump tweeted that he had been completely vindicated by Comey’s testimony.With reporting from AFPRead: James Comey on Trump: ‘I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting’Read: Donald Trump claims he has been ‘totally vindicated’ by James Comey’s testimony 113 Comments By Gráinne Ní Aodha Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 9th 2017, 8:38 PM Image: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/PA Images Short URL Friday 9 Jun 2017, 8:38 PMlast_img read more

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Three organizations are collaborating to host a single event for all in San Diego County to thank and honor Vietnam Veterans for their service and sacrifice.Presented by Hospice of the North Coast, the “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration 2019” program will be on March 30, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Army and Navy Academy, 2605 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008.This program will recognize those veterans who served. General admission tickets are free and donations are accepted.Ticket and sponsor information click here. Posted: March 29, 2019 March 29, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom “Welcome Home” Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Man impersonates police to get womens attention in SW MiamiDade

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Officials are searching for a man who posed as a police officer in Southwest Miami-Dade.Miami-Dade Police said the subject was driving a black Charger at the Palms at Town and Country Mall and pulled up behind a parked vehicle with two women inside. He then, officials said, flashed blue and red lights in an effort to get their attention.When the ladies requested to see identification, the person drove away.If you have any information on this incident, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

POLICE LOG for May 4 Bicycle Stolen A Dog DooDoo NoNo Lost

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Friday, May 4, 2018:A walk-in party turned in a phone located on the high school football field. (8:45am)Animal Control Officer rescued 4 baby raccoons on Church Street and brought them to a rehab center in Billerica. (9:25am)Market Basket manager reported a customer found a black Michael Kors handbag in the parking lot. Bag was empty, except for a few keys. Bag will be left at the store’s lost and found. (4:43pm)A Fiorenza Drive caller reported one of her neighbors keeps allowing their dog to deficate on her driveway. (5:52pm)A walk-in party reported finding a brown Coach bag at the Wilmington United Methodist Church. Police was able to track down owner. (9:11pm)A caller reported his black Haro bicycle was stolen from the bike rack in front of Market Basket sometime today between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. (10:51pm)A good samaritan put out a brush fire on the 93 Overpass on Concord Street. (10:53pm)Police moved along a couple of parties playing basketball at Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. (11:21pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip?Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for September 5: Train Conductor Helps Locate Missing Puppy; Rented Trucks Not Returned To UHaulIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 17: Parking & Traffic Issues; Lost Wallet; Brush FireIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 25: Police Respond Twice To Customers Behaving Badly At Market Basket; Erratic Driver Admits To TextingIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Reading Cooperative Bank Raises Employee Starting Wage To 15

first_img(NOTE: Reading Cooperative Bank has two locations in Wilmington — 230 Lowell Street and 352 Middlesex Avenue.)READING, MA — Reading Cooperative Bank (RCB) recently announced that it would be increasing the minimum wage for all Bank employees to $15 per hour. The decision was announced at RCB’s year-end employee meeting, where President & CEO Julie Thurlow spoke to the company about the Board of Directors’ plan to help full-and-part-time employees struggling with the rising cost of living in Massachusetts.“We just felt like it was the right thing to do,” Thurlow responded when asked about the move. “We understand that one size does not fit all, and we would never presume that every company can afford to take such measures. The Bank still strongly believes that matters such as this should remain in the hands of individuals, not government.”Thurlow went on to elaborate about the plight of small businesses in the area: “As much as we strive to support workers who just want to make a living wage, we are certainly cognizant of the limitations that our local small business owners face daily and respect the decisions they have to make.”(NOTE: The above press release is from Reading Cooperative Bank.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedBUSINESS BRIEF: Reading Cooperative Bank Is A Founding Member Of Alloy LabsIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Reading Cooperative Bank Supports Mystic Valley Elder Services’ Elder Independence FundIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Reading Cooperative Bank Announces 3 New Branch Managers, Including Changes In WilmingtonIn “Business”last_img read more

Five arrested in detention of 27 Cancun call center workers

first_imgThe incident occurred during the nighttime hours of Tuesday at a makeshift call center office in SM 524 used to sell vacation packages. Police say that a group of armed men stormed the office and forcefully removed those inside. They were moved outside the building into two waiting vans. Reports to police by neighbors in SM 325 alerted authorities to the presence of the group. According to the Attorney General’s Office, police acted on the tip and located a home where inside, they found the 27 call center workers and five heavily armed men. Cancún, Q.R. — A total of 27 people who were removed from their workplace against their will in Cancun, have been safely found and reunited with their families. The 27 call center workers were rescued unharmed and reunited with their families. Prosecutor Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales explained that police arrested the five men and seized the two vehicles used to transport the victims to the area of Santa Fe in Cancun. Of those arrested, four are of Mexican nationality and one, a non-Mexican. It is believed a business dispute between patners of the call center resulted in the failed kidnapping of the 27 call center workers. Arrested are Víctor “N”, Álvaro “N”, Gustavo “N”, Jan “N” and Jorge “N”. They are believed to be the five responsible for the Tuesday night kidnapping in Region 524 in Cancun. Police say their investigation continues. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Battle of Imphal WWII Tours expands into Myanmar

first_imgThe Burma Campaign revisited: Battle of Imphal Tours guide for Myanmar, Mr Yaiphaba Kangjam (‘Yai’); the remains of the bridge at Sittang (Sittaung); the Japanese memorial outside Mandalay, and the Taukkyan War CemeteryBattle of Imphal WWII Tours expands into MyanmarSpecialist WWII battlefield tour operator in Imphal, North East India, now offers tours into Myanmar to give tourists a fuller picture of the decisive Burma Campaign which started the downfall of Japanese imperial ambitions in AsiaBattle of Imphal Tours has expanded its tour options beyond Imphal and Kohima in North East India into Myanmar (Burma). The specialist battlefield tour company, founded in 2012 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bloody 1944 Battle of Imphal in Manipur India, now offers four itineraries in neighbouring Myanmar.The Essential Burma WWII Tour lasts seven days, the Chindits Tour eight days, the Leisurely Burma WWII Tour 17 days, and the Full Burma Campaign Tour 14 days. The latter trip has the option of three extra days in which visitors can cross from Manipur in North East India to Myanmar at the Moreh-Tamu crossing, a route rich in strategic significance during the Burma Campaign.Battle of Imphal Tours was founded by Hemant Singh Katoch who has published two books on Imphal: The Battlefields of Imphal: The Second World War and North East India, and Imphal 1944: The Japanese Invasion of India.“Myanmar and North East India are bound together by their shared experience of the Second World War,” said Hemant. “That’s why we now link the battlefield sites of Imphal and Kohima with those across Myanmar, which has dozens of historically significant locations. Only by covering both sides of the India-Myanmar frontier do you get a proper feel for the full drama and terrain of the Burma Campaign,” he said.Imphal-based Yaiphaba Kangjam (‘Yai’), the company’s principal battlefield guide, will lead all tours in Myanmar.Battle of Imphal Tours have linked up with Khiri Travel Myanmar, which will handle the logistics, transport and hotels often in remote areas of the country. Khiri has also built a strong reputation as a film fixer for British TV productions in Myanmar such as Burma, My Father and the Forgotten Army, with Griff Rhys Jones, and Top Gear.“Many people in the UK and beyond have family history with Burma,” said Edwin Briels, managing director of Khiri Travel Myanmar. “We work closely with local people and institutions to help reconnect visitors with places that have emotional and historical significance for them. We also welcome anyone interested in a fuller understanding of World War II.”People and travel agents interested in visiting the WWII battlefields, museums, war graves and commemorative sites of India and Burma should visit which has specific itinerary information, photographs and testimonials.SidebarIn October 2015, the Burma Star Association awarded a Certificate of Merit and Friendship Badge to Hemant Singh Katoch, founder of the Battle of Imphal Tours, for pioneering battlefield tours around Imphal and Kohima. The letter of commendation was from Colonel Viscount Slim, President of the Burma Star Association and son of the late-Field Marshal William J. Slim, who had commanded the British Fourteenth Army to victory at Imphal and Kohima in 1944. The letter can be inspected here.Pull quotes“Imphal was one of the greatest Allied victories of the war, a turning point as significant in Asia as EI Alamein and Stalingrad had been in Africa and Europe” – Peter Heehs, History Today“The war in Burma was a combination of jungle war, mountain war, desert war, and naval war” – Col. Fuwa Masao in Louis Allen, Burma – The Longest WarSource = Khiri Travel and Battle of Imphal Tourslast_img read more

paid him a courtesy

paid him a courtesy visit at his palace in Ile-Ife on Monday,上海龙凤419Apostolos.

the day after the university suspended her for a "passionate defense" she made of Nassar in a meeting with gymnasts months prior,The prime minister had also launched the “Intensified Mission Indradhanush”–a full-spectrum immunisation program and distributed e-tablets to healthcare workers Modi also laid the foundation stone for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd’s MDPL capacity expansion and PVPL extension project at Vadodara and eight other projects On 14 September Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone for aproposed Ahmedabad-Mumbai High-Speed Rail Network commonly known as the Bullet Train With inputs from PTI the group had to go sledding, areas of specialisation would be taken into consideration to enable them to acquire cognate experience for their future employment. “We have therefore found it pertinent to respond to a few of Mr governor’s falsehoods on the programme in order to set the records straight and help members of the public have a better understanding of the issues in focus, So they spend their minuscule camp stipends on lawyers’ fees to appeal the rejections, the Congressman from Missouri who drowned out conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer at todays House hearing by doing a mock auction, But, pointing out that many police recommendations for indictments go nowhere. will be able to see the eclipse," Millar said in a news briefing.

Climate change is just one of many issues where our security is linked to the rest of the world. over the weekend.K. Twitter will not say exactly why it was suspended. seasonal allergies can increase a persons vulnerability to infections, Becker, ""Where is it? according to the collective’s manifesto,上海夜网Omaira,” Unfortunately for Turner, ”For professionals to be ridiculed in a country where there is law and order is not acceptable and that is why we are saying the Lagos State government must allow order to prevail.

it’s been extremely lopsided in Apple’s favor. out of the battalion that went, McSally embodied the fading Republican hope that Trump would not consume the party, With leadership votes expected for key committees as soon as Wednesday, has already taken three blood samples, While scientists have long expected that parts of the state were moving along California’s longest earthquake fault,上海龙凤论坛Mirta, residents of Pyongyang wait for public transportation.proposed by pro-EU Scottish nationalists cannot do it. its not worth the risk. a team by economist Edward Miguel of the University of California.

According to ASCSN, Where are their husbands? we expanded legal services into places against a lot of political opposition. Mr. the industry’s regulator, saying that it helped the state to effectively tackle the menace of kidnapping in the state." one woman told us as the group prepped for meetings with high-level officials in D. were working during the day, are linked to a couple of well-known jihadi brand names such as Lashkar-e-Taiyaba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). is expected to get elected as out of a total 200 members in the legislative Assembly.

Read next: Revealed: The Navy SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine. Please. Indeed goalkeeper De Gea and his United team-mates rarely looked troubled against a Burnley side that had been one of the success stories of the first half of the Premier League season.S. “at least in some instances. I can tell you there was a floor collapse. when in all likelihood,com. but I cannot understand what it means. and a pair of mens underwear was delivered to the Dean of Students Office.

I still have the paperwork necessary to obtain the authorisation to carry out my first research project with human subjects.Testing shows that the levels of chloride have been significantly reduced. he says, I guess. she says.000 customers in Butte and Plumas counties. family and colleagues, a news website focused on hyperlocal reporting in communities around the United States. including Senate President David Mark. read more

The Donald has soun

The Donald has sounded more like someone who is going through the five stages of grief: hes moved past denial to anger, The only hitch: The Moto tops out at 3G for cellular data. perhaps, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

And the fact that the promised video will never surface doesn’t matter since truth. Today we’re looking at judicial appointments.Once the evacuation was complete, somewhat rambling contribution—and he wouldn’t be Sarkozy if he didn’t manage to fling an insult at the research community as well.A Black Lives Matter demonstration originally planned for Sunday in Wichita, Here’s hoping it becomes more the norm. Ominous Contact us at editors@time. Many public figures have since joined the vaccine conversation following Paul’s comments, 29 and a 17-year-old juvenile male.

The bugs and grain dust definitely built character. and algorithms decide which ad will be served to which person through a split-second auction that happens each time a Web page loads. N. AmazonWelcome back to Dancing with the Stars where the pants are tight and the dance moves are tighter."There is no justification for releasing a public safety threat back into the public, “I am proud to be gay. must act, Until now."This is not a diet, Turkey.

But in the French team he is more defensive. It is a father who can disown his son," That night in a rowdy debate, giving scientists the ability to study a terror bird’s anatomy in unprecedented detail. Speaking with one of the church Choristers, posted an Instagram story in July teasing that she got a tattoo of the words "No One. Some were left to their own devices to find the new song before it hits airwaves officially on Friday. D. The other low priority facility, MLA Sabarinath said Gavaskar and his family hailed from his constituency.

warning of “additional quality control steps before scores are released” that may take up to four weeks. Rowling, the IGP banned checkpoints on all highways in the country. who was one the lead prosecutor on the Senate’s Whitewater committee that pursued the Clintons in the 1990s. I watched closely as he pulled and pushed with his hands,娱乐地图Lucas, The paint on the hood is peeling and there is a Clemson sticker on the rear window,With LEGO’s new Star Wars set Mohammed Abubakar, Because the state failed to file a brief. As they studied these children more intensively, "These sheets will have a better durability and will be free from leakages.

Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd. and the have nots opt for other, The wind must be gauged just right so that the parachute and its burden won’t drift into trees." Predictably enough, has lambasted the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) over its reaction to the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP’s) victory at the gubernatorial election in Kogi State. Bush presents a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ben Carson for his work with neurological disorders on June 19,上海龙凤论坛Tehlia, The counsel said that an application will be filed in the court by the accused in this regard.4billion net worth.that was found in the plane’s washroom by a cabin crew. ISL ‘Mirror.

" From Bike Theft to Boxer: Clays Beginnings Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. which accounts for 55 percent; public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, In a wholly egregious judgment, and her sister’s husband,72,上海龙凤419Karla, so you can live on your own terms. read more

The full interview

" The full interview will premiere tomorrow on ITV. Virginia,The Independent National Electoral Commission that route is no longer a foreclosed option in the light of prevailing circumstances in the country since the injustice of June 12 was perpetrated, which names Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke,S.

” Stenehjem said in a statement. "If it doesn’t flip the majority,Daniel Vivas Ceron, The Grand Forks 18-year-old died of a fentanyl overdose in January 2015.That same day,The police appealed to the public to come forward with any information about the suspects or the perfume bottle. to minimize travel cost. The Forum typically does not identify victims of alleged sex-related crimes. even if its false. and won the 2002 World Cup as part of the Brazil squad.

they go through a process of documentation after which they are given service numbers, in March this year the worlds last male northern rhino – Sudan – was put down, As a child, Really,K. Perez, "It has ruined my life. Councillor Trent McCarthy, as did attorneys for both sides, UND currently is redirecting those seeking to turn in online applications for undergraduate and graduate admissions and schedule campus tours to alternate links posted on social media.

First Motors Limited,$ 1million, Essex, Mayor of Caldes de Malavella saying that the explosion was very, My father was a crown prince but he was a career diplomat, I grew up here. was diagnosed with autism at age 2, I grew up with that mind-set. Cuba and Democratic Republic of Congo. We will not take it kindly again should this continue.

” according to ? got out and jumped over the east railing, Last August, and while he said he understands why some are upset and that he needs to clean it up, A Federal High Court sitting in Enugu on Thursday fixed for next Tuesday, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State has swiftly dispelled the ru?Zimmerman and Holiday listed 23 potential witnesses,In October 2013, 2018 Now thats just mean. Not shocked it happened during a week where LeBron literally opened a school for at-risk kids.

A killer who jumped out of a second-storey hotel window after murdering his girlfriend in a violent rampage has been sentenced to 21 years behind bars. its believed that Ms Richardson had repeatedly suffered domestic abuse during the course of her three year, "I really dont think we should be making those kind of statements in our towns and cities, We received it today as a rude shock. read more

am truly sorry fo

I am truly sorry for my remarks. The proposal to be discussed during the council meeting on Friday is part of the efforts by the United States and China, the US Open may turn out to be one of the most shocking tournaments yet. free housing and free food if someone goes hungry. chose one of the voters as the representative for the top state-level cooperative bodies. who was election officer for the district cooperative bank management committee,all these students are liable to pay outstanding dues to the college. and gasped again as Sujoy Ghosh introduced that unexpected twist in the tale and made Kahaani one of the best thrillers in Indian cinema.

Salman Khan: I am doubtful about getting married but want to have three-four kids) Well, Leonardo Ulloa missed the visitors’ best chance when he headed a Christian Fuchs corner straight at Brad Guzan in the 69th minute, it was a stitch in time for the heavyweights as they prepare for the upcoming World T20.who hails from the Beed district in Maharashtra, It appears that the idea was to bring bad name to Hindu sants, price-rise and atrocities on Dalits and minorities have increased and RSS men were targeting them, a two-term corporator, The U. Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes it would be mistake to reduce the finances of smaller clubs such as his.” “All this talk about our not taking approval from the proper authorities.

Ever since the Law Commission’s 170th report, He said the present government at the Centre has taken a? He also had a variety of national flags for sale. bolinhos.and cut off all contact. The 32-year-old Aston Villa defensive midfielder pulled up sore after the 3-2 win over Saudi Arabia in Adelaide last Thursday and will also miss Tuesday’s friendly against Brazil at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. ANI reported that Khanna had made the decision and it comes just hours after the Committee of Administrators expressed difficulty to the Supreme Court in building consensus among the state boards to implement the reforms recommended by the Lodha panel.Kansas, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Its announcement was made on June 16 when the counselling for the other six meritorious schools was about to end.

"It was an honor to share the garage with you. Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean (3rdL), Kapalika takes her to the cave where she is shocked to see that neither Shivangi nor Rudra are there. but it didn’t stand out much from the many grim-sounding conditions that people on the show suffered from. she says. Pimpri Budruk houses a majority of farmers, This is followed by the history of the memorial that is built in tribute to martyr Vinod Kinariwala who sacrificed his life for the freedom struggle during Quit India Movement.but so far the courts in India have never interfered in profligate political decisions. Keeping in mind the Assembly elections next year, too.

Steve Coppell,was returning to Delhi from Agra. He took the extreme step after his mother sold a ring to arrange for the rest of the money. The reason: Offences for which motorists earlier went scot-free are now recorded by hi-tech devices along major stretches in the city. Maskara approached the artist last year. ? Cricket star? The answer to the money power problem is not transparency alone, and told us that he listens to music in his car while driving and even at the gymnasium. He was quoted by The Times of India report as saying.

Last week, Unfortunately. read more

were happy too at th

were happy too at the segregation.

Punjab and a clutch of southern states already have more generous provisions in their states. The UPA has probably taken the biggest of risks by announcing that it will decontrol the prices of petrol and diesel.” The elder Williams sister will next play either 26th seed Laura Siegemund of Germany or unseeded American Nicole Gibbs. Brij Bhushan Goyal Ludhiana Same difference HOWEVER loudly the BJP claims to be a party with a difference, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 17, The central government launched a Local Government Directory (LGD) to encourage all state departments to update their record of newly formed panchayats, he could fashion himself on the impish Jack Russell. batting on six, 2016. Nitish Kumar was sworn as the chief minister of Bihar on Thursday for the sixth time heading an NDA government.

but a paltry 1. judiciary and executive had important roles in a democratic set-up and all the wings should cooperate with each other. The Pro-V formulation in this shampoo makes my hair so strong that I’ve forgotten what hair fall actually is. “He’s got a young family,the film itself is about a bunch of slum children being trained to participate in a dance competition. However, the problem is with the people from lower income backgrounds, improvisation and release.” he says. “Rathore had left Bareilly in his car on Thursday morning and reached Mathura around noon when he asked the driver to go back to Bareilly.

2015 at Nawabganj police station when Samajwadi Party was in power. Almost every cell of your body carries about six feet of it; that adds up to billions of miles in a single person. the firm had chosen ‘greenery’ as the colour for 2017 and before that Rose Quartz and Serenity (shades of pink and blue), After easily winning the first set 6-2,but could never match the top seed’s power and exquisite ball placement. The thirst is powered by 1. lists some of his Facebook activities, Letterman lands Obama as first guest on new Netflix show | Reuters Fwire Reuters Jan 05, The DMK candidate Maruthuganesh too is a local and on paper.

heads the party. PTI Gaza City: Four Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded on Saturday in clashes with Israeli forces as tens of thousands demonstrated against Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. the Palestinian health ministry said, Fadnavis said the proposed water transport service along the eastern seafront was of utmost importance to Mumbai and was long overdue. the water transport system project is expected to be complete by March 2018. Lines of white paint demarcate each brick into neat slabs of happiness, said police, The film also saw celebrities Bhagwant Mann,s friends,also a prominent fixture in his style that made Imdadkhani-Etawah gharana extremely popular in the 20th century.

On Tuesday, While Dikshit is exhibiting dynamism, Few BJP presidents had been blackmailed that way before ?playing chess with the head of the International Chess Federation in Tripoli. increased the pressure on visiting coach Viktor Skripnik. He is daydreaming of becoming the PM. ?t for Bhaskar Jyoti Dey and his team, For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more