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New year, new career?

first_imgCould real estate be your next career move?HAVE you ever thought about a career in real estate?It’s a career that rewards you for your effort, offers flexibility and welcomes all comers, irrespective of age, education level or experience.It’s also an opportunity to get out and work for yourself in a relatively short span of time. Once you’re qualified, getting your foot in the door is straightforward.Real estate agencies are always on the lookout for quality staff in all fields including corporate support, property management and sales.You will need to do some study – a registration course – which can be completed online and in the comfort of your own home (go to for more information on this). Or you can study in Townsville or Cairns in late February/early March (again, the details are on our website at you have passed the course you can apply for a certificate from the Office of Fair Trading and when you’ve received your certificate you’re ready to go.The certificate is a government-issued document and this qualifies you to work in any real estate office in Queensland, as long as you are employed under the guidance of a principal who holds a full licence.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020My recommendation for people wanting to join the industry is to act now and enrol in a registration course.As a practising real estate professional myself I often hear from people who are considering a career in real estate.Some see the role as glamorous, but as any agent will attest, it is far from that.It is a profession that requires commitment, hard work and sometimes long hours, but the rewards are commensurate with the effort.There is no ceiling on your income, if you choose to work in sales, and there are agents in Townsville who are earning lucrative incomes.Property managers also can earn good incomes and most companies will have a bonus system in place for new business found.So if you have been considering a real estate career visit and learn about the opportunities in this exciting and dynamic profession.last_img read more

Monitoring the Future Panel Study from the University of Michigan finds marijuana use among college students at 30-year high

first_imgThe Detroit News 5 September 2018Family First Comment: “Marijuana use among college-age people is at the highest level in three decades and fewer think using it is harmful, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. The annual study found marijuana use among the nation’s 19-to-22-year-olds has increased gradually over the past decade as marijuana becomes more easily accessible and young people view the drug as less risky. Researchers also found that youths who do not attend college are more likely to use marijuana. The study also surveyed other drug use among the age group and found non-medical use of prescription narcotic drugs was at its lowest since the late 1990s.”www.SayNopeToDope.nzMarijuana use among college-age people is at the highest level in three decades and fewer think using it is harmful, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.Months before Michigan voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the annual study found marijuana use among the nation’s 19-to-22-year-olds has increased gradually over the past decade as marijuana becomes more easily accessible and young people view the drug as less risky.Researchers also found that youths who do not attend college are more likely to use marijuana. The study also surveyed other drug use among the age group and found non-medical use of prescription narcotic drugs was at its lowest since the late 1990s.The federal National Institute on Drug Abuse paid for the survey, Monitoring the Future Panel Study.“In this country, laws are changing, attitudes are changing, people are not perceiving use, even regular use, as dangerous as they used to,” said John Schulenberg, the study’s principal investigator and a psychology professor at the university.“And this could be the problem. On this daily use, the scientific evidence is pretty clear that this gets in the way of things, and it can be associated with, if not contributing to, a decline in mental health.READ MORE: read more

IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings through May 9

first_imgIMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Kaden Reynolds, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 350; 2. Tathan Burkhart, Hays, Kan., 345; 3. Dylan Nelson, Adel, Iowa, 336; 4. Corey Madden, Avoca, Iowa, 310; 5. Brady J. Bencken, Oakley, Kan., 290; 6. Joe Vlasity, Glendale, Ariz., 288; 7. John Watson, Des Moines, Iowa, 284; 8. Adam Ayers, Adair, Iowa, 283; 9. Leah Wroten, Independence, Iowa, 278; 10. Cody Williams, Minneapolis, Kan., 263; 11. Scott Tenney, Yuma, Ariz., 260; 12. Nathan DeRagon, Peoria, Ariz., 254; 13. Joe Peterson, Chandler, Ariz., 253; 14. Chuck Madden Jr., Avoca, Iowa, 245; 15. Eric Knutson, Slater, Iowa, 236; 16. Nicholas Foster, Menlo, Iowa, 219; 17. Cory Probst, Brewster, Minn., 218; 18. Aaron Rudolph, Grand Junction, Iowa, 217; 19. Braxton Berry, Colby, Kan., and Colby Kaspar, Columbus, Neb., both 208.  Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods – 1. Chase Rudolf, Prole, Iowa, 794; 2. Keith Brown Jr., Pittsburg, Calif., 629; 3. David Jones, Chandler, Ariz., 607; 4. Jake McBirnie, Boone, Iowa, 570; 5. Cole Carver, Apache Junction, Ariz., 568; 6. Mark Harrison, Coolidge, Ariz., 557; 7. Taylor Kuehl, Cave Creek, Ariz., 503; 8. Mark Madrid, Laveen, Ariz., 489; 9. Michael Egurola Jr., Tucson, Ariz., 471; 10. Guy Ahlwardt, Antioch, Calif., 446; 11. Ty Weidner, Chandler, Ariz., 429; 12. Kevin Johnson, Bakersfield, Calif., 417; 13. Tate Johnson, Homestead, Montana, 400; 14. Justin Svoboda, David City, Neb., 398; 15. Heath Dry, Phoenix, Ariz., 387; 16. Fred Ryland, Brentwood, Calif., 362; 17. Bryan Miller, Glendale, Ariz., 352; 18. Brian Osantowski, Columbus, Neb., 341; 19. Bo Partain, Casa Grande, Ariz., 340; 20. Cody Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 333. IMCA Modifieds – 1. David Goode Jr., Copperas Cove, Texas, 698; 2. William Gould, Calera, Okla., 639; 3. Zachary Madrid, Tucson, Ariz., 620; 4. Kollin Hibdon, Pahrump, Nev., 618; 5. Chris Morris, Taylor, Texas, 593; 6. Kelsie Foley, Tucson, Ariz., 575; 7. Jeff “Bubba” Stafford Jr., Wittmann, Ariz., 550; 8. Jeffrey Hoegh, New Caney, Texas, 533; 9. Chris Elliott, Abilene, Texas, 502; 10. Tyler Mecl, Queen Creek, Ariz., and David Goode Sr., Copperas Cove, Texas, both 501; 12. Matt Guillaume, Haslet, Texas, 464; 13. Ryan Roath, Peoria, Ariz., 455; 14. Don Gumke, Jamestown, N.D., 439; 15. Kevin Green, Waco, Texas, 416; 16. Jake Pike, Pahrump, Nev., 406; 17. Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, Iowa, 395; 18. Raymond McSpadden, Buda, Texas, 377; 19. Beau Begnaud, Spring, Texas, and Don Banker, Austin, Texas, both 370. Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMods – 1. Taylor Florio, Copperas Cove, Texas, 773; 2. Gregory Muirhead, Mabank, Texas, 754; 3. James Hanusch, Belton, Texas, 745; 4. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 582; 5. Larry Underwood, Temple, Texas, 573; 6. Chris Florio, Copperas Cove, Texas, 477; 7. James McCreery, Midlothian, Texas, 421; 8. Justin Nabors, Kemp, Texas, 394; 9. Austin Moore, Axtell, Texas, 392; 10. Jon White Jr., Red Oak, Texas, 383; 11. Chris Cogburn, Robinson, Texas, 365; 12. Kaden Honeycutt, Willow Park, Texas, 298; 13. Jeff Shepperd, Waco, Texas, 297; 14. Jared Baird, Norman, Okla., 292; 15. James Skinner, Burleson, Texas, 285; 16. Kyle Robinson, Pilot Point, Texas, 270; 17. Michael Martin, Kaufman, Texas, 259; 18. Evan Moore, Springtown, Texas, and Clyde “Mike” Land, Waco, Texas, both 249; 20. Brandon Geurin, Robinson, Texas, 241. IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars – 1. Westin Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 842; 2. Jason Batt, Harker Heights, Texas, 729; 3. A.J. Dancer, Red Rock, Texas, 611; 4. George Fronsman, Surprise, Ariz., 602; 5. Cody Center, Mesa, Ariz., 600; 6. Jeffrey Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 511; 7. Lonnie Foss, Glendale, Ariz., 509; 8. Bryan Schutte, Wayne, Okla., 505; 9. William “Joey” McCullough, Phoenix, Ariz., 499; 10. Shelby Williams, Bonham, Texas, 480; 11. Gary Williams, Bonham, Texas, 445; 12. Mike Nichols, Harlan, Iowa, and Douglas Kennemer, Rhome, Texas, both 413; 14. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 365; 15. Gene Henrie, Cedar City, Utah, 361; 16. Blake Clark, Joshua, Texas, 359; 17. Tyler Muirhead, Mabank, Texas, 352; 18. Ryan Powers, Joshua, Texas, 350; 19. Dennis Bissonnette, Stephenville, Texas, 344; 20. Tommy Fain, Abilene, Texas, 332.center_img IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Andy Shouse, Oklahoma City, Okla., and Rod Craddock, Alvin, Texas, both 264; 3. Kenneth Duke, Selinsgrove, Pa., 228; 4. Kyle Rasmussen, Clovis, Calif., 227; 5. Kyle Ganoe, Thompsontown, Pa., 223; 6. Nick Sweigart, Myerstown, Pa., 217; 7. Grant Champlin, Hanford, Calif., 216; 8. Tyler Harris, Vidor, Texas, 214; 9. Michael Pombo, Easton, Calif., 213; 10. Brooklyn Holland, Fresno, Calif., 209; 11. Jacob Harris, Vidor, Texas, 206; 12. Kent Lewis Sr., Willis, Texas, 204; 13. Caleb Padgett, Madisonville, Texas, 195; 14. Mauro Simone, Fresno, Calif., and Mike Oliver, San Antonio, Texas, both 192; 16. Devin Adams, Lebanon, Pa., 191; 17. Dustyn Welch, Bryan, Texas, 187; 18. Zach Newlin, Millerstown, Pa., and Cale Reigle, Newport, Pa., both 182; 20. Chris Kelly, Oklahoma City, Okla., 179.  IMCA Late Models – 1. Matt Ryan, Davenport, Iowa, 110; 2. Lake Knutti, Chadwick, Ill., 84; 3. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, Iowa, 74; 4. Dalton Simonsen, Fairfax, Iowa, 55; 5. Terry Neal, Ely, Iowa, Justin L. Kay, Wheatland, Iowa, and Christopher Buller, Henderson, Neb., each 40; 8. Ryan Dolan, Lisbon, Iowa, Gary Webb, Blue Grass, Iowa, Joel Callahan, Dubuque, Iowa, and Dylan Schmer, Aurora, Neb., each 39; 12. Andy Nezworski, Buffalo, Iowa, and Cory Dumpert, York, Neb., both 38; 14. William “B.J.” Jackson, Clinton, Iowa, Curtis Glover, Runnells, Iowa, and Denton Duncan, Ravenna, Neb., each 37; 17. Eric Pollard, Peosta, Iowa, Chuck Hanna, Port Byron, Ill., and Les Siebert, York, Neb., each 36; 20. Curt Martin, Independence, Iowa, 35.  Mach-1 Sport Compacts – 1. Steven Bevills, Granbury, Texas, 661; 2. Brian Schoenbaum, Killeen, Texas, 527; 3. Anthony Vandenberg, Dublin, Texas, 493; 4. Kaleb Watson, Mineral Wells, Texas, 459; 5. Howard Watson, Weatherford, Texas, 446; 6. Derek Cates, Woodway, Texas, 421; 7. Harold Clifton, Stephenville, Texas, 405; 8. Clifton Whisenant, Proctor, Texas, 363; 9. Kody Crofutt, Dublin, Texas, 340; 10. Terry Tritt, York, Neb., 331; 11. Ryan Whisenant, Stephenville, Texas, 292; 12. William Creese, Springtown, Texas, 275; 13. John Gill, Marshalltown, Iowa, 269; 14. Ramsey Meyer, Pierce, Neb., 266; 15. Barry Taft, Argyle, Iowa, 263; 16. Scott Newbury, Rhome, Texas, 259; 17. Randall Carty, Dallas, Texas, 231; 18. Denny Berghahn Jr., Plattsmouth, Neb., 226; 19. John Martinez, Beatrice, Neb., and Shawn Hein, Beatrice, Neb., both 220.last_img read more

UPDATE: Extended-Winter weather advisory for area until 11am Tuesday

first_imgSoutheastern IN— Update—The Winter Weather Advisory for today has been extended until 11:00 am this morning for portions of East Central and Southeast Indiana, Northeast and Northern Kentucky and Central, South Central, Southwest and West Central Ohio.Icy road conditions are continuing. Widespread snow may have come to an end, however, pavement temperatures have dropped below freezing in many locations allowing for the potential for icy roadways. Isolated to scattered snow showers will be possible today.Plan on icy road conditions during your morning commute. The hazardous conditions will likely impact the morning commute. Slow down and use caution while traveling. Original Story—There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for portions of east and southeastern Indiana; Northeast and Nothern Kentucky; and  Central, South Central, Southwestern, and West Central Ohio from 4 pm today through 8 am Tuesday.  Plan on slippery road conditions as temperatures will fall quickly this evening allowing for the potential for slick conditions on roadways.  Roadways may remain slick even after the snow has decreased in coverage due to falling temperatures.We should pick up to 2 inches of snow with some isolated reports up to 3 inches total.Slow down and use caution while traveling.last_img read more

The Man Utd v QPR quiz

first_imgOn Sunday QPR head to Old Trafford – the scene of one of their greatest victories, along with plenty of defeats. How much do you know about the history between the two clubs? Answer these 10 questions to find out…[mtouchquiz 4]Click here for another QPR quizAdChoices广告Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Jamaican Artisan Creates Wedding Rings With Deep Meaning

first_imgA wedding ring has long been an expression of eternal love and devotion for many couples. Choosing the right ring can be daunting, and there are so many options out there for those who seek traditional or contemporary wedding rings. For those who prefer something out of the ordinary, something with a deeper meaning, there’s Jamaican jewelry-maker Anna Ruth Henriques. She creates eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients.Born and raised in Jamaica, Henriques is a multifaceted, award-winning artist and jewelry-maker based in New York. Her custom wedding rings have adorned the fingers of Jamaicans at home and abroad, as well as others around the globe. “I am inspired by people’s personal stories, and what is meaningful to them on a spiritual and energetic basis, particularly,” Henriques says.However, a wedding ring by Henriques is likely to be an out of the ordinary design. “My work is for women who are not really crowd followers. Women who are not conforming to what Western society has imposed on all of us. Women who see that all is interconnected on this planet,” she shares.Henriques’ jewelry comes with light, liberating energy, she says, as she consciously ignites the fires of nature and female empowerment in each of her pieces.Undoubtedly, Henriques’ line of jewelry is art. Each unique piece evokes whimsy, uncanny creative expression, and meticulous attention to detail.Henriques lives a colorful life in New York where she has built success as an all-around artistic wonder-woman—writer, actor, performer, and of course, jeweler.Her artwork is in the permanent collections of New York’s Jewish Museum and El Museo del Barrio, as well as the National Gallery of Jamaica. She is also the author and illustrator of The Book of Mechtilde (Knopf) and is currently working on a novel in prose. She also starred in Eleanor Antin’s film, Man Without A World. Henriques launched her first jewelry collection at Barneys New York and went on to create a top-selling jewelry line, Aayenda, for a post-war Afghanistan-based non-profit, Future Brilliance. Her jewelry can be found in boutiques across the globe.“I grew up in the countryside of Jamaica where I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house outside barefoot, running around, playing with animals, including insects. My work is inspired by those times and nature,” she says.Henrique’s jewelry frequently showcases insects, nature and wildlife detailing, which mix seamlessly with spiritual undertones that she says are roused by notions of universality, embracing humanity and love. She describes her work as symbolic narratives, each telling a story that awakens, inspires, or heals.For couples looking for wedding rings that are thoughtfully created with deep meaning, this Jamaican artisan is a good bet.last_img read more

Fallen Nigerian League Giants Pick Edith Agoye As New Coach

first_imgFallen giants Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) have chosen former player Edith Olumide Agoye as their new coach ahead of the new Nigeria National League (NNL) season.The Ibadan-based side will be campaigning in the second tier of Nigerian league football next season after they suffered relegation from the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) last month alongside ABS FC, Remo Stars and Gombe United.BREAKING: @Official3SC picks Edith Olumide Agoye, as new Head Coach.The former 3SC & @NGSuperEagles striker would be unveiled next week.— TUNDE SHAMSUDEEN (@ipoola2013) October 26, 2017Their relegation from the NPFL prompted the club to relieve Technical Adviser Fatai Amoo of his duties on Monday, October 23, 2017 paving the way for the appointment of a new club gaffer.According to the reliable information from respected journalist, Tunde Shamsudeen, Edith Olumide Agoye has been picked as the next 3SC coach and he will be unveiled next week.Related3SC Handed Tough NNL Abridged League DrawJanuary 9, 2018In “Nigeria”No Excuses For Promotion Chasing Shooting Stars – Agoye (AUDIO)April 10, 2019In “NNl”Sacked 3SC Players At War With Club Over SalariesNovember 10, 2017In “Nigeria”last_img read more

Masters 2019: Bryson DeChambeau retains early Day 2 lead; Francesco Molinari, Jason Day make moves

first_imgBryson DeChambeau completed a level-par front nine to hold a one-shot lead at the Masters early on Friday, as Jason Day and Francesco Molinari made notable moves.DeChambeau shared the lead with Brooks Koepka overnight after both men came home in 31 to complete opening rounds of 66. A wild start to Day 2 for Koepka saw the three-time major champion start birdie, double bogey, birdie before dropping further shots at the fourth and sixth holes.Koepka claimed his third birdie of the day at the par-5 eighth to get back to 5 under, leaving him one behind DeChambeau, who mixed two birdies with two bogeys on his opening nine to retain a slender lead. Masters 2019 weather forecast: Storms could crash Sunday’s final round Open champion Molinari and former world No. 1 Day were also only a single stroke behind the leader, having both turned in 33 to be 5 under for the tournament. Day’s efforts were particularly impressive given he has been struggling with a back injury this week.Patton Kizzire went around in 70 to hold the early clubhouse lead at 4 under, with Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter alongside him on the leaderboard and Dustin Johnson among those one shot further back.The likes of Tiger Woods (minus-2), Rickie Fowler (minus-2) and Rory McIlroy (plus-1) were about to begin their second rounds. Related Newslast_img read more

Jacksonville teacher arrested for steal prescription drugs from coworker

first_imgAuthorities have charged a teacher with grand theft after they say, they believe she may have stolen prescription drugs from a coworker.According to the report, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received a call on February 19th from an employee at Duval Charter School at Southside.The victim told authorities that she had three Adderall pills in her purse but when she went to take the prescription, the pills were no longer there and she believes they may have been stolen.Investigators viewed the security tape at the school and found that Megan Mary Jones who also teaches at the school, was the only one who went in and out of the classroom while the victim’s things were left unattended.Jones has since been charged with grand theft of a controlled substance.last_img read more

CRU grand final underway with U19s Harlies beating Hunters 10-7

first_imgIn the results from this morning’s U19 men’s grand final, Harlequins held on to beat Valley Hunters 10-7.The women’s exhibition match was a one-sided affair with Harlequins again coming out victors beating Juggernauts 50-0.The Harlies girls ran in three tries in the first half and then another five tries in the second half of play.In the women’s grand final, Spartans were the better side defeating Wanderers 29-17.The last two grand finals will be the men’s A Reserve encounter between University and Wanderers.Following this will be the main game of the afternoon- the men’s Premier grand final that will see University clash with Defence.More to to come.last_img read more