“We have to be aware of what we play”

first_imgCurro Torres face a vital match for the Lugo how is this weekend before the Oviedo with the conviction that his people have taken a step forward. In addition, the change of oviedista coach does not worry him, stating that “A change of coach is always a different stimulus and a renewed illusion, but what we do is more important to me. This is a week to demonstrate “he stressed. Even so, he also stressed that “You are not going to see a very changed Lugo in terms of concepts”, and stressed that “sure it will be a very competitive game, where we play a lot.” Nor did Curro Torres give greater importance to Oviedo being a team that receives, like the Lugo, goals with ease, pointing out that “I do not give importance to these statistics, they are here to break them”. What he wanted to insist on is that “we play at home and that has to be noticed, we have to get strong here and take a step forward in that regard.” Precisely on the subject of the hobby wanted to stand Curro Torres, stressing that “we must realize that we have a hobby that is very good, they made a very big effort to support us in Fuenlabrada and also here before the Elche, therefore before Oviedo I know we are going to have them “. He also praised the performance of the latest signings, stating that “Now I have the blessed problem that I can count on almost everyone and that makes my choice difficult, but it is fortunate”. In addition, I point out that “I am very happy with the adaptation of the team in Fuenlabrada“, recognizing that “the match we did was not good, you can’t deny, but we were able to compete despite it and win “.Finally, the coach albivermello alerted that, despite the last victory, the match against Oviedo is transcendental, asserting that “a victory cannot cloud realityWe all have to be aware of the difficulty of the game. They know it, they have a lot of social mass and they are going to come to win, but we are small but we really want and we are going for everything, “he said.last_img read more

Identified and fined 56 ultras of the Barça of the fight in Mestalla

first_imgThe Anti-Violence Commission has agreed to propose for a penalty of 3,001 euros and prohibition of entry to sports venues for a period of 6 months to each of the 56 fans identified, all of them members of a radical and / or violent group of Barça who, on the occasion of the Valencia-Barcelona party threw stones, flares or other blunt objects that were on the streets on the way to the stadium, such as traffic cones, plastic fences, chairs and tables on the terraces of the bars, including plates and glasses that were on the tables. In addition, they participated in a street fight in the vicinity of the sports venue.The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport has agreed at your meeting today urge all football clubs and fans not to allow the use of flares in sports venues. The Anti-Violence Commission recalls that the serious consequences that smoke, high temperatures and the potential explosions of these devices can cause damage to the lives and health of the attendees.In this regard, Antiviolencia notes that experts in pyrotechnics warn that the use of flares and pyrotechnic material is dangerous when used in spaces with large accumulation of people (football stadiums and adjacent areas). Its effects can cause serious consequences for both the physical integrity of people and can cause fires and the use of flares generates a high risk potential, in spaces close to the stadiums (reception of equipment, sports celebrations, etc.). These situations, increasingly common in Spanish football, could lead to physical damage to both the wearer and the people who are nearby causing serious burns to the skin and clothing, toxic effects of smoke inhalation and eye involvement and to the airways.Other penaltiesThe Commission has also proposed a series of sanctions, of which the most important are listed below:Penalty proposal of 60,001 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of five years to an identified fan, member of the radical and / or violent group “Supporters”, followers of Betis, who entered the stadium to witness the Getafe-Betis match, taking effect a ban on access to sports venues for another previous sanction in which he brutally assaulted a person on a street in Bilbao.Proposal of penalty of 30,000 euros to Betis for selling a ticket to attend the Getafe SAD – Real Betis Balompié SAD match to a member of the radical and / or violent group following Real Betis with a restraining order in force. The Real Betis Balompié SAD has been proposed for sanction for acts contrary to the Sports Law on seven other occasions, most of them due to deficiencies in access control measures and permanence of spectators in the sports venue.Proposal of penalty of 30,000 euros to Real Sociedad for providing and facilitating people or groups of followers who have incurred in radical and violent behavior and contrary to the provisions of the Sports Law or who have sanctions in force with prohibition of entry to sports venues. This club has already been proposed for sanction on several other previous occasions for providing technical means to radical and / or violent groups, for deficiencies in the control measures of access and permanence of spectators in the sports venue and for lacking the Record of Activities Book of followers.Proposal of penalty of 30,000 euros to Osasuna due to deficiencies in access control measures and permanence of spectators by not preventing local fans of the animation stand from occupying the evacuation routes of the stadium during the development of the Osasuna-Alavés match.Proposal of penalty of 20,000 euros to Osasuna due to deficiencies in access control measures and permanence of spectators by not preventing local fans of the animation stand from occupying the evacuation routes of the stadium during the development of the Osasuna-Valencia match. Penalty proposal of 10,000 euros to Fuenlabrada due to deficiencies in access control measures and permanence of spectators by not preventing fans of local clubs located in the animation stand from occupying the evacuation routes of the stadium during the development of the Fuenlabrada-Málaga match.Penalty proposal of 3,001 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of six months to an identified fan of the visiting team who, during the Valencia-Barcelona match, uttered racist shouts against a player inside the sports venue during the course of the match.Penalty proposal of 3,001 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of six months to an identified fan of the local team who, in the Zaragoza-Numancia meeting, brutally assaulted another fan who also snatched a scarf that he wore on his neck.Penalty proposal of 3,001 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of six months to an identified fan of the local team who, at the end of the Zaragoza-Real Madrid meeting, seriously insulted and brutally assaulted another amateur of the visiting team.Penalty proposal of 3,001 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of six months to an identified fan of the local team – a member of a radical and / or violent group – who, on the occasion of the Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid match, insulted seriously, spit and He attacked another amateur of the visiting team in the vicinity of the stadium.Proposal for a penalty of 3,001 euros to Castellón due to deficiencies in the control measures of access and permanence of spectators, as it does not prevent the introduction of a can of metallic soda, rigid and closed during the Castellón-La Nucía match.Penalty proposal of 2,500 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of five months to an identified fan of the local team who, during the Éibar-Getafe match, used the stadium’s public address system to utter serious insults against the referee of the match and against the members of the State Security Forces and Bodies.Penalty proposal of 2,500 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of six months to an identified fan of the local team that, during the Burgos-Haro Deportivo match, displayed a flag in favor of Basque political prisoners that caused a disturbance of citizen security and several complaints inside the sports venue by numerous fans there present. He is expelled from the sports grounds.Proposal of a penalty of 2,000 euros and a ban on access to sports venues for a period of five months to each of the 13 identified fans of the visiting team – members of a radical and / or violent group – which, on the occasion of the Leganés party- Real Sociedad, they are intercepted by carrying different blunt objects such as stones of various shapes and sizes, pugilato keys, self defense spray, pyrotechnic devices, all this to provoke a fight with Leganés fans as they recognize before police officers .Proposed sanction of 1,000 euros and prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of two months to each of the four identified fans of the local team that, on the occasion of the Real Madrid CF – Sevilla FC SAD match, participated in a fight in the vicinity of the stadium in which they attacked an amateur of the visiting team.Real Madrid-City and Barça-Naples, declared high riskIn addition, the Anti-Violence Commission agreed on Friday to declare high risk the Real Madrid-Barcelona classic that will be played on March 1 within the 26th day of the First Division, as well as the first leg round of 16 of the Real Madrid-Manchester City Champions League, next day 26.Barcelona-Naples will also be high-risk matches, corresponding to the return of that phase on March 18; the Espanyol-Wolves, back from the round of 16 of the Europa League on Thursday the 27th, and the league clash of the 30th day of Segunda Racing de Santander-Zaragoza, on Saturday 29.last_img read more

La Real exceeds 35,000 members

first_imgThe moment so exciting that the realistic team is going through, fighting for the Champions League and at the gates of being able to play their first Cup final in 32 years, has surely influenced this inflation of the number of members. This same Thursday the barrier of 35,000 members and partners in the realistic family has been overcome, placing the exact number at 35,004. This means that with this number of subscribers, 92.25% of the capacity of the new Real field is completed, According to the data that the realistic club forms, and without the visiting area, which cannot be sold among them members and must be available for the club that visits San Sebastián.The reality is that the climate that has been generated in the Reale Arena has also had its influence on the increase in subscribers. Because the atmosphere now in the Real’s house has nothing to do with the athletic tracks. The stands now roar, cheer, squeeze and, above all, enjoy the games. And then if Real helps with victories, everything goes better, of course. It is no coincidence that the percentage of victories at home of the Real has doubled in recent games compared to other seasons. Then there is another factor that cannot be ignored, the possibility that the Real can qualify for the final of the Copa del Rey, because the club in that case would draw a ticket for that final among its subscribers, and nobody wants to stay out of that raffle and the possibility of being able to travel to Seville on April 18. The data of members of the Real Sociedad begin to scare. A few years ago it was unthinkable that 30,000 members could be reached in a club like the San Sebastian. In fact, The number of 25,000 subscribers was seen as a success. But those times were left behind with the remodeling of the Anoeta stadium and the 40,000 seats that Reale Arena now has. Because the forecasts handled by the president of the Royal, Jokin Aoerribay, have even been exceeded. The area businessman always argued that the expansion of the stadium capacity would be accompanied by a considerable increase in the number of partners, taking into account the waiting list they were handling and that the worst visibility areas of the previous Anoeta were usually empty. The improvement of the experience of seeing the Real in the Reale Arena has been noticed, and the fans have responded as expected in the club. To the point of overcoming the barrier of 35,000 members, a surprising figure and with which the stadium would be filled before the reform. Moreover, there would be someone who would have to stay out, because it had capacity for 32,000 spectators.last_img read more

Molina: “Kepa has the weapons to recover the position”

first_imgThe sports director of the Federation (RFEF), José Francisco Molina, did not want to get into trouble about the possible, or not so much, call of Kepa for the list of the Selection that Luis Enrique will communicate the next day 20. “I can send my support from here, but the one who decides on the National Team list is Luis Enrique. Losing title is not the best news for a goalkeeper, but there are still three months left for the Euro,” he said. Molina, who went to the draw of the League of Nations in substitution of Luis Enrique, who could not travel to Holland for a shingles.Kepa has lost ownership in his team, the Chelsea, in which he has been a substitute for Willy Caballero, 38, for a month. Lampard, his coach, does not seem willing to change his mind, and that has generated the problem in the National Team. Kepa Arrizabalaga pointed to holder for the European Championship, and now with his substitution an opportunity opens again for De Gea, which is also being questioned on his team, the Manchester United On the possibility that both recover the lost confidence if they are summoned for the National Team, Molina said that “that does not depend on me, but on Luis Enrique.” “I can only say that they are two great goalkeepers and that there are still three months left for the European Championship, and one hundred days are an eternity in football. There is time for things to change.” The sports director of the Spanish Federation, José Francisco Molina, he valued the Nations League draw: “We are going to face high-level teams. We have even avoided coconuts according to what the winners say, although Switzerland and Ukraine are powerful. They have made a great qualification for the European Championship. They will be six interesting matches.”Molina assured about the friendlies that La Roja will play in March: “They are going to be a preview of the European Championship. Luis Enrique is looking forward to the competition. We are preparing things for the tournament.”The Valencian also spoke about the coronavirus and the friendly against Germany: “I can’t tell much about this, but the Federation is in contact with UEFA, FIFA and the Spanish Government. Together, the decision will be made, thinking about the citizens. Hopefully nothing should be suspended.”last_img read more

Clubs prefer lower wages over ERTE

first_imgHowever, this movement by the employers, which seemed to lead to a constant shower of requests from ERTE, had no impact yesterday. Moreover, as AS has learned, many clubs have communicated by email to their workers that they are not going to undertake any ERTE for now. Las Palmas already retracted last week, Leganés has already stated that it does not enter their plans, as well as other Second Clubs such as Numancia and Fuenlabrada. Thebes’ words last Friday in a telematic meeting, in which he asked for caution, have had effect although there are clubs that are evaluating taking the step and consulting their situation with the labor authority. Even so, in general, the idea of ​​the clubs is that it is better to agree on a collective drop in wages, with a greater impact on the professional staff, as Barça wants to do, before starting to open temporary employment regulatory files where 70% would be paid by Social Security and the remaining 30% by the club.The ERTE, in addition, have peculiarities that could complicate things in the future for the clubs if they are accepted. One of them is indicated in Additional Provision VI of the Decree of the State of Alarm and points out that, in order to safeguard employment, aid will be granted to companies that comply with regulations such as re-hiring those fired for at least six months when normality returns. The ERTE, according to the experts, are going to arrive in a cascade in 2nd B (already they go Castellón, Linense, Sanluqueño, Cartagena …). Not even in Third, where there are not so many contracts. Javier Tebas had one of his most conciliatory days until Infantino spoke yesterday. First thing in the morning, it agreed with the Federation to issue a joint statement in which, as expected, both institutions reported the suspension of all competitions sine die due to the coronavirus crisis: “The Monitoring Commission provided for in the current Coordination Agreement agrees the suspension until the competent authorities consider that they can be resumed and this does not pose any risk to health.” Shortly after, after holding a Delegate Commission with six First-tier clubs (Real Madrid, Seville, Betis, Valencia, Villarreal and Levante) and six Second-tier clubs (Deportivo, Cádiz, Las Palmas, Alcorcón, Almería and Lugo), LaLiga sided with professional clubs when taking emergency measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.This was his second statement: “LaLiga wants to express its full support for the clubs in view of the serious situation they are facing on the occasion of COVID-19. Each club is making the decisions it deems necessary according to its circumstances to face the serious consequences that follow. In this sense, LaLiga will support, advise and help coordinate those ERTE requests due to force majeure that the clubs consider appropriate to present to the labor authority due to the considerable decrease in their activity (without parties, without visits to stores, etc.) ”.last_img read more

“Balotelli’s way of training was a shame”

first_img4. 5 The English, who’s already retired, confessed that the way of training of the Italian attacker was shameful, though he admits that outdoors the sphere he was a good individual. The coach’s resolution affected him enormously as a result of he didn’t perceive why Balotelli was favored by Rodgers and he believes that this had an influence on the workforce’s efficiency: “The way he used to coach was a disgrace. Off the sphere he was a pretty boy, however his character in observe was not good. When he performed he tried. I’ve encountered gamers with that perspective earlier than, however they’re normally adequate to get away with it. On this case it wasn’t. I simply didn’t perceive how Rodgers let him have his way and picked him over me. It affected me immediately and had a adverse influence on the workforce. “ Rickie Lambert gave an interview to Bristol Publish during which he spoke of his time at Liverpool. Left the Southampton in 2014 in alternate for five.5 million euros, though it solely lasted a 12 months in Anfield, since he later left for West Bromwich Albion after a very discreet marketing campaign. The footballer remembers bitterly how Mario Balotelli (now within the Brescia) pissed off his dream of succeeding on the membership of his loves, because the Italian was the coach’s favourite, Brendan Rodgers: “Brendan Rodgers purchased Mario Balotelli and put him in as an alternative of me and that made me suppose. I couldn’t perceive it.” Lastly, he admitted that the coach needed to promote him a few weeks after signing for Liverpool, at which period he realized that he wouldn’t have too many alternatives within the workforce, even though Balotelli additionally failed ultimately: “At first, Rodgers tried to ship me to Crystal Palace, the place Pardew was, so I knew it was by no means going to be the highest precedence. I mentioned no instantly. Why would I depart a membership like Southampton that I stayed in for years to come back to Liverpool and depart in a few weeks to go to the Crystal Palace? “ Premier League* Information up to date as of Could 12, 2020last_img read more

Fowler-Reid leaves Sunday for fourth season in ANZ

first_imgSunshine Girls goal shooter, Jhaniele Fowler-Reid, will leave the island on Sunday for her fourth appearance in the ANZ Netball Championships. The 29 year-old Fowler-Reid will appear once again for the New Zealand-based team, Southern Steel. Fowler Reid is expecting another exciting season. “I am looking forward to an exciting year, as it will be a new coach and new management, so I know it is going to be a lot of fun, and I know I will do very well”, said Fowler-Reid. Some of the top netballers in the world, including Jamaica’s Romelda Aiken, who is a member of the Queensland Firebirds, are playing in the ANZ Championships. “It is good once again to team up with some of the top players in the world. It is very challenging but I do enjoy it,” said Fowler-Reid. Playing in the recent intercollegiate league for The Mico University College helped her to prepare for the tough ANZ Championships. “I had some good competition playing in the intercollegiate league. This has helped to get me in a proper frame of mind to go back on court and get into some rigorous training,” she said.last_img read more

Tough going for local players at Jamaica International Badminton Tournament

first_imgFor the large part, locals had a tough time in competition on Thursday’s action of the Jamaica International Badminton Championships, which is being staged at the National Indoor Sports Centre.With action set to begin at 5 p.m. today, the tournament will today move into its semi-final stage, following yesterday’s quarter-final clashes.In men’s singles, Gareth Henry and Shane Wilson advanced from their second-round encounters on Wednesday. Henry defeated fellow Jamaican, Shaquille Palmer, 21-5, 21-17, while Wilson beat the up-and-coming Mathew Lee, 21-15, 23-21.Henry was scheduled to meet Portugal’s Pedro Martins in last night’s quarter-final. Martins defeated the number four seeded, Luka Wraber (Austria), 23-25, 21-13, 21-19 in round two.Wilson, in the meantime, was down to battle Austria’s David Obernosterer in the quarters.In other matches on Wednesday night, No. 1-seeded Osleni Guerrero (Cuba) defeated Rosario Maddaloni (Italy). Guerrero lost the first game, but recovered to defeat the Italian 16-21, 21-18, 21-8. Number two seeded Howard Shu (USA) defeated Dennis Coke (Jamaica) 21-14, 21-11.Guerrero (Cuba) was slated to face Hsu Jui Ting (Chinese Taipei), while the American, Shu, took on the Czech Republic’s Milan Ludik in last night’s quarters.In women’s singles, last year’s singles runner-up, Zuzana Pavelkova (Czech Republic), was lined up for a tough battle against No. 1 seed, Jeanine Cicognini (Italy). Cicognini defeated Jamaica’s Esther Reynolds, while Pavelkova beat another local, Alana Bailey, 21-6, 21-10 to advance to the quarter-final round.In the bottom half of the draw, No. 2 seed Elizabeth Baldauf (Austria) was down to face Lithuania’s Akvile Stapuasaityte in the quarter-finals. Baldfauf defeated Mexico’s Haramara Gaitan 21-16, 21-15, while Stapusaityte moved pass Jamaica’s Geordine Henry 21-5, 21-6.GORDON WINSIn other women’s singles matches, fourth seed Telma Santos (Portugal) defeated Shezelle Mctyson (Jamaica), 21-7, 21-7; Iesha Gordon (Jamaica) defeated fellow Jamaican Taina Daley 18-21, 21-19, 21-11 to move the quarter-finals. Gordon was matched against Santos (Portugal), while Jamaica’s Mikaylia Haldane had booked a ticket to play Mariana Ugalde last night.In men’s doubles, the action started yesterday in the quarter-finals, with number one seed Castillo/Munoz (Mexico) against Jamaica’s Anglin/Barham, while No. 2-seeded Dierickx/Golinski (Belgium) face Jamaica’s top pair, Henry/Palmer.Jamaicans played better in mixed doubles, where the top Jamaican pair, siblings Geordine and Gareth defeated the Valentine/Daley combination to reach the quarter-final, while Katherine Wynter teamed up with Denis Coke to beat Sean Wilson and Christine Leyow.The finals will be played tomorrow, also beginning at 5 p.m.last_img read more

J’cans impress at CARIFTA Youth Chess tournament

first_imgJamaica won one gold, two silver and a bronze medal at the recently concluded Carifta Youth Chess Tournament held in St Croix, United States Virgin Islands, between March 24 and 29.In the fifth staging of the annual regional youth chess tournament, players from seven Caribbean countries competed over four days across seven rounds of intense competition.After the final round of play, Jamaica’s Kishan Clarke, who achieved a positive score in six of his seven games, won gold in the Under-10 (absolute) section ahead of players from Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago.Clarke, a former two-time Carifta Under-8 (absolute) gold medallist, just missed the bronze medal in the Under-12 (absolute) section, placing an encouraging fourth.MORE MEDALSWomen Candidate Master Adani Clarke, Jamaica’s national junior (female) Champion who twice before won Carifta gold in the Under-12 female section, copped two silver medals in the Under-14 (female) and Under-16 (female) sections and a bronze medal in the Under-14 (absolute) section.Adani rotated positions with Surinamese Women Candidate Master Catherine Kaslan, who took gold ahead in the Under-14 (female) and Under-16 (female) sections, having finished behind the Jamaican representative in the 2015 edition of the Under-12 (female) Carifta competition.Nishani Clarke, a previous Under-10 (female) Carifta gold medallist, won the silver medal in the Under-12 (female) section.The top four in this section went into the final round on the same points and were paired against each other for the final game that determined the podium standing.last_img read more


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