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The Terrapin Family Band Brought Some Friends Of The Devil To Brooklyn Bowl [Gallery]

first_imgOn Friday night, Brooklyn Bowl hosted the second night of a special two-night run from The Terrapin Family Band. The band features Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby, Ross James, Scott Padden, and Alex Koford, and on this occasion they brought out special guests Jackie Greene, Andy Falco of The Infamous Stringdusters, and Katie Jacoby to add to their sound.The band would play two sets, one of Grateful Dead material and one of Jerry Garcia Band material, to make for a unique  performance of some deep cuts and beloved fan favorites. The band mixed in songs like “Mission in the Rain” and “Senior”, with Grahame Lesh taking the lead on vocals for the JGB songs. Perhaps the highlight of the show is when the band played an out-of-left-field mash-up of “Friend of the Devil” with “Lithium” by Nirvana, including original lyrics by Kurt Cobain, that left many in the audience stunned.See below for a photo gallery from the Terrapin Family Band at Brooklyn Bowl thanks to Andrew Scott Blackstein. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

moe. Crushes Montclair With Jam-Heavy 4-Song 2nd Set [Audio/Photo]

first_imgPhoto: Matthew Lang [Audio: T.J. Samulis]Photos: moe. | The Wellmont Theater | Montclair, NJ | 4/24/18 | C: Matthew Lang Load remaining imagescenter_img On Tuesday night, moe. continued their spring tour with a performance at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, offering up a fiery, jam-heavy performance. The band came out of the gates swinging with an energetic three-song combo of “Defrost”, “Sensory Deprivation Bank”, and “Bearsong” leading the charge. After “New Hope For The New Year”, the band moved into the first set’s closing spring of “Happy Hour Her” and “She”. However, the real goods of the night came in the second set, when the band offered up a flawlessly segued and non-stop second set featuring just four fan-favorite songs: “Buster”, “McBain”, “Down Boy”, and “meat.”You can listen to the show and check out photos from last night below!Setlist: moe. | The Wellmont Theater | Montclair, NJ | 4/24/18Set I: Defrost > Sensory Deprivation Bank >(nh) Bearsong, New Hope For The New Year, Happy Hour Hero > SheSet II: Buster > McBain > Down Boy > meat.Encore: Raise A Glass, Godzillalast_img read more

Software Defined Storage Availability (Part 1): Why Do With Three What You Can Do With Two?

first_imgAvailabilityDowntime per year Availability 99.9999% (“six nines”)31.5 seconds 99.9999669%(per storage pool)Click here Configuration Number Full Sizer Output 412 x R640 Servers, 10 x 3.84TB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE, 1 storage pool, 250TB raw99.9999846%Click here 130 x R640 Servers,  10 x 3.84TB SAS SSDs, 2 x 25GbE network, 1PB raw: 1 Storage Pool99.9999179%Click here 99.9% (“three nines”)8.76 hours For example, 6-9’s of availability means that a system is unavailable for 31.5 seconds in a year.The ScaleIO MagicUsing ScaleIO you can easily build a ScaleIO cluster with 6-9’s of availability or more. ScaleIO’s unique declustered raid technology, its ability to quickly detect failures and perform fast rebuild allow our customers to get predictable and consistent performance and achieve 6-9’s or more availability with 33% lower storage capacity (and proportionate cost) than other vendors’ solutions that demand 3 copies of data.The ScaleIO architecture utilizes multiple mechanisms to achieve enterprise grade availability:The ScaleIO data protection scheme is based on full replicas deployed in a declustered raid scheme. This scheme offers superior recovery time with enterprise availability and provides consistent performance for customer’s applications even during a drive or node rebuild.ScaleIO’s rebuild process utilizes an efficient many-to-many scheme. The rebuild is invoked in the event of a drive or node failure and therefore the rebuild scheme allows for a very fast rebuild.ScaleIO uses ALL SDS devices in the storage pool for rebuild operations. For example, let’s say a pool has 200 drives, when one drive fails, the other 199 drives will be utilized to rebuild the data of the failed drive. This results in extremely quick rebuilds with minimum impact to application performance.ScaleIO detects a disk failure in seconds. This time includes the time it takes the Operating System to detect the issue plus the time it takes ScaleIO to start the rebuild process. ScaleIO starts the rebuild immediately after detecting the disk failure while some software-defined storage solutions wait a considerable amount of time before starting the rebuild process (typically tens of minutes and some have a default of an hour). As will be shown later, the inability to detect failure quickly, and then start the rebuild process immediately, significantly reduces the availability of those solutions.ScaleIO architectural innovations such as Protection Domains, Storage Pools and Fault Sets help customers manage failure domains very flexibly and in some cases improve availability.Read more on ScaleIO’s unique architecture here.Since these calculations are complex, ScaleIO provides its customers with FREE online tools to build HW configurations based on ScaleIO Ready Nodes to get comprehensive availability numbers that includes multiple possible failures scenarios. We advise customers to use this tool to build hardware configuration based on desired system availability target. If you are a ScaleIO customer, the tool can be accessed here.Here are some sample configurations each with availability of 6-9’s or higher Configuration Detail 99.99% (“four nines”)52.56 minutes 99.999% (“five nines”)5.26 minutes 90% (“one nine”)36.5 days As you can see a variety of highly customizable configurations are possible with varying performance and capacity to meet our customer’s needs with every configuration assured of 6-9’s of availability or higher. So like two engine jets, where modern technology is now capable of providing equal safety as four engines, ScaleIO architecture is capable to deliver 6-9’s of availability requiring just 2 replicas of data, and resulting in 33% lower cost. So: why do with three what you can do with two? 249 x R740dx Servers, 24 x 960GB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE network, one storage pool 1PB raw, 3 Storage pools w 196 devices per pool 99.99999% (“seven nines”)3.15 seconds 35 x R740dx Servers, 24 x 960GB SAS SSDs, 2 x 10GbE, one storage pool, 100TB raw,  3 storage pools w/ 40 devices per pool99.9999968%(per storage pool)Click here Must an enterprise deploy 3 or more replicas of data, or some form of erasure coding, to achieve enterprise class availability (of 99.9999% uptime)? Several software-defined storage (SDS) vendors seem to insist so. But is this true? We will methodically discuss this topic in a series of three blog posts and equip you with better knowledge on this complex and very important topic.When it comes to safety, aircraft manufacturers are a great example of an industry that goes to great lengths to ensure maximum passenger safety.  When you boarded your last flight, did you board an aircraft powered by two jet engines or four? Do you generally feel unsafe when you fly aircrafts with two jet engines? Passengers, airliners and airline industry experts all agree that today’s two engine aircrafts provides an equal amount of safety as aircrafts with four jet engines. Why is this so? It is because innovations in engine and aircraft technologies have made a single engine very powerful and efficient – powerful enough to take-off, cruise or land using just a single engine. And once safety is ensured, superior economics determines the winner. As two engines are more economical than four, it makes them hugely popular with airliners (lower costs) and customers (lower ticket prices).The aircraft analogy is very similar to enterprise storage – enterprise customers can enjoy high levels of availability on well architected systems that require fewer copies of data, costing a lot less, but do not require any form of erasure coding. Dell EMC’s industry leading ScaleIO is one such system. Designed for demanding enterprises, ScaleIO is a data center grade software defined storage solution that regularly meets and exceeds six or even seven nines of availability.5-9’s or 6-9’s? Definition of Enterprise Availability SLAsAvailability of a system is defined in terms how much time a system is up and running throughout the year. A popular measure of availability is in terms of percentages: 99% (“two nines”)3.65 days 572 x R640 servers, 10 x3.84 SAS SSDs, 2 x 25GbE, 1 storage pool, 2500TB raw99.9999460%Click herelast_img read more

Trail Mix: After Jack

first_imgI was introduced to Jack, the Applachian trickster, when I read The Life and Times of Ray Hicks: Keeper of the Jack Tales, by Lynn Salsi, a few years back. Hicks, the subject of the story, was a storytelling icon. Speaking in an untainted Appalachian dialect borne of the mountains of Western North Carolina, Hicks told stories about Jack and his hijinks. Hicks and his storytelling were legendary, and he spun these yarns for five decades.His stories weren’t lost on Emily, Mary, and Rachel, the threesome who make up After Jack. This all-girl trio is rapidly establishing itself as a player in the Virginia folk music scene. After Jack has some heady festival dates lined up this summer, including one at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival next month. The band also stays busy working with young kids and the theater, a particular passion for the ladies in After Jack.The band is out on the road now supporting Echo, its debut release.Trail Mix caught up with After Jack to chat about the theater, the new record, and – of course – playing Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival in a couple weeks.BRO – You are heading to Telluride for the first time next month. Excited?AJ – We can’t wait! Attending the Telluride Bluegrass Festival has long been a dream of ours and the opportunity to be a part of it is just incredible! It falls in the middle of our first big tour west. We’re looking forward to seeing the country and bringing our music to a whole new audience.BRO – What lessons do you three draw from your theater training when you are on stage singing?AJ – Our live shows are all about energy; of the performance, of the audience, and the magic that happens when we collectively share that experience. Our love of performance, and of the music we share, gives us tremendous respect for each other onstage. Also, you can’t beat a theater background when it comes to stamina for the day to day challenges of the work, both physically and creatively.BRO – Tell me about the importance of your work with Young Audiences.AJ – We’re named after the hero of some of our favorite Appalachian folk tales. Jack is curious and adventurous and lands in trouble in every story, but he always comes out on top because he is lucky and smart. Young Audiences of Virginia is an organization that coordinates live performances for young people, and working with them has given us the opportunity to share our love of Appalachian music and stories with the next generation.BRO – We are featuring “Henry Lee” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?AJ – The song was written by our first “band friend,” David Mantz. He’s an incredible songwriter from Pennsylvania who happened to catch our very first show at Front Porch Fest in Stuart, Virginia, in 2011. We heard him perform “Henry Lee” at the same festival in 2013 and thought how interesting it might be to hear the tale from the woman’s point of view. We recently shot a music video for the song and David appears in it as Daddy; that’s a little trivia that we think is cool. When the video is released – soon!! – listeners can make up their own minds about what they think is going on in the story.BRO – What can we look forward to from you three at Rooster Walk?AJ – During our Saturday main stage set, we’ll be bringing lots of new songs from our recently released record, Echo. These new tunes are all about drawing folks together in celebration of our shared experiences, and we can’t wait to bring that to Rooster Walk. We will also be the pop “minstrels” of the festival this year, so you may have a chance to catch us as we pop around the grounds for tiny, high-energy set here and there. Saturday, mid-day, we’ll also be performing a family oriented show in the kid’s area, so make sure to catch that if you’d like to hear more about Jack.For more information on After Jack, how you can get your hands on Echo, or upcoming tour dates, point your browser to, fans new and old can catch the band Saturday, May 24t, at Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival, proud sponsors of this month’s Trail Mix!In fact, Trail Mix would like to give you a shot at catching After Jack’s set at Rooster Walk, along with all of the other Saturday goings on, by offering up the trivia question below. Email your answer to A winner of two Saturday passes will be chosen from all of the correct answers received by noon EST on Friday.Question . . . . . Echo, After Jack’s new record, was produced by Aaron Ramsey, a member of what popular bluegrass band?Good luck!last_img read more

Spain: 34 Detained in Operation Against International Drug-Trafficking Ring

first_imgBy Dialogo May 06, 2011 On 4 May, the Spanish police announced the dismantling of an international drug-trafficking ring, in an operation in which two tons of cocaine were seized and thirty-four individuals from five countries were detained. The ring also engaged in extortion, money laundering, and kidnapping, the Interior Ministry indicated in a statement. The police seized “101 pieces of real estate with an assessed value of more than three million euros,” as well as thirty-nine vehicles, one weapon, and extensive computer and telephone paraphernalia. The group “was perfectly organized and had the necessary infrastructure to bring in large amounts of cocaine hidden inside shipping containers, by way of various Spanish ports, for its subsequent distribution in different locations in Spain and other European countries,” the statement explained. The ring used “violence, both in Spain and in Colombia and other European Union countries, against other members of the organization whom they threatened with death or kidnapped in order to guarantee drug-trafficking operations,” the ministry specified. “One Spaniard was kidnapped by paramilitaries in the Colombian jungle, as a result of which he had to pay a significant amount of money,” it added. The thirty-four detainees include twenty-seven Spaniards, four Colombians, one Italian, one Dutchman, and one British man, as the result of an operation that began a year ago and was carried out with the collaboration of the police forces of Colombia, Morocco, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Two of the detentions took place in Morocco, and the rest in Spain. Spain is the principal European gateway for cocaine coming from Latin America and for hashish from North Africa.last_img read more

A compliance fellowship founder

first_img This post is currently collecting data… ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr This is placeholder text continue reading »center_img Donald Montague, CUCE, BSACS, has been a member of CUNA Compliance Community since its inception in 2015. In fact, you could make the argument that it was even earlier.“I was in a group that initially provided feedback on the site to CUNA,” says the compliance officer at $1.7 billion asset Harborstone Credit Union in Tacoma, Wash.Montague is one of the most active community members, with more than 900 responses to member discussions. He was also a Compliance Champion Best-in-Class winner in 2017.Montague particularly appreciates the “camaraderie and fellowship that grows out of sharing a collective experience. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. But others are there to offer advice, and it’s really helpful.”last_img read more

Cuomo announces multi-state agreement to develop supply chain for PPE and medical equipment

first_imgHe said states will then find suppliers within the U.S., region, or state who can meet demands for the next three months. Cuomo said that one of the goals of this is to promote regional economic development. Cuomo said that each of the states will continue to work with the federal government but will also work with each other to determine the region’s need for medical supplies. He said once they figure out the demand, they will be able to reduce the cost and stabilize the supply chain. (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he and six other governors have created a multi-state agreement to develop a regional supply chain for medical equipment and PPE on Sunday. Cuomo said each of the states will coordinate policies on what supplies local governments should have for First Responders and if there are any requirements of PPE for non-profits and private sectors. Additionally, Governor Cuomo said that states are discussing how they can collectively use emerging technologies such as 3D printers for an alternative method to produce supplies. For more coronavirus coverage, click here. Governor Cuomo made this announcement at a press conference Sunday. He is working with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Delaware Governor John Carney, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Barker.last_img read more

Tales of the riverbank

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The city views from this renovated home are sure to impress buyers

first_img9 Trafalgar Street, Morningside. Picture: said the downstairs pergola was a handy place to hang out on a hot day.“That area leads to the bar room and we often watch the footy there,” he said. “There’s a barbecue area downstairs too – it’s a great entertaining hub.”He said there was a home office which had a private entrance and an additional study or sixth bedroom if required. 9 Trafalgar Street, Morningside. Picture: Leishman is making the move south to Sydney for work and is ready to sell his Morningside home.Mr Leishman and his family have lived at 9 Trafalgar St for the past 12 months and have loved every moment. 9 Trafalgar Street, Morningside. Picture: Leishman said he would love to see another family move into the home.“Young children would really love the big backyard,” Mr Leishman said.“There’s room downstairs, which can be used for play areas.” The view from 9 Trafalgar Street, Morningside. Picture: city views and an 814sq m block, Mr Leishman said it was hard not to fall in love with the Morningside home.The renovated Queenslander has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. 9 Trafalgar Street, Morningside. Picture: from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020Mr Leishman said he had done some renovations to the house, including renovating the laundry.“We restumped the front of the house and enclosed it too,” he said.“We can now park three cars there.“There’s a workshop which is quite wide and it has electric remote doors.”With plenty of room to spread out throughout the home, Mr Leishman said his favourite spot to wind down was the deck which overlooked the front yard and had city views.“The side deck is nice and, in the morning, it’s not too warm,” he said.“You can get some really nice breezes here to.”last_img read more

Victory for McDowell

first_imgGraeme McDowell claimed his third win of the season, and third in eight events, with a hard-fought victory in the Alstom Open de France. It should also lift the former US Open champion from ninth to sixth when the world rankings are updated on Monday, with the Open Championship at Muirfield just around the corner. The 33-year-old began the day tied with Sterne and made the perfect start with a birdie from 15ft at the opening hole, but Sterne responded with a two-putt birdie on the par-five third, where McDowell was lucky not to find a water hazard with his drive. Both players then birdied the fifth before a poor drive cost McDowell a bogey on the seventh, while the par-five ninth produced matching birdies for the final group from a greenside bunker. McDowell was quick to get back on level terms at the start of the back nine, holing from nine feet for a birdie on the 10th and then missing from a similar distance on the next. Sterne dropped his first shot of the day on the 12th after driving into heavy rough and coming up short of the green with his approach, and he looked certain to also bogey the 13th as well. The South African committed the cardinal sin of taking an iron for safety only to push his tee shot into a water hazard, but after taking a penalty drop he hit his third shot to 20ft and holed for an unlikely par. Luck certainly appeared to be on McDowell’s side as he pulled his tee shot on the 16th but saw the ball take a fortunate bounce away from the rough and kick 90 degrees right. That left him with a relatively simple up and down, but he needed more fortune after pulling his par putt and the grin after it somehow found the left edge of the hole told its own story. Sterne had called for a “G-Mac bounce” after also pulling his tee shot but was not so fortunate and a bogey four gave McDowell a two-shot lead with two to play, the Northern Irishman then making certain of victory with a superb birdie on the 17th. McDowell carded a closing 67 at Le Golf National to finish nine under par, four clear of South Africa’s Richard Sterne who had been only one behind until bogeys at the 16th and 17th. Sterne eventually did well to par the 18th for a final round of 71 to make sure of outright second, with 2007 winner Graeme Storm and Spain’s Eduardo de la Riva a shot behind. McDowell missed the cut in last week’s Irish Open but reaped the rewards of staying on at Carton House over the weekend to work on his game, the first prize of 500,000 euros taking him less than 30,000 euros behind Justin Rose at the top of the European Tour’s Race to Dubai. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more