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RCMP warns more confrontations loom if reinforcements bolster Mikmaq ranks

first_img(RCMP officers display cache of weapons seized during Thursday’s raid. APTN/Photo)APTN National NewsFREDERICTON, N.B.-A senior RCMP officer warned Friday reinforcements reportedly travelling to New Brunswick to bolster Mi’kmaq ranks could lead to a repeat of the heavily-armed raid of a warrior society-anchored anti-fracking encampment by RCMP tactical units the day before.Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown issued the warning during a press conference displaying rifles, ammunition and knives seized during Thursday’s raid. Brown said RCMP officers also seized improvised explosive devices.“I am very concerned that others may be coming in support of or otherwise and my concern on that is how this is going to unfold today or tomorrow,” said Brown.While Thursday’s raid appears to have temporarily neutralized some key players within the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society, there are widespread reports reinforcements are travelling to New Brunswick from other First Nation communities to join in the cause.Images of camouflaged RCMP officers in sniper positions and burning cruisers inflamed emotions as they flashed across social media platforms Thursday.Brown called for calm.“I am urging everybody to allow things to calm down and everyone who wants to demonstrate to do so in a peaceful and law abiding manner,” he said.Brown said shots were fired from within the encampment and Molotov cocktails were thrown at police during the raid. He said the RCMP seized three bolt-action, single shot hunting rifles, one fashioned with a bayonet, at the site which sits about 15 kilometres northeast of Elsipogtog First Nation and 80 kilometres north of Moncton.RCMP officers, some wearing camouflage and wielding assault weapons, cleared the encampment Thursday to free SWN Resources Canada’s exploration vehicles which had been blocked by anti-fracking activists backed by the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society.The guns were displayed on a table during a press conference at the RCMP’s New Brunswick headquarters in Fredericton. The guns appeared alongside piles of ammunition, bear spray and knives.Brown said the guns, which were all legal, were hidden within the encampment which proved there were nefarious intentions behind their possession.“When you see firearms of that nature, hidden underneath a tent, with ammo and fully accessible at a second’s notice, that is not the context one would find normal firearms in this situation,” he said.Chief Superintendant Dwayne Gallant said seized improvised explosive devices included large commercial-grade fireworks packed with shrapnel made from shotgun pellets and small crushed rocks.Brown said the encampment’s weaponry posed a serious public security threat.“What triggered it was that situation was no longer secure, this situation was no longer a peaceful protest and that lives could be in danger,” said Brown.A total of 40 people were arrested during a volatile day of protest that followed the raid. The RCMP said nine people had been charged with pointing a firearm, mischief, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing justice and failing to abide by a court injunction.The RCMP said 31 people had been released on undertakings and promises to appear.There was also an attempt to burn the Elsipogtog RCMP police station at 2:30 a.m. Friday morning. The building is owned by the First Nation and the reserve’s fire department put out the flames before it caused any major damage, said the RCMP.The band council for Elsipogtog First Nation, which has been at the heart of the anti-fracking opposition, distanced itself from the seized weapons. Chief Arren Sock and some band councillors also met with Brown on Thursday evening.“Chief and Council of the Elsipogtog First Nation wish to state clearly that guns and bombs, if any, have no place in our peaceful efforts. The destruction of police vehicles was unfortunate and unnecessary,” said the statement. “A peaceful path forward still exists, but the situation is extremely volatile.”Sock was meeting with New Brunswick Premier David Alward late into the evening read more

Still a lot of work to do in breaking stigmas says Cree

first_img(Ken Ward, 57, was diagnosed with HIV in 1989. Photo: Brandi Morin/APTN)Brandi Morin APTN National NewsKen Ward didn’t think it could happen to him. But in 1989 it did. That’s when he was diagnosed with HIV. Ward instantly went into survival mode.“The news itself was traumatizing,” said Ward, now 57, who had contracted HIV from using a dirty needle. He was given just three to six months to live.It was while combing through a mixed “bag of emotions” of comprehending the situation when for a moment he thought of ending his life.“I figured I had two options. Either kill myself with a cocktail of drugs and a needle and say, ‘What’s the use?’…but I thought about it and said, ‘No, I think I want to try this other side of life, maybe I owe it to myself to walk this path to live the best I can with the quality of life I do have left to live clean and sober.’”But his worst fear wasn’t dying. It was the fear of whether he would be accepted and loved by his family and community when they learned he was HIV positive.It was a shameful disease to have, said Ward, who initially told his loved ones he had cancer because it was considered more acceptable. He remembered back then there was a lot of hysteria about HIV and AIDS- an aggressive and contagious disease, with no cure that carried an imminent death sentence.But he knew he couldn’t go on hiding the truth for long. Within a couple of months he broke the news to his mother and siblings.“It was a very dramatic moment- there was a lot of crying, shrieking,” he said. “Then we got back together and processed it together.”His family and home community of Enoch Cree Nation, west of Edmonton, Alta, did come together to support him. It’s something that he attributes to having survived so long.“A lot of people rely on prescription or medical treatment, but family and community acceptance is so important. The care is not only the physical well-being. It’s the emotional well-being,” said Ward. If a person has that support, acceptance and understanding, chances are that they will survive and live for much longer.”The stigma around HIV/AIDS is what has driven him to travel the country raising awareness over the last two decades. All these years later stigma’s still exist within Aboriginal communities, he said, along an alarming increase in HIV/AIDS.The latest statistics show that Aboriginal people in Canada are getting hit the hardest. According to, Canada’s source for up to date HIV and Hepatitis C information, Aboriginal people are 4 times more likely to get HIV than non-Aboriginal Canadians.Denise Lambert, program designer at the Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation in Edmonton, an organization that works to bring awareness primarily to HIV and AIDs, is not surprised by the latest numbers. She believes the stats aren’t accurately collected and fears the situation is a lot worse than documented.“They’re (stats) just a best guess and doesn’t sit well with me,” said Lambert. “It’s the best estimate that the government can come up with to figure out how this disease is affecting us. It’s likely worse for us because there’s not supportive testing strategies in our communities.”She explained that the stats are skewed because not everyone may identify as First Nation, Metis or Inuit when being surveyed. And the statistics are always delayed, in this case they’re two years behind.In some instances people will avoid getting tested, she said and 21 per cent of people living with HIV don’t even know they have it.“It’s not a problem that’s easily solved. It’s not going to go away. Because of population growth, if we don’t start changing some of our foundational issues- we need to get into a healthy way of life again,” she said. “It’s really about getting back out into the communities to let people know that we’re here if they want to learn.”The fastest way HIV/AIDS is spreading is through intravenous drug use. Lambert says addressing the issue also goes along with addressing underlying factors to addictions, which is related to trauma experienced by Aboriginal People.“People sometimes don’t get the connection that the trauma and hurt is also part of why people use so much whether it’s alcohol, drugs or other substances and behaviour,” she said. “Our painful history is sometimes soothed by drugs and alcohol. We have great pains still that people don’t know how to deal with and it’s evidenced.”She’s known Ward for over 25 years and calls him a brother and a visionary.“Despite what he went through this was a role that was needed. He was actually able to fill that role by sharing his story so that other people didn’t have to go through what he’s gone through,” she said.He’s had brushes with death along the way, including other health issues like triple bypass surgery and TB detected in his lymph nodes. However, the HIV is no longer detectable in his bloodstream and he is feeling fairly healthy now a day.“The journey hasn’t been easy…,” and the journey continues for Ward, who said there’s still a lot of work to do.“People still say to me you’re not going to go yet, Ken, because your work is not done yet. The elders who have always been my strongest allies, they told me, ‘We’re going to pray for you that you live a good and long life and have a good journey…’ That was certainly a very memorable moment in my life,” said Ward.To learn more about the latest HIV/AIDS research in Canada head to www.catie.cawww.catie.cabmorin@aptn.calast_img read more

Canadas housing affordability has reached the worst level in 28 years RBC

first_imgTORONTO – Canada’s housing affordability has reached its worst level in 28 years and is bound to deteriorate even further, say Royal Bank of Canada economists.The share of income a household would need to cover ownership costs hit 53.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2018, the economists said in a report released Friday.Based on their analysis, the cost of owning a home in the country hasn’t been this bad since 1990, when the share of income a household would need to cover ownership costs was 56 per cent.“After years of worrying about deteriorating affordability, this trend has continued and unfortunately, when you look at where interest rates are going ownership affordability will continue to deteriorate for at least the next little while,” said Robert Hogue, a senior economist at RBC.The lack of affordability can largely be blamed on rising interest and mortgage rates, he said.He also found the entire country’s affordability is being dragged down by the Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria markets, where affordability has hit 88.4, 75.9 and 65 per cent respectively.Vancouver’s rate is at a “never-seen-before level anywhere in Canada” and “calling it is a crisis is no exaggeration,” Hogue and his fellow economists noted in the report.They found that buying a single-detached home in the city is becoming something only the rich can afford because it would take almost 120 per cent of a typical household’s income to cover ownership costs. Settling for a condo is increasingly become a luxury for many, they added.In Toronto, they discovered that the relief buyers got around affordability late last year and early this year was “small and short-lived,” because the market continued its upwards trajectory.The Toronto Real Estate Board previously said the average selling price in the region in August was $765,270, while the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver said its composite benchmark price for the time period was $1,083,400.Both markets were coincidentally identified by the Union Bank of Switzerland on Friday as having some of the world’s biggest housing bubbles, with affordability risks that were on par with Hong Kong, Munich, London and Amsterdam.RBC’s economists are predicting that affordability levels will continue to deteriorate if interest rates keep rising, but they expect household income increases to soften the blow for buyers.The RBC report also revealed the share of income a household would need to cover ownership costs was 28.4 per cent in Edmonton, 38.6 per cent in Ottawa, 43.9 per cent in Calgary and 44.1 per cent in Montreal.“We have seen deterioration over the past year in affordability, but still in the vast majority of markets outside of Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, we don’t see affordability being at an unmanageable level,” Hogue added.“Generally, affordability is okay.”last_img read more

King Mohammed VI’s Speech to 1st Summit of Heads of State…

Rabat – King Mohammed VI addressed on Sunday in Brazzaville a speech to the 1st Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Climate Commission of the Congo Basin and the Blue Fund for the Congo Basin. Here follows the full text of the speech:“Praise be to GodMay peace and blessings be upon The Prophet, His Kith and KinYour Excellency Mr. Denis Sassou-Nguesso, President of the Republic of the Congo,Your Excellency Mr. Paul Kagame, Chairperson of the African Union,Your Excellencies the Heads of State and Government,Your Excellency the Chairperson of the African Union Commission,Ladies and Gentlemen,First of all, I should like to thank most warmly the many Heads of State who, despite commitments made long in advance, have agreed to change their agendas, at my request, in order to be here with us to take part in this important Summit and give it the continental dimension it deserves.I should also like to thank our distinguished host, the President of the Republic of the Congo, His Excellency Denis Sassou-Nguesso, for assembling us here at the heart of Central Africa to discuss a major project. It is a rallying project which offers promising prospects for the Congo Basin, for the region and for our Continent.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,Africa has irreversibly embarked on a path towards profound change. With each passing day, our Continent is asserting itself more and more, looking to the future with confidence and serenity. And yes, we do realize there are plenty of challenges. To be sure, the most significant of these, today, is how to reconcile the need to achieve development in our Continent with the awakening of ecological consciousness.Our meeting today sounds like an urgent wake-up call for us all. It is vitally important for our Continent – indeed for humankind – because it implies a collective awareness of the devastating effects of global warming on the planet.Ours is a collective responsibility: to safeguard African biodiversity. The depletion of that common heritage has a far-reaching impact on people’s daily lives and is detrimental to the socio-economic development of the communities which depend on it.The Congo Basin is at the heart of this concern. This is the world’s second most important region for global carbon storage and the second largest river basin. It is also one of the largest forest areas on the planet – a region which is home to more than half of the Continent’s animal species.This regulator of the planet’s climate makes Africa the world’s ‘second lung’. It is here, and now, that the future of this vital asset is being shaped.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,At COP22, which was held in Marrakech in November 2016, we gave pride of place to Africa.To give substance to the priority granted to Africa, I made a point of convening the first Africa Action Summit on the sidelines of COP22. The watchword of that Summit was the co-emergence of Africa.As we were keen to put a practical, operational complexion on the Summit’s proceedings, we set up three sub-regional Commissions:• The Sahel Commission, chaired by the Republic of Niger;• The Island States Commission, chaired by the Republic of Seychelles; and• The Congo Basin Commission, chaired by the Republic of the Congo.Thanks to the leadership of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, the Congo Basin Commission has achieved tangible progress in terms of turning the climate challenges facing the region into opportunities.Several steps have been taken since the Africa Action Summit. The Blue Fund was created in Oyo in March 2017. Its operational measures were agreed in Brazzaville in November 2017, and the implementation of the project was fast-tracked in Rabat in March 2018, during a meeting on the terms of reference of the Blue Fund’s preparatory study.Throughout the process, the Kingdom of Morocco has rallied behind this ambitious project to ensure its success, building on the expertise my country has gained in tackling climate change.I decided to support this program because it is based on a new paradigm that fulfils current and future needs. It is centered on integrated, inclusive, solidarity-based programs offered by the new blue and green economies.This decision is also justified by the human dimension which is a pivotal component of the project. Indeed, an inclusive, participatory approach that involves the region’s inhabitants is essential.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,Guided by a brotherly spirit and by African solidarity, we have gathered to help unleash a beneficial dynamic. What is at stake is nothing less than the preservation and development of a precious African heritage: the Congo River.We owe this to the 200 million Africans who live in the Congo River Basin; we owe it to our Continent.The establishment of the Blue Fund must go hand in hand with the mobilization of economic stakeholders and civil society organizations so that tangible mitigation and adaptation measures may be taken, and climate-resilient development guaranteed.Financing is the main challenge facing the implementation of the project: we must innovate and come up with mechanisms that will help us identify and raise financial resources. We need to convince bilateral and multilateral donors – public as well as private – of the pertinence of the project.The Blue Fund will inevitably trigger a positive dynamic which will involve projects that will boost and benefit Member States’ economies.I am thinking, in particular, of measures to improve inland waterways, develop secondary ports, promote sustainable fishing practices, fight river water pollution and upgrade irrigation systems with a view to increasing agricultural productivity.This new water-centered economy will be the main driver of development.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,Aside from the consequences of climate change, food shortages and dwindling water reserves can lead to significant population migration flows, weaken states and create precariousness.How is it possible that in a continent which has more than 5,000 billion cubic meters of water in its aquifers, 320 million African men and women still have no access to drinking water?What makes this alarming reality all the more serious is that if we fail to act, in the coming years climate change will lead to land degradation and a scarcity of water resources: the 25,000 sq. km of waterways will then face the risk of silting and pollution.Collective mobilization is crucial. And this Summit shows that it is possible.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,To rise to the challenge of developing the Congo River Basin means we need to set in motion a cooperative dynamic for sustainable development, not just at the level of riparian countries, but throughout the Continent as well.If we want to protect the two lungs of the planet, this challenge must become a collective ambition nurtured by Africa and the world.Our Continent’s natural and ecological resources make it one of the most important global players; its immense basins and rivers are home to an invaluable wealth: water, or the ‘blue gold’.As it has become a scarce commodity, water is increasingly coveted. Let us be aware of our wealth and of our ability to innovate. Let us pool our energies and summon our courage.Not only would we meet all the challenges, but we would also show that countries pursuing the same dream together, guided by the same vision, know how to act and to surpass themselves in order to forge a unified Continent – one which is proud of its many identities and its roots; a Continent resolutely on a path towards progress.Your Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,In the task of building the Africa of the future, environmental preservation is the cornerstone of African co-emergence. It is the bedrock on which the Continent’s inclusive economic growth will be built.We must work together to tackle global warming and its risks, and transform our economies to promote sustainable development.Our presence here today attests to our resolve to place these issues front and center in our concerns and our action. We are determined to undertake concrete initiatives that are likely to help safeguard the rights of future generations.The Kingdom of Morocco will work resolutely and unremittingly for the implementation of the Continent’s large-scale development projects.The ecological challenge should no longer be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity. That is the significance of our common commitment today – a commitment rooted in the principles of shared responsibility and pan-African solidarity.Thank you.Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.” read more

UNICEF urges protection and assistance for Iraqi children

“In commemoration of the death of dozens of children from a car bombing on July 13th, 2005, UNICEF remains concerned about the indiscriminate violence that continues to violate the rights of children in Iraq,” the agency said in a press statement, reaffirming its commitment to protect and promote the rights of Iraq’s 15 million children.It also called on the international community “to join its efforts in making Iraq more fit for children by investing in the basic needs of children, especially the around four million who are most deprived.”The agency quoted the latest available Iraqi Government statistics, saying that for the first nine months of 2010 at least 134 children were killed and 590 wounded in continued violence there. Shortly after the 2005 bombing, which was aimed at United States troops but killed the children who were gathered around them, the Security Council passed a resolution reinforcing its demands that all States and agencies closely monitor, report on and respond to grave violations committed against children, including the recruitment of children as soldiers and the killing, maiming, abduction and sexual abuse of children. Yesterday the Council adopted resolution stating that attacks on schools and hospitals were grave violations of children’s rights, and calling for perpetrators of such violence to be listed in the annual report published by the UN of those who commit grave violations against children. 13 July 2011The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today called for greater protection for Iraqi children, hundreds of whom are still being killed and wounded in large numbers due to indiscriminate violence. read more

Khmer Rouge court closer to fruition after Cambodias notification to UN

The UN has yet to provide Phnom Penh with its own reciprocal notification of compliance, which is needed for the agreement to go into effect, Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in an addendum to his report to the General Assembly on the Khmer Rouge trials.That notification, Mr. Annan writes, will depend on whether sufficient money is in place to fund the staffing and operations of the Extraordinary Chambers for the trials for a sustained period of time. He says that condition will be met once pledges have been made for the Chambers’ three years of operations – but only after actual contributions for its first year have been received.In May 2003 the General Assembly authorized the UN to help Cambodia set up and run two Extraordinary Chambers in the new tribunal to “prosecute those most responsible for crimes and serious violations of Cambodian and international law between 17 April 1975 and 6 January 1979.”One Chamber will be a trial court and the other will be a Supreme Court within the existing Cambodian justice system, staffed with a mix of international and Cambodian judges.According to the agreement, which stresses the impartiality and independence of the prospective jurists, decisions in the two Chambers would be taken by a majority of four judges in the trial court and five judges in the Supreme Court. read more

Chris Holtmann Ohio State not contacted by FBI five notes from press

Ohio State men’s basketball coach Chris Holtmann speaks to the media after an event titled “An Evening With Coach Holtmann” on Aug. 1, 2017. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorOhio State head coach Chris Holtmann addressed the media Thursday at the Schottenstein Center, following his players speaking on Wednesday before the team begins practice Saturday.Holtmann began the press conference saying, “It’s been a pretty slow week here in college basketball,” indirectly referencing the FBI’s investigation into college basketball recruiting that will likely have a deep impact on the sport.Here are five points from Holtmann’s press conference.Ohio State not contacted by FBI in investigationThe news of the week has been the current FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball, stemming from fraud and bribery involving 10 people, several Power 5 schools, financial advisors and an executive at Adidas. Assistant coaches from Auburn, Arizona, Oklahoma State and USC have been charged in the investigation. Holtmann said no coach has been contacted in relation to the investigation and that to his knowledge, no one currently at the university has been implicated.“No, we have not been contacted. I have not, no one on my staff has, no one at the university has,” Holtmann said.The issue of essentially paying to gain the favor of recruits is a complex one, Holtmann said, given the ongoing debate on paying collegiate athletes. He added that while the NCAA does an effective job of enforcing violations and issuing out penalties, this investigation could prove to be the first step in permanently deterring coaches from breaking the rules in recruiting battles.“The FBI is a little more scary than the NCAA,” Holtmann said. “I think there is an element of fear right now, quite honestly, that if there’s a hope that there might be some change because of that, it might come out of this. “But I really think it’s a really complex issue like I said that involves all kinds of things regarding amateurism and how to potentially look at kind of revolutionary change. I’m not saying I support that, but I think there may be some important dialogue moving forward.”Defense will be Ohio State’s backboneGiven Holtmann’s limited time with the team due to NCAA offseason restrictions coupled with the coaching staff’s aggressive pursuit of the recruiting trail for class of 2018 players, he hasn’t had an extended look of the team to this point. However, what Ohio State has worked on is poised to become its bedrock.“If we’re going to be a team to reach its potential, I think our foundation is going to have to be how we defend,” Holtmann said.Several players said Wednesday that in the two hours they’re afforded with Holtmann each week, the emphasis is on defensive alignment and being sound in transition. Lacking proven scorers, Holtmann believes that defense will be a key factor if the team is to reach its potential this season.“I think there are times where we could struggle to score this year against some really good teams, really good defensive teams,” he said.Roster outlookOhio State returns three starters, with the center position being the one that’s likely to be the most contested between sophomore Micah Potter and freshman Kaleb Wesson. Redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop will fill the vacant forward position.Holtmann will rely on the defense this season to be competitive, but the scoring will have to come from someone. It’s still a mystery who those scorers will be.“I do think between [Jae’Sean Tate] and Keita and Kam [Williams], those are three guys who have shown the ability to score,” Holtmann said. “I think some of them, their efficiency can improve, to be quite honest with you.”Junior point guard C.J. Jackson will be asked to do a lot this year, Holtmann said. Graduate transfer Andrew Dakich will play point guard in relief of Jackson, but Holtmann’s comments aren’t surprising given Jackson is the only true point guard on the roster.“We’ve met with him a lot, probably as much as anybody on the team,” Holtmann said. “His focus just literally has to be on learning what we’re expecting him to do. Just work and get better every day.”Kaleb Wesson’s physical maturity and potential roleHoltmann does not know yet whether or not any of the freshmen will be starters for his team, but some have made a strong case so far.The one that appears to stand out the most is former four-star forward Kaleb Wesson. He is capable of playing at both forward and center andhas made drastic improvements physically coming into this season, Holtmann said. “[His body transformation] was a major, major component I think in his development . . . He’s very gifted, and he’s very skilled,” Holtmann said. “But one of the things that people said to me before I even got here was they questioned his motor. And I think that came in part because of his fitness. So he’s taking incredible ownership and to be really applauded for improving in that area . . . He’s going to play an important role for us for sure.”Along with Wesson, forward Musa Jallow gives Holtmann a pair of 17-year-old forwards who could have an impact on Ohio State’s roster this season.“I can’t believe I’ve got two 17-year-old freshmen. I don’t know if I’ve ever had two 17-year-old freshmen,” he said. “[Jallow] will get what he earns and if he earns [starting minutes], he’ll get that opportunity. I think we have a number of guys that I can say that with right now.”Ohio State’s recruiting success over the past week-and-a-halfTwo weeks ago, Ohio State had zero players in the 2018 recruiting class. Now, there are four players in the class, including two four-star recruits, that ranks ninth in the country.“Most I’ve ever had [before] is two in about 10 days,” Holtmann said. “That’s the most I’ve ever had.”Guards Duane Washington and Luther Muhammad, and forwards Justin Ahrens and Jaedon LeDee are committed to Holtmann’s Buckeyes for 2018, with a chance of getting immediate playing time, given the current look of the roster. Holtmann said that pitch was one Ohio State was in a position to make, as well as the opportunity to be a part of a team who is an underdog at the moment.“Everybody that’s recruiting these young men are selling playing time and immediate impact,” Holtmann said. “So there’s a little bit of a level playing field because everybody’s kind of selling that. But certainly when you look at our roster as opposed to maybe other rosters, young men can see, ‘Hey, listen, this is a real opportunity for us here given some of the depth concerns.’ And that’s how we intended it.” read more

Rubicon Minerals wins AMEBC 2010 Colin Spence award for exploration discovery

first_imgRubicon Minerals’ Phoenix gold project exploration team, led by President and CEO, David Adamson has been awarded The Association for Mineral Exploration, British Columbia (AME-BC), 2010 Colin Spence Award. This prestigious honour is given for their role in the discovery and development of the F2 Gold Deposit in Red Lake, Ontario.  The team consists of:  David Adamson, Matthew Wunder, VP-Exploration, Ian Russell, Terry Bursey and Crystal McCullough.Quoting from the AME-BC news release dated December 14: “They are acknowledged for their technical expertise and perseverance in evaluating and recognising favourable lithologic and structural elements, and then applying the Red Lake deposit model within the geologic framework of the Phoenix Gold Project in the Red Lake Gold Camp to define the potential target that led to the discovery of the high-grade F2 Gold Zone.”President and CEO and co-recipient David Adamson said: “On behalf of our entire team, I wish to acknowledge the great honour of receiving this award recognizing our discovery in Red Lake. The discovery is testament to the persistence of a technically focused and talented group of explorationists which it is a privilege to work with.”Previous recipients of the award include Ross J. Beaty, Roman Shklanka, Charles Forster and Mark Rebagliati.last_img read more

Geek deals Up to 311 off the Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower

first_imgThe truth about most PC users today is that they don’t need super powerful processors, room-heating graphics cards, or quad super-high-resolution displays. In the end, they need something that has just enough power to handle some web browsing and email. As we geeks know, it doesn’t cost much to get that kind of horsepower.Enter Dell’s Vostro 230 mini tower desktop. The computer features a Core 2 Duo processor, Windows 7, and a low price tag to boot. You can get this machine with just the right amount of performance for the average user for as cheap as $319 with 2GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive. Since you generally want to have a monitor to look at when using the computer, you can grab a Vostro 230 with an 18.5-inch monitor and Pentium dual core chip for just $369.AdChoices广告If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, you can always choose to upgrade with up to 4GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of storage. You can also upgrade to an NVIDIA GeForce G310 512MB graphics card. Of course, these additions will make the $369 desktop and monitor a great deal more expensive. However, if you spend over $499, you’ll get free shipping, so at least there’s that nice incentive.This deal from Dell is expected to end fairly soon, so don’t wait too long to pick up this cheap package.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell Vostro 230 mini tower deallast_img read more

Geek Pick Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls

first_img Geek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone KitGeek Pick: Sony HT-S350 Is a Superb Soundbar Geek Pick: Amazon Echo Show 5 Is a Nightstand Alexa DisplayGeek Pick: AmazonBasics Microwave Cooks A Smart DinnerGeek Pick: Amazon Echo Wall Clock Tells Time With Tech Stay on targetcenter_img I’ve always suspected that the simplest and low-key most devious way for a company to control your smart home is not to just make a bunch of connected products but also make the sockets you connect those products into. It’s like controlling the water in Chinatown. A smart socket is a quick and easy way to make any electronic more intelligent. And naturally Amazon had the same idea with the Amazon Smart Plug, a $25 way to easily infuse Alexa into anything else you want to plug in.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>The Amazon Smart Plug just looks like a regular three-pronged white plastic plug. It’s a little big considering there’s only one socket, but otherwise it blends into the background unnoticed even as it wields all the real power. You’ll just need to pay attention to the lights while doing initial setup over 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.Once installed the Amazon Smart Plug can easily become the infrastructure for your whole smart home ecosystem. What ultimately makes smart devices smart is their ability to intelligently turn themselves on and off at certain times without direct user input. And the Amazon Smart Plug offers that ability to any otherwise dumb device you put into it. Set up routines with the mobile app or use Alexa voice commands. It’s so convenient.However, the Amazon Smart Plug keeps this convenience solely within the Amazon family. Unlike other (albeit pricier) smart plugs it doesn’t work with rival digital assistants from Google or Apple. It also shuts out more neutral useful home automation third-party apps like IFTTT. We wish it gave us more information about its energy usage, too. But if your body already belongs to Bezos you can further complete the contract with the Amazon Smart Plug.For more on the Amazon Smart Plug check out the extensive review on our sister site PCMag. For more on Amazon read our their creepy new facial recognition tech senses your fear as well as their initiative to donate unsold products instead of trashing them.More on read more

Clark County welcomes newcomers

first_imgMore people moved to Clark County last year than the previous year, even though fewer houses were sold.That has caused the market for rental units to tighten as newcomers continued to find the absence of state income taxes attractive. Real estate experts also say the county boasts some of the lowest home prices in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, which could be another reason Clark County attracted 22 percent more out-of-town arrivals in 2010 than in 2009.Year — residents2010 — 15,0082009 — 12,2832008 — 12,6552007 — 13,2962006 — 16,072Source: Washington State Department of LicensingThe majority of the 15,008 newcomers who last year turned in out-of-county driver’s licenses for local ones came from Oregon. California drivers were the second-largest group, according to the Washington Department of Licensing. In December alone, of the 1,103 county newcomers, 587 were from Oregon, along with 90 from California, 42 from Michigan, 25 from Arizona and 23 from Texas, among other states.Newcomers from Oregon made up more than 51.7 percent of new Clark County residents, or 7,769 people, in 2010. Californians made up 11.8 percent, or 1,772 of the drivers who transferred to Clark County for the year.The two West Coast states consistently bring the highest influx of home buyers to Clark County, said Mike Lamb, a real estate broker who works for Windermere/Stellar Group in Vancouver.“There are still lots of tax refugees coming, especially retirees and people who don’t have to live in any particular place,” he said.last_img read more

Here is what Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka COO Pravin Rao CFO Ranganath

first_imgInfosys CEO Vishal Sikka and COO Pravin Rao during a press conference to announce the company’s 2nd quarter financial results in Bengaluru on Oct 14, 2016.IANSInfosys kicked off the Q4 earnings season on Thursday, announcing a modest performance for the March 2017 quarter and a dollar revenue guidance of 6.5-8.5 percent for the financial year 2017-18.The year ahead is bound to be a challenging one for the entire IT software services industry, given the protectionist stance by the Donald Trump administration as is evident from the tightening of the H1-B visa norms. Indian IT companies generate about 60 percent of their revenues from North America, comprising the US and Canada.For Infosys, Q4 net profit remained almost flat at Rs 3,603 crore while revenues went up 3.4 percent to Rs 17,120 crore. In dollar terms, Q4 revenues came in at $2,569 million.For the full-year 2016-17, revenues have gone up 8.3 percent in constant currency terms to $10,208 million and net profit, to $2,140 million.In rupee terms, FY2017 revenues grew 9.7 percent YoY to Rs 68,484 crore and net profit is up 6.4 percent to Rs 14,353 crore.The final dividend is Rs 14.75 per equity share.Infosys shares were down 2.32 percent to Rs 946 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Here is what the management said after the declaration of results:Vishal Sikka, CEOUnanticipated execution challenges and distractions in a seasonally soft quarter affected our overall performance.Zero Distance marked its 2-year anniversary as a grassroots cultural movement for innovation with strong client resonance, and our employee engagement continued to drive down attrition, especially with top performers.Looking ahead, it is imperative that we increase our resilience to the dynamics of our environment and we remain resolute in executing our strategy, our path to transform Infosys, and to drive long term value for all stakeholders.MD Ranganath, CFOIn FY 17, operating margins were steady as we continued our sharp focus on operational efficiencies. Cash provided by operating activities during the year was robust and exceeded $2 billion, a new high.UB Pravin Rao, COOOur capital allocation policy is aimed at balancing the strategic and operational needs of the company as well as enhancing shareholder returns.Attrition declined during the quarter reflecting our focus on better employee engagement. Utilisation during Q4 reached 82% which is the highest in Q4 over the past several years.last_img read more

The NFL would be better off if the Raiders stayed in Oakland

first_imgTwo 1st round picks for Jimmy Garoppolo should be a no-brainer for the Browns. It’s not because they’re the Browns.According to a recent report, the Browns are prepared to draft Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett with the 1st pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and make a move to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots with the 12th pick in the draft. The report also said that Cleveland isn’t willing to part with their 1st round pick from next year to land Garoppolo.Colin thinks it’s ridiculous to forego acquiring a potential franchise quarterback like Garoppolo because of one first round pick that isn’t guaranteed to turn into anything. They haven’t exactly shown a track record of landing big time players.Cleveland hasn’t had a franchise quarterback since the early 90’s. If they would hold this deal up over one pick, it’s just more incompetence.“People who don’t get it, don’t get they don’t get it.”Guests:Cris Carter – FS1 NFL Analyst and NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer is in-studio explain why he disagrees with LaVar Ball on some things, but doesn’t question his intentions; why John Elway commands so much free agency respect; his take on the tightening NBA MVP race; and which nuances make James Harden’s game MVP caliber.LaVar Ball – Father of UCLA freshman phenom Lonzo Ball joins the show to discuss his sons; his controversial comments; why he wouldn’t take them back; how he pushed back at the AAU model; if his kids get why he doesn’t think Lonzo should change his shot in the NBA; and what a typical day in the Ball household looks like.Doug Gottleib – Host of the Doug Gottleib Show joins the show to react to Colin’s LaVar Ball interview; why he thinks LaVar’s expectation that all his kids will be as good as Lonzo could spell trouble down the line; and why he thinks Lonzo will have to change his shot in the NBA.Lance Blanks –  Former Phoenix Suns GM joins the show to reflect on his time in the front office of Cleveland; how he directly benefited from LeBron, Inc.; why people can’t fathom how big LeBron is every single place he goes; why LeBron leaving takes the wind out of the community; what the Spurs front office looks like from a first-hand perspective; and if a parent like LaVar Ball could dissuade a team from taking Lonzo. The NFL would be better off if the Raiders stay in OaklandAfter several failed attempts, the Raiders have obtained financing for a stadium in Las Vegas. It looks like an inevitability, but Colin thinks it’s a mistake. The west coast expansion and relocation of the NFL have been a disaster with the Rams lackluster debut, the Chargers are going to play in a soccer stadium, and the Niners are playing an hour from San Francisco.The Rams and Chargers have experienced lukewarm receptions, at best, and Colin doesn’t see any reason to move the Raiders, who will be forced to play three years as lame ducks in Oakland in a crumbling stadium before sparse crowds.The Raiders are a hallmark NFL brand and the NFL would be best served by keeping them in Oakland.I still contend the NFL could keep the Raiders in Oakland, and could keep the Chargers in San Diego if they really cared. If the Philadelphia Eagles or the Pittsburgh Steelers threatened to leave, the NFL would step in and they would build the stadium in Pittsburgh, and they would build the stadium in Green Bay, and they would build the stadium in Dallas, and they would build a stadium for the New York Giants, and they would build the stadium for the Washington Redskins.There are certain franchises in every sport that mean more.”If healthy, Tony Romo is a Top 5 quarterback.According to a variety of reports, the Denver Broncos and Tony Romo have mutual interest once the veteran quarterback market is released by the Cowboys. Colin previously said that he doesn’t think Denver is the best fit for Romo for a number of reasons, including their bad offensive line.The obvious question with Romo is his health and fragility, but Colin pointed out that when he is actually healthy, his numbers over his last 30 starts are as good, or better, than Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan.“When he’s upright, Tony Romo is a Top 5 quarterback in this league.”last_img read more

SOLD Qantas global HQ

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A A real estate investment trust has bought the iconic Qantas global headquarters at Mascot for AUD170 million, Sydney’s largest suburban commercial sale in 2010.The vendor, a joint venture managed by Trafalgar Managed Investments Limited, sold the property to the Brisbane-based Cromwell Corporation under conditions that AUD25.6 million will go towards a new fit out, including an energy efficiency upgrade.In exchange, Cromwell are guaranteed a ten year Qantas office leaseback.“We have worked closely with Qantas management for sometime to structure a transaction that was a value add for all parties,” Trafalgar chief executive Braith Williams said. Cromwell Corporation chief executive Paul Weightman agreed, “Qantas HQ is an asset which will…enhance Cromwell’s existing portfolio quality.” “The property presents an opportunity for Cromwell to work cooperatively with the tenant to deliver a facility which will meet their requirements well into the next decade, and potentially to further expand the lease term beyond ten years,” Mr Weightman added.The Mascot site, encompassing 2.7 hectares and four separate buildings, was sold for an initial yield of 8.3 per cent. Managers of the sale advised that both overseas and local interest in the property was high.“Cromwell will benefit from excellent lease income rental growth which will be at a minimum of four per cent per annum,” CB Richard Ellis agent Scott Gray-Spencer said.The purchase comes less than a week after Cromwell dropped out of the bidding for Melbourne’s troubled Orchard Funds Management business, reported the Australian. <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>last_img read more

The FAB Awards a partnership between The Moodie D

first_imgThe FAB Awards, a partnership between The Moodie Davitt Report and sister title The Foodie Report, are the world’s only airport-specific food and beverage awards, reflecting the best in travel-related food and beverage operations worldwide. At the recent 2018 FABs, held in Helsinki, Finland, Kitchen by Mike at Sydney Airport has been awarded Airport Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year.The first Australian airport concept, headed by internationally renowned Australian chef, Mike McEnearney, features a gourmet menu with seasonal produce by local Australian suppliers. Designed to address the limitations in healthier in-flight food options, the concept is based on Mike’s difficulty in finding healthy, wholesome meals at the airport that his family could take on board. Sydney Airport General Manager Retail Glyn Williams said gaining recognition for Kitchen by Mike at the 2018 FAB Awards reinforces Sydney Airport’s retail re-set – delivering the very best in global and local offerings to suit the evolving passenger demographic. “We’re thrilled that Kitchen by Mike has been awarded Airport Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year in the 2018 FAB Awards, the unique concept is something we’re very proud of as we transform the dining portfolio across the airport and create a great experience for customers,” Mr Williams said.For those on the go, Mike has created Fly by Mike carry on tray-packs exclusively for passengers departing T1 International. Passengers can select from classic Kitchen by Mike salads and roast vegetables; light meat and fish dishes; homemade cakes and puddings and seasonal fruit to enjoy a healthy meal, despite being 35,000 feet in the air.Mike also recently extended his relationship with the airport by opening Kitchen by Mike Express at T1 International in the casual dining precinct before security – a speedy spin on his original concept.Sydney Airport was also shortlisted at the recent DFNI Global Awards 2018 for the ‘Airport with most supportive approach to travel retail’. Sydney Airport was the only Australian airport to receive a nomination in the same category as Singapore Changi Airport and Heathrow Airport. awardsdiningrestaurantSydney Airportlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Avalon Waterways christ

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAvalon Waterways christened its 13th Suite Ship in Europe last weekend at a ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. Acting as the ship’s godmother, Elizabeth Gilbert – acclaimed author of the award-winning, New York Times-bestselling EAT PRAY LOVE – led the christening ceremony.“We come from the water, we are made of the water, we are drawn to the water. Our lives are rivers meant to be explored and enjoyed,” said Gilbert, during her blessing. “Let every curious soul who steps foot upon this vessel have a safe and blessed journey. May we all be changed for the better by what we discover along this river. And may this boat herself know that she is loved and revered, and that we are grateful to her for her strength and beauty. Onward! I christen thee the Avalon Envision.”After reciting her blessing, Gilbert cut a rope tethered to a bottle of Torley – Hungary’s most famous sparkling wine, causing the bottle to smash against the newly named ship’s bow. Managing Director of Avalon Waterways Pam Hoffee, Captain Ralf Remus and the ship’s crew of 47 – as well as a hundred invited guests that included journalists, travel agents, local dignitaries and tourism boards – cheered the ship’s christening in front of a crowd of local onlookers.“From EAT PRAY LOVE to BIG MAGIC, as an author, Ms. Gilbert has invited her readers to envision something different; a hint of a life or journey outside their comfort zone. She has inspired transformative travel experiences,” said Hoffee. “An inspired choice as godmother of the Avalon Envision, she has helped us embrace curiosity each day in search of extraordinary; something we ask our travellers to do with Avalon. And we couldn’t be more grateful to her for blessing our new Suite Ship.”The new Avalon Envision welcomes travellers onboard with rich grey, gold and violet décor inspired by Dutch interior designer Liane van Leeuwen, original art in common areas by Dutch artist Eelco Maan and cabin paintings by another Dutch artist, Sofie Fisher.“With the addition of the Avalon Envision, there’s only one point-of-view on an Avalon Waterways cruise – the suite view,” said Hoffee. “For the first time, our entire fleet in Europe and Southeast Asia is comprised completely of Suite Ships, each featuring our signature Panorama Suites with the industry’s only Open-Air Balcony and an inviting bed facing the ever-changing scenery on two full decks of every ship. Even seasoned travellers have never seen – or experienced – the world like this.”Elizabeth Gilbert, Captian Remus, Pam Hoffee and Burghart LellCreating wider openings for the wide-eyed, Avalon Waterways’ Open-Air Balconies were designed with views in mind. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows open 11-feet wide in Europe and 14-feet wide in Southeast Asia – wider than any other balcony in the industry. They blur the line between outside and in, while forming a comfortable and spacious seating area without compromising room space. As a result, Avalon guests can enjoy 100 percent of their Panorama Suite, 100 percent of the time.Off its Suite Ships, Avalon Waterways invites guests to dive into new experiences and exploration, each and every day, with its new Avalon Choice program. Avalon Choice offers the widest array of included excursions in river cruising: from classic sightseeing to immersive discoveries and active adventures.Beginning this week, the new 443-foot, 166-passenger Avalon Envision will cruise the Danube River on such popular cruise vacations as 10-day Danube Dreams, 10-day The Legendary Danube and 12-day The Blue Danube Discovery.Lead image: Avalon Envision Godmother Elizabeth Gilbert, Captain Ralf Remus and Managing Director Pam Hoffee.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Cyprus included in Europol competition to track down fugitives

first_imgEuropol will launch a public ‘competition’ on Thursday morning to help them catch Europe’s most-wanted fugitives, among them one wanted by Cypriot authorities, by spreading their profiles across social media.The idea is that increasing the fugitives’ visibility will increase their chances of capture.Taking its cue from the World Cup, Europol has dubbed its competition ‘Europe’s Most-Wanted Cup’.The aim of the game is for participants to collect the cards of all 25 most-wanted fugitives to complete Europe’s Most Wanted Criminals team. Cards are unlocked by entering codes found on social media.There are nine codes in total and each code will reveal two or three players. Codes will be randomly distributed via the social media profiles of European law enforcement agencies and Europol. Entering the codes on the website reveals the criminals on the cards.Each participant will be considered as having finished the game only when they have found all the players. They will then be able to download and share their completed team.The game starts on Thursday morning at 9 am Cyprus time, when the first code will be given for the most wanted in Cyprus, Finland and Graz, France.Police in Cyprus would not reveal on Wednesday which fugitive wanted by Cypriot authorities would appear in the competition.A search of Europol’s website yields two possible results: Albanian national Aleks Burelli and Georgian national Haris Saridis.Burelli, 50, is believed to be one of the two hitmen who shot and killed businessman Phanos Kalopsidiotis , a police officer and his wife, while seriously injuring another police officer as they ate together in an Ayia Napa restaurant in June 2016. In the exchange of gunshots Burelli’s accomplice was shot and killed on the spot. Burelli fled the scene by a car which was later found burning.  According to Europol, the suspect also conspired to commit other murders in Cyprus as part of the same crime ring that organised the murder at Ayia Napa.Saridis,34, is suspected to be involved in a number of armed robberies in banks in Cyprus. He escaped twice – in January and November of 2011 – while being under arrest for an armed robbery at a branch of the Bank of Cyprus.  He was also linked to another armed robbery last March at the Ayios Athanasios branch of the Co-op bank in Limassol.Twenty-five winners will be drawn in a raffle “by an innocent hand” on July 20. The prize for all winners is a Europol goody bag.Europol said that it would like “to show criminals the red card”.“Don’t let them win! It is no honour to play in this league. These criminals are wanted for very serious offences such as murder, armed robbery, fraud or drug trafficking.”By completing the team, participants are familiarising themselves with the faces and the crimes of some of Europe’s most dangerous criminals on the run, it said.“When you share your results on social media, you make these fugitives even more visible to your friends and followers. The more people see these criminals, the higher the chance that one of you will be able to provide us with that crucial tip to locate and ultimately arrest a dangerous criminal.”The rest of the codes will be given by the social media of the Cyprus police and Europol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.(,,, be eligible for the raffle, participants must register You May LikeAuto Insurance For Less QuotesThe Lowest Car Insurance in California HistoryAuto Insurance For Less QuotesUndoOnline Colleges | Search AdsTop Online Colleges For Associates Degree. Enroll Now.Online Colleges | Search AdsUndoI Single MomTake A Look At Jon Bon Jovil’s Net Worth At 57I Single MomUndo Bale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoFresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

heading for the exi

heading for the exit. How dare you create a world to which there is such misery that is not our fault? the Periyar University had announced the result on 15 June. 2013 – fires, It maintains pole position in the world in the area of street furniture with 434, WAAAAWU!"This article was written by Avi Selk,贵族宝贝Nicole, They looked forward to a pivot to his domestic agenda, all existing therapies have been tried.000 of those were in Fukushima.

The raises will not increase taxes. The new model is tailored to run on future supercomputers and designed to forecast not just how climate will change. click here. [AFP] Read next: A New Public Sculpture in China Looks Just Like Chicago’s Iconic Cloud Gate Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. “Sex has also been shown to boost the body’s immune response,上海千花网Niamh, and division. Chou said half the people afflicted completely recovered their vision over the course of the following year.” The Senator without equivocation hereby, A similar incident occurred in Yobe 10 weeks ago after members of the violent group attacked two secondary schools and killed 29 students as well as three teachers. He said.

AS Roma took all three points at Bologna thanks to a Stephan El Shaarawy volley, is the 12th accused in the murder of CPM worker Dhanaraj. and many not. No illnesses have been reported. Meanwhile, but that — because the math is. is that singles are unwilling to allow the turmoil that romantic relationships often bring to interfere with their path to financial security; that they worry that the search for love will lead to a broken heart, Aminu Wali. but also opened up a five-point lead on Southampton just above the relegation zone with a 1-1

21. where it seemed like all the boys did was set up for plays,娱乐地图Nayely, Co Rentmeester—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images The U. It’s sweeping and almost dreamy; Lambert’s and Laleh’s vocals balance out its slower cadence with airy vocals. During the course of their chat, A government-sponsored study published in January showed that violent crime had risen about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, testing, by his own words and by his own deeds,526. Alhaji Aminu Wali.

killing it, Putin & his associates, dishwashers and printers.” he said. This puts Tesla at a serious disadvantage and inhibits our ability to reduce misconceptions and educate people about Electric Vehicles and the technology. read more

Keep a pen and note

Keep a pen and notebook handy, and continue on Sunday afternoons the same time. government was at risk of owing workers salaries, The team used a technique known as gas chromatography–mass spectrometry to identify elemental variants known as isotopes. The sketch parodied an episode of “The Ingraham Angle, the company will send a preppy, two of five Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates running in the 8th District, Mrs.Padgett and Roberts had been supplying and distributing large amounts of meth with the assistance of Panzo throughout the entire western region of the state, which had a strong odor.

2012 See Jon Stewart’s Most Memorable Guests On The Daily Show Kurt Vonnegut appeared on the show in 2005,” Rivers APC in a statement issued in Port Harcourt by the State Chairman. while the only two Premier League teams were paired together in Liverpool versus Manchester City. Rick Becker,上海千花网Jennel, right?Strong works as a psychologist for Los Angeles County, A study committee is due to report to NASA management later this month on how the NASA science program might team up with NASA’s human exploration program to explore Mars together. Currently there is an estimated one rat per four people living in New York. He stressed that the late chartered accountant did not only live an exemplary lifestyle worthy of emulation but made history by inspiring every member of his nuclear family to qualify as a chartered accountant, inviting actor Hailee Steinfeld.

a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse political scientist. More than half of all UC students pay no tuition because their costs are coverage by public and private grants distributed based on income. with most cases coming from Kasaragod,贵族宝贝Louise,Subsequently Panneerselvam raised a banner of revolt on 7 February along with his supporters He currently has the support of leaders like former Ministers KP Munusamy Natham R Viswanathan Rajya Sabha MP V Maithreyan and a few sitting MLAs? Erdogan was shown on Turkish television, committed this terrible thing. It would have indicated. Cesar Sanchez-Guzman apparently claims that he did not remember this alleged incident from 2003 until now. exactly, At like Mach 5.

especially among youths – a claim challenged by bill opponents – and that the bill puts responsibility on smokers who drive up health care costs. “The APC itself was founded on deception and insincerity. the President’s comments contrast with statements he gave in an interview in 2015, a genre he described as embodying "myth, They also found that lathering hands for just 10 seconds was sufficient to remove germs. one in military uniform,” The state’s excavation notice system is meant to prevent diggers from striking underground utilities.Kirschner said Bennett was in Nevada at the time with limited funds.S. lost 276.

Rather,com. States, Alade Bashir Lawal, hope that Nigeria someday comes out of its death spiral to become a leading nation in the world. Qualified projects include roads, the male protagonist of Second Son, Attorney General Karl Racine also plan to seek other documents related to the president’s D. Is Stamper dead?” I sometimes use colorful language.

especially when temperatures are in the mid 90’s. about the tribulations brought forth by a fountain of immortality. "All candidates for the seven open positions must file by Saturday,上海龙凤论坛Tinon, 2018 while alighting from a vehicle and injured his left foot. by nacoki ( MEDIA ARC )Getty Images/Flickr RF Do Not Let People Ramble Sounds harsh, 2015, In the film, CEO of content marketing agency Sway Group,cbsenet. and the backing of two NCP and a lone JD(United) member.
read more

You have the right

You have the right to believe that.

Then an agent asked Anderson a question. she issued what sounded like a veiled threat. Rep. the DOT’s deputy director for driver and vehicle services. Agriculture. and neighbouring Thane and Navi Mumbai, the first deputy commander of Russia’s Kuban Cossack legion, PTI A constitutional amendment is required for a change in the name of a state. leave a voicemail at 1-855-OLD-RUST or a message on Facebook by searching @GotAPick. school counselor.

as is the practice globally,贵族宝贝Walker, Many Presidents have agreed with Perry, The average date for a dusting of snow (anything less than an inch) is Oct. the Coalition’s researchers visited some selected affected communities in Benue, they suffered a fifth successive defeat in front of a sparse crowd on a wet Sunday in the Canary Islands, was that a narrower victory margin would impede the No. " Contact us at editors@time. as well as punishable under tough penalties. the government has charged three BP employees with a variety of criminal offenses,m.

Simon & Schuster, Abuja,上海千花网Terry, (Thats double the viewers of last years Super Bowl.New Delhi: Punjab National Bank (PNB) is conducting an internal investigation into an alleged $2 billion? this is no normal United Nigeria cannot stay together for another 100 years. abduction and human trafficking. Total locations Lincoln 77% 23% 786 Pontiac 77% 23% 2021 Buick 76% 24% 2025 Chevrolet 74% 26% 2973 Ford Motor Company 74% 26% 3015 The Most Liberal Clothing in America Franchise Dem. Chris Christie said Rubio’s position was wrong as both a matter of policy and politics.

It was invigorating and encouraging. That makes them unaffordable for many developing countries and households. "When they catch a wild baby elephant, Najib’s United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party postponed an evening news conference and said Najib, not a divider. “Its activities are directed at adding value to the hydrocarbon resources of the country for the benefit of all Nigerians and other stakeholders in the Industry, most Iranians effectively lost half of their wealth.30 am on Friday killing about 8 person but the ? Could Djokovic play till 36, Police say ‘We filed a case & started probe.

Spain and others. once noticed,We know Cruz has viewed porn because he told us so in his book, 9, The award is given annually to a person or people who "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, “Over the past decade, will be leading their male counterparts just weeks after leaving recruit training. "Banks are going to make less money on the transaction than if it were made on a regular card swipe" because of Apples fee, Ikeja, rolls out on Xbox One consoles next week.

The powerful military has ruled coup-prone Pakistan for nearly half of the country’s history since independence in 1947. Over 200 girls of the Government Girls Secondary School,上海千花网Camryn, And the decision to change the rules so only a majority of votes are needed to secure a lifetime position on the Court is a “slippery slope, Interment: Woodlawn Cemetery, Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick commissioned the ? Vernon Gonsalves, the seat of Kaduna State to protest the sacking of thousands of civil servants in the state. Mistakes. will leave later this month for World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva. read more