Hot words hot Qinghai hot two sessions

province of the people of all ethnic groups eager to focus on the opening of the two sessions. The reporter learned from the meeting, in particular the hot words about the development of Qinghai province and the concerns of the people this year NPC and CPPCC, some members of the public through the Xining Evening News "public politics into NPC and CPPCC passed some deputies and members, in NPC and CPPCC, these people concern hot words including ecology, corruption, high iron the rule of law, and the new Xining Railway Station, which is the focus of the people is the focus of the town talk, more attention on behalf of members, reporters found by combing, including 10 hot words people and representatives, members are most concerned about, the popularity index is the highest.
I hot words to corruption like a point
[hot] people as people, we must first give our province anti-corruption work a good point! The reason is: the improvement of work style after the introduction of the eight provisions, the provincial government attaches great importance to the rapid introduction of the Qinghai 21, rapidly improving the work style, close ties with the masses in the province, the province’s clean government has made outstanding achievements, a number of corrupt elements are punished, purify the party the cleaning team, the party and the people of all ethnic groups applauded.
[] I view members of the provincial anti-corruption achievements, won the support of the people, but the anti-corruption effort can drum, can not vent. To this end, our province to further strengthen the leading cadre education, supervision and self-discipline, strengthen the leading cadres ideological and moral defense in the ideological and moral foundation, strong measure; to further grasp of major cases investigated, resolutely punish corruptionists, take concrete actions to win the trust; to further strengthen the special treatment to correct damage the interests of the masses to unwholesome tendencies; further strengthen the innovation of anti-corruption work system.
hot words Qinghai blue truth fire
[] represent the views of Qinghai blue is the pride of Qinghai, is the well-being of Qinghai people, is the precious wealth for the people of Qinghai "Jinbuhuan", the provincial government to ecology, Qinghai blue GDP to sacrificing determination and courage, worthy of our praise for its children of all ethnic groups in Qinghai! As governor Hao Peng stressed: in the pollution problem, the standard can only be high, must not be reduced!"
hot words for the new Xining Railway Station applauded [hot]

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