North of the city this year 1 million 300 thousand square meters of demolition

this year will be the demolition of 1 million 301 thousand and 700 square meters of the building to ensure the smooth implementation of key projects provinces and cities.

in order to facilitate the relocation of resettlement, to protect the relocation. This year, the north of the city will adhere to the principle of combining the demolition and relocation of the law, take a number of measures to actively, steadily and orderly manner to carry out the demolition work, and strive to complete the annual task of removing the target. Thus, north area combined with the actual demolition work of key projects, set up by the party secretary, mayor served as commander of the headquarters relocation, under the comprehensive coordination group, resettlement group, stability monitoring group, advocacy groups, land group, demolition group, formulated and issued the "Chengbei District key project resettlement work to implement the views" the district government, and eight by the district leadership of the head of the demolition team signed letters of responsibility, requirements of the working group to do publicity, time, packet packet packet packet packet, safe and stable removal of "Five Guarantees", mainly from the "fast, steady, fine, and strict" five words to do this article.

since 2007, north of the city area were organized to complete the Golmud of Qinghai Tibet railway line, West Road, North freight transit emergency center 25 national, provincial and municipal key construction projects involving the demolition tasks, the completion of the demolition of housing construction area of 1 million 729 thousand square meters.


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