2011 Xining City the quality and safety of agricultural products put forward six priorities

outstanding issues for agricultural products in the field of quality and safety of existing and potential risk, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation Bureau notice according to the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry "issued in 2011 on the quality and safety of agricultural products focus on remediation work" (green agricultural nature [2011]186) requirements and the Municipal Food Safety Commission issued the "notice" on the 2011 Annual food safety special rectification work implementation plan of the spirit, put forward six governance focus on the improvement of quality and safety of agricultural products in Xining City: one is on the city’s vegetable production base on Chinese cabbage, beans, green leafy, Allium vegetables, beans, cowpea, prominent celery, leek, and grams of Budweiser, Omethoate, optunal etc. poison limit exceed the standard special governance issues as the focus of the pesticide pesticide residues; two in pigs, cattle and sheep farming as the key, carry out feed And animal products "Clenbuterol" special governance issues; three is the melamine, leather hydrolyzed protein, phenols, beta lactamase, sodium thiocyanate and other illegal additives as the focus, depth of fresh milk of prohibited substances special governance issues; four is focus on the production of veterinary drugs business problems, carry out veterinary drug quality safety administration work; five is combined with the relevant departments of the problem of counterfeit agricultural area, with pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs as the focus, to carry out agricultural counterfeiting special operations; six is around the crab varieties of rainbow trout and four fish and other major consumer products, in order to check the nitrofuran metabolites, nitrate malachite green and other prohibited drugs and toxic and hazardous substances management work of aquatic products as the focus.

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