Enthusiastic help to retain customers

now do business need to consider the contacts, after all, in the current purchase of whatever choice is very much under the circumstances, a wider network of business will undoubtedly be better. Do business is based on the interpersonal relationship, a wide network of business automatics. The main business of my shop is to look after the old customers. The old customer is not next door neighbours relatives and friends, it is their support, I was able to survive the shop. Therefore, it is very important to improve interpersonal relationship.

business people sweet mouth, met to take the initiative to greet warmly, find some common topics to communicate, or help them solve some practical difficulties, in order to get close the distance between each other, let the friendship boat sailing.

one of my old customers, son to buy him a good smoke, he too expensive, reluctant to smoke, so I bought on behalf of the. I said, uncle, you have such a great age, the son of your father and your cigarette, expressed his filial piety, should be to learn to enjoy, your son will be happy. Moreover, tobacco companies does not allow me to buy cigarettes on behalf of the shop, check, is to be punished by the tobacco monopoly law. Uncle listened to my words, my heart is not happy, quietly left my shop.

for a long time, uncle did not come to my shop to buy goods, and I realized that he was offended. Although the uncle did not come to my shop to buy goods, there are several times, I walked in the street met uncle, I always take the initiative to greet. Until one time, I give the vegetable wholesale market of a grocery store delivery, met a large bag of potatoes to buy uncle, there are at least 100 pounds, pushing the bike with potatoes uncle very hard to walk.

I saw, quickly stopped the car, the uncle’s bike and potatoes moved to my truck. It is not on the way, I said delivery Shun incidentally, around 3 kilometres to uncle home. A few days later, my uncle went to the shop to buy goods, honest, to restore their old customers, how indescribably happy heart.

if the business is always under every rhythm, now the competition is so fierce, I am afraid it is difficult to get more consumers want to have more customers will be very difficult. In short, business people will come to the business work, can be a long time to maintain a friendly relationship between me.

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