Datong master mountain flowers sing again

June 29th, 2014 Chinese · Qinghai fifth classic mountain flowers cum welcome CCTV "beautiful" Chinese village into the chase theme performances in the stadium, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County grand opening. Photograph by Li Xiaogang

it is understood that this year, the flowers will be activities of "Flower Charm", "Beichuan style", "Shuo Bei legacy" and "meet Datong" four plates, including the opening ceremony performances, flowers classic mountain flowers contest and northwest concert, original flowers concert, Hehuang shadow performances, sir Mountain Monastery event and other 14 activities. The master hill flowers will abandon the past activities to invite big stars to help perform the play mode, tap their own characteristics, so that the whole program more ground gas. The flowers will be the opening ceremony by the "flowers", "happy" Datong Datong, "beautiful" Datong three chapters and "meet" the end of the 15’s program, through folk songs, folk custom and other popular forms on flower characteristics, let flower songs resounded through the master at the foot of the mountain, Qin Ren heart. Flowers are a wonderful work on Datong Woye, people here no matter or Han Hui Tibetan men and women, old and young earth, when the lunar calendar in June six, will temporarily put down the job, gathered in the beautiful scenery of the old hill, singing the BaiZhuanQianHui flowers, tell, expression of praise and longing for life.

in the excavation of the essence of folk culture at the same time, in order to make tourism industry has become the new economic growth point and pillar industry, the flowers will be organized during the first modern agricultural demonstration zone in the exchange of experience and high quality agricultural products fair, tourism and Datong Industrial Heritage regeneration design camp rich and colorful activities.



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