Ping An Xining police 2010 the first phase of the action in the second phase of the work significa

Xining Ping An 2010 police special operations in the first phase of the second phase of the work significantly.

in mid December 2002, the Xining police special action No. 2010 peace into the second stage, during the operation, the Xining cracked the murder of 14 onwards, the current case detection rate reached 93%; car theft destroyed 12 criminal gangs and arrested 50 suspects, cracked theft case nearly 200, 30 recovered stolen destroyed robbery; 23 criminal gangs, arrested 85 suspects, uncovered 65 cases of robbery; uncovered 15 cases of "runaway" robbery; burglary destroyed 12 criminal gangs, arresting 47 suspects, cracked 43 cases of burglary and arrested 37 fugitives online. Through a series of sustained and efficient combat work, in January, Xining robbery cases fell by 23.6%, the number of theft cases cracked up by an increase of 70%.

during the operation, the Xining police has organized 5 large-scale armed patrols, police dispatched a total of more than 6 thousand people, mainly in the city streets, square, station, remote security complex and easily incidence area, urban-rural and other areas to carry out security patrol prevention, effectively deter crime, to suppress the occurrence of criminal cases momentum. Period, a total of 112 people were arrested for illegal crime, arrested Hwang involved in gambling, involving knives and criminal officers of the group of 314 people, seized a number of gambling machines, explosives and knives.

to protect the masses travel convenience and Spring Festival security. Xining police during the operation standard, clean up parking 21, fixed, the flow velocity of 19 points, each area to ensure every night there are two duty squadron organization to check the car, registration and inspection of dangerous goods vehicles 13, processing all kinds of violations since 16155, among them, and 100 from drunk driving, drunk and 8 driving, and driving without a license 165, and 115 bus overcrowding, speeding and illegal since 2780, cracked a major traffic accident case 4. At the same time, the installation is complete the 6 trunk road center isolation fence length of 8000 meters, update installed 467 pieces of traffic signs, speed up the construction progress of video surveillance technology facilities, new installation and use 1000 video monitoring points.


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