Xining in the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out China dream education activities

this year, the city of Xining to give full play to the role of the position, focusing on minors to carry out China Dream Theme education. The schools around the study of education, social practice, campus culture, cultivate a typical content, carried out a series of distinct themes, diverse forms, rich in content activities.

In the activities of

, Xining has studied and carried out the spirit of the party in eighteen ways. It has carried out the historical process of modernization and the reform and opening up in china. By Lei Feng, a new trend, see action "theme activities ceremony, extensive" be a moral person "theme of practical activities in primary and secondary schools in the city, the" small hand in hand, civilized memorial activities, carry out excellent collection of nursery rhymes Sung and virtue youth star ", practice, legal education into the the Chinese traditional culture education, traditional revolutionary education, safety education and social practice, to build a" new platform to achieve Chinese dream ".

not only that, in combination with the commemoration of the 94 anniversary of the campaign, such as, Xining launched a number of ideological, artistic, ornamental unity of the "Chinese dream" theme of literary works. Organize and carry out the "flying dream, youth inspirational movie broadcasting, books recommendation, songs," · China dream; dream essay contest, "the most beautiful Chinese" theme photography and micro film writing contest and other activities. Make full use of the campus network, micro-blog, WeChat and other new media technology, organization to carry out my dream · Chinese dream "as the theme of the network culture and letters culture activities, to further promote the construction of campus culture, to create" China dream "atmosphere. Also actively organized the "most beautiful boy", "the most beautiful teacher", "the most beautiful family tree first assessment activities. (author: Xiao Shu Huang Tingcheng Han Qing)

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