This year the five highlights of the food show

2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition will be held tomorrow at the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. Reporters on April 28th at the press conference held by the Organizing Committee of the Qing food exhibition was informed that the current food fair five highlights.

highlights: exhibitors participating countries for the previous up to

After six years of careful cultivation of

, the internationalization, specialization and nationalization characteristics are obvious year by year, and the scale of the exhibition continues to expand. This year, the Food Fair will be 17 countries in the exhibition of the more than and 50 companies, business associations in the country and the procurement of the participants in the country, the domestic 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) participating exhibitors. Exhibitors are expected to participate in the foreign enterprises to reach 500, more than 3000 visitors attending.

highlights two: Economic and trade cooperation increasingly clear mainline

As an important window for our province’s opening up,

clear food exhibition is an important platform for our province to build trade negotiations, investment and exchange between the western region and the Muslim countries. Especially during the exhibition of Chinese and foreign enterprises promotion, procurement matchmaking, project inspection and other activities, for domestic and foreign exhibitors participating merchants for direct or indirect transactions, to build a unique platform to further strengthen between China and Muslim countries economic and trade cooperation.

highlights three: focus on domestic and foreign halal

During the period of

, China – Muslim country investment and trade cooperation Roundtable activities, from the world halal industry field influential experts and scholars and entrepreneurs, to further explore the halal industry cooperation, open up the domestic market, at the same time, the scene shows, enterprise to negotiate docking activities, will enable participants to get the truth the opportunity.

highlights four: halal food and supplies dazzling

this exhibition not only pay attention to the regional characteristics of domestic and foreign exhibitors, cultural characteristics, but also focus on highlighting the geographical advantages and industrial advantages of our province. There will be more than and 50 companies from 17 countries of the 200 kinds of products exhibition, many national new products exhibition, will help accelerate the halal industry docking between China and Muslim countries, expand between China and Muslim Halal Products Trade Cooperation in new areas.

five highlights: austerity push new

exhibition special equipment exhibition to make use of environmental recyclable materials, streamlining supporting activities, reduce the size and time, simple organizational activities, and strive to establish a new style exhibition, show a new image, new achievements, good economic and trade activities in our province this year, the first battle. (author: Xiao Yu)


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