Xining City Health Bureau Bulletin hepatitis B incidence ranked first

Xining Municipal Health Bureau in July 4th Xining disease prevention and control, public health emergencies disposal, local disease prevention and control work briefing pointed out that at present, Xining city before the onset of five diseases were tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, bacterial dysentery, hepatitis A. The first half of Xining city a total of 3 public health emergencies, including carbon monoxide poisoning in 1 cases, 2 cases of infectious diseases (1 cases of varicella rash diseases, 1), the incidence of a total of 63 cases, no death case.

According to

, 3 cases of public health emergencies have been handled timely, compared with the same period last year, the Xining public health emergencies decreased 25%, public health emergency inspection report rate and timely disposal rate reached 100%. Prevention and control of infectious diseases, from January to May this year, the incidence of class B infectious diseases reported 256.33/10 million, no class A infectious disease. Mental health, severe mental illness management and treatment projects progressing smoothly, and achieved substantial results. At present, Xining City registration, filing of 34318 patients with severe mental illness, all entered the national network database, follow-up troublemaking 1003 patients with free medicine 3418, free of charge to check for the number 297, free emergency number is 97 people, the number of 46 people hospitalized for free. At the same time, Xining City, a total of 51 townships, towns, offices, testing the residents of edible salt of 2187 copies. The results showed that qualified 2118 copies, iodized salt coverage rate of 98.26%, residents qualified iodized salt consumption rate of 98.56%; salt processing companies in the province to detect edible salt sampling of the test results of 54.


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