The mayor will have to solve the problem of Datong Street Temporary channels

recently, the mayor of Xining City People’s government portal mailbox received a number of people in the city of Victoria District, Datong Street, 40, a public letter. Letters reflect, due to the transformation of Datong Street, Datong Street tenants, vehicle travel inconvenience. March 27th, the public received a reply, said the relevant departments will open a temporary channel in Datong Street, solve the problem of Datong Street residents travel difficult.

said the letters from the public, because the road reconstruction of Datong Street and Hing Road, Datong Street and west gate road closed construction, Jinfeng Garden residential tenants and vehicle travel, only small detour on the sidewalk next to Simon, a long time, not only the pavement damage, and in the event of emergency patients, ambulance, fire and other emergency. The car can not fire into the district mayor, please solve this problem.

received a letter, the mayor mailbox immediately reflect the contents of the letter forwarded to the people’s Government of Xining city district. The City Central District People’s government investigation and verification, Datong Street No. 40 Jinfeng Garden District primary entrance and the same old street is 2012, the Committee of Nanchuan project comprehensive development management of Xining city is a subordinate unit of Qinghai Xin Investment and construction company began implementation of the transformation project of Datong Road, in order to ensure the normal pedestrian traffic, the construction unit of the original closed Datong Street roadway construction area, plan to demolish 4 room adjacent cells at the exit, open up temporary channels for vehicle. At present, the city has been coordinating the Qinghai District Construction Bureau is Xin limited investment outlet and the adjacent cell of the 4 coal signed compensation agreement demolition of housing households, has started the demolition work, demolition work to be completed, the vehicle can pass. (author: Wu Yachun)

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