The power company executive program in Xining this winter heating electricity protection

since the beginning of winter, strengthen the demand management of Xining power supply company, strict implementation of orderly power program, to ensure the safe use of electricity in normal heating.

October 15th Xining into the heating period. In order to meet the heating needs of the electricity, Xining power supply company in advance thoroughly, statistics on the city’s heating load, the Taiwan area has a "bottleneck" and the use of electric heating for more power for rehabilitation, organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive "examination" of urban substation and heavy load lines, eliminate the hidden trouble of electricity and rectification, to ensure grid reliable and stable power supply. The extreme weather may occur, Xining power supply company has to do the emergency preparedness, arrangement and implementation of scheduling, substation, transmission, distribution, repair and other professional emergency response team and emergency duty, strengthen cooperation with government departments, customers and power related emergency linkage, to avoid heating accident for transmission line fault. At the same time, to further increase the important sections of the network, the monitoring of the tie line, adjust the operation mode of the distribution network to reduce the load of heavy load lines. According to the needs of individual users of electricity, heating services for customers to open up a green channel.


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