Xining municipal Party Committee Standing Committee to strive to achieve the six lead the model for

start at the beginning of the second batch of the mass line of educational practice, the Xining Municipal Standing Committee began to put yourself into it, make 7 commitments to the city’s cadres and the masses, to "take the lead in the six, six example" strict requirements to do the demonstration, set an example for the party’s mass line educational practice.

it is understood that the leading role to play a good demonstration of the Municipal Standing Committee, to ensure that activities to let people get satisfactory results, the Xining municipal Party Committee Standing Committee specially formulated to take the lead in carrying out the party’s mass line educational practice plan, and strive to "take the lead in the six, six example". Namely: take the lead in strengthening learning, learning to do an example. Adhere to the theory in the first place, to learn to Khalid, application, in all kinds of learning on their own hands to speak off learning materials, study of Marx’s view of masses and the party’s mass line boom. Take the lead in the grassroots and the masses, to respect the masses rely on the example of the masses. Investigate and analyze the lead "four winds", for example to implement the provisions of the eight. Adhere to oppose the four winds as the focus, through the masses, to find their own superiors, take the lead in revealing problems, serious analysis of the causes. Take the lead in opening up a good democratic life, as an example of criticism and self-criticism. Take the lead in the implementation of the rectification, to do legislation to set an example. Take the lead in establishing and improving the system, to promote the reform and development of the model. Seriously comb the Standing Committee of the construction and implementation of the relevant system of the mass line, take the lead in the development of the system, improve and repeal the work, the formation of the Standing Committee to implement the mass line to strengthen their own long-term mechanism of construction. To carry out educational practice and do a good job of the current reform, development and stability of the work together to strengthen theoretical research, pay attention to the top-level design, good job guidance.


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