Qinghai branch of China Development Bank to inspect the key construction projects in Xining

days ago, the Xining Municipal People’s government and the China Development Bank Qinghai branch signed the "development of financial cooperation agreement. For the implementation of the agreement to support economic and social development in Xining, August 7th, the National Development Bank of Qinghai Province Branch Ma Xin led the group, accompanied by the person in charge of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua and the relevant departments, visit the preparation and construction of key construction projects in our city, and put forward valuable opinion on the project the financing work.

Ma Xin governor and his party first came to the north of the central square, studied one of the key projects of the Municipal Government Center Plaza North expansion project, and how this piece of our city commercial core area built leisure center city waterfront public activity center and city public culture in city public cultural space, leisure activities, ecological river landscape and business development were discussed carefully.

then, the investigation group and his entourage went to Huang Zhong Lu, Tonghai Road, bridge 61, detailed examination of the Lantau Peak Expressway project. The project total length of 23.03 kilometers, is a city road planning in our city, along the road to set the Sea Lake Road Interchange, interchange, labor park tree road interchange, Jianguo Road overpass 4 overpass; fire ditch, 61 road bridge, kushuigou bridge 3 bridge sit; Botanical Garden tunnel, Nanshan tunnel two tunnel. The construction of the project will further improve the city’s road network skeleton, but also conducive to ease the traffic pressure in our city.

investigation team finally came to the city of Xining, Beichuan River comprehensive treatment project Ning Zhang highway on the east side, carefully listened to the report of the project. The project east of Dongshan, at the junction of South Tianjun Road, Wan Village nine and Wei village, West to the north, Kang Ning Zhang highway bridge, planning area of about 9.32 square kilometers. The future will be built for the Biotechnology Park, Qinghai University Park and Chaoyang logistics park and other surrounding areas of the supporting commercial financial centers and landmark areas.

Ma Xin governor said the investigation after the event, the Qinghai branch of China Development Bank will carefully assess the key construction projects in our city, and to assist the project units to further refine the financing plan actively, strive to promote the key construction projects landing, to do a good job of local financial services.  

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