The five session of the National People’s Congress of the twelve meeting of the delegation proposed

10 28, the provincial people’s Congress held in 2017, the National People’s Congress of the Qinghai meeting of the five meeting of the preparatory work proposed coordination. A house and a total of 30 units of more than 50 people attended the meeting.


meeting reviewed and summarized the work of deputies to the four session of the National People’s Congress on 2016, and arranged the work of the deputies to the National People’s Congress on the recommendation of the five session of the National People’s Congress on 2017.

meeting requirements: first, to enhance awareness. To implement the "four comprehensive" strategy and "four major requirements, to promote a" three zone "construction, enhance the government houses work quality, respect the principal position of the representatives from the height of promoting Qinghai, thought further attention, the preparatory work done to do good. Two to focus. To work in our province to put national work to the overall planning of Qinghai, combined with the construction of the "three zones" task and regional function positioning, highlight the supply side structural reform, the development of new industry, precise poverty alleviation of poverty and other key content, strive for the national relationship of Qinghai’s long-term development and global aspects of policy support. Three work hard. The office of the provincial government, the provincial court, the provincial procuratorate office office to give full play to the role of co-ordination of comprehensive department, implement the recommendations of the theme, and revise and improve, by the end of December will recommend materials sent to the provincial general office of the NPC Standing Committee and the National People’s congress. Four service follow-up. To strengthen the contact with the representatives of all aspects, and actively cooperate with the representatives of their duties, the initiative to inform the work of the representative, to provide relevant information, to make recommendations on behalf of the high quality of service to ensure the work.


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