To strengthen the basis of pollution protection effect

Recently, the Municipal Standing Committee, discipline committee Ma Haiying in the city’s pollution control supervision work stressed that pollution control work should be set up to fight a protracted war, not because of the early season and achieved certain results and beneficial to relax, focus on the change of season, pollution control work to fully understand the difficulties, a strong foundation and to ensure that the city’s pollution is not the landslide, no rebound, sustainable development.

check, Ma Haiying pointed out that the current city pollution control has made some achievements, but the governance string is not loose, cannot escape responsibility, energy can not be lost. Before achievement to maintain high clear head, hand to see clearly the recent climate conducive to pollution control, on the other hand, must clearly recognize the changes with the seasons will bring certain difficulties to pollution control, from grid monitoring, upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant, reactor basic work place of the coal and lime blowing a standard management grabbed, to take effective measures to resolutely fulfill the objectives and tasks, to achieve the purpose of enforcing the. Fully analyzing possible future pollution control work in the problems and difficulties, insist on playing well due to seasonal changes caused by pollution and difficult battle, to ensure that the city’s pollution control work in the stable and sustainable development.  

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