Strictly implement the Qilian Mountains ecological protection responsibility to effectively build a

recently, the provincial Secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun listened to the area of ecological environment protection in Qinghai Qilian Mountains natural protection and comprehensive management of the report, on request to further improve the protection of the ecological environment of Qilian Mountains. They pointed out that the protection of Qilian Mountains, Qinghai cadres at all levels are bound to be a major responsibility. To firmly establish the four consciousness, to ensure that the four solid landing effective, promote the "four changes" into action. At present, we must strengthen the problem oriented, focusing on the weak links, to solve outstanding problems, do a good job of environmental law and regulation, the overall protection of landscape lake lake, collaborative repair, comprehensive management, etc.. Take the "green road", vigorously develop green low-carbon circular economy, industrial upgrading, restructuring and development, promote the benign cycle of ecological production and life, to achieve a win-win ecological protection and improve people’s livelihood, and building a strong Qilian Mountains the western ecological security barrier.


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