Yindajihuang project started construction before the west main canal project estimated investment of

September 27th, yindajihuang west channel construction project started before the ceremony was held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County castle township. I marked the "one water conservancy project called" Da Ji cited another important project in Huang project officially started. Vice governor Deng Bentai announced the start of the ribbon cutting for the project.

yindajihuang project is composed of stone gorge, water diversion canal, Heiquan reservoir, the North Canal, Huangshui River west channel project, the Datong River Crossing Daban mountain into the Huangshui River, is to solve the problem of inter basin water transfer project of water resources supply and demand have become increasingly prominent and a shortage of Huangshui River basin. Engineering design in water 750 million cubic meters, water supply planning scope for the Huangshui River Xining, Datong, Huangzhong, Ledu and the people of peace, cooperation, and other cities and counties, watershed area of 16 thousand square kilometers, an area of 1 million 96 thousand and 900 acres of irrigation control. The project is divided into three phases: one for the Heiquan reservoir and the north canal project, two stone gorge water conservancy, water diversion canal and the north channel of the two phase of the project, three West Main canal. At present, the Heiquan reservoir has been built and put into operation, the "North Water Diversion, a" total trunk canal and the stone gorge reservoir project is speeding up the construction progress, "north two" and the West canal project preliminary work smoothly.

it is understood that the west main canal project is an important part of the economic project is located in the eastern basin Province, Huangshui River in our province, north of Datong County of Heiquan reservoir, Gan River Industrial Park in South Huangzhong County, with irrigation and industrial water supply, taking into account the medium-sized water conservancy project of urban life in the water. The estimated investment of 4 billion 600 million yuan, with a total length of 131.16 kilometers along the canal, the construction of tunnel 55, aqueduct 49, inverted siphon 6 seat, 106 seat or other buildings; up to 29, 356.46 kilometers long. After the completion of the project, it is of great significance to promote the local economic and social development, improve people’s livelihood and improve the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture and industry.

according to the provincial yindajihuang Project Management Bureau responsible person, before the construction project includes the West Main Canal Construction Road, the construction of electricity, construction of water, construction diversion and land acquisition and other related temporary works and part of main canal. The construction of the project is to implement the spirit of the twelve Party Congress, to promote the province’s water conservancy to achieve the "four development" an important measure. As the project legal person units, will strictly fulfill the construction procedures, the implementation of the responsibility to strengthen project management, actively coordinating services, in conjunction with the design, supervision and construction units in the relevant departments at all levels under the support of the west main canal project construction into first-class engineering, quality engineering, for the construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life and make new contributions. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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