364 decentralization project implementation

Reform of the administrative examination and approval system as the starting point, vigorously decentralization, is to deepen the reform of the administrative system, accelerate the transformation of government functions. Last July and in April of this year, the provincial government has canceled and adjusted a number of administrative examination and approval items, which cancel decentralization 285, adjust and optimize the 79. So, the various regions and departments for the implementation of these policies and measures to implement decentralization of the situation? What are the results? Recently, the province organized a special inspection and evaluation. The relevant departments to establish and cancel delegated administrative approval items of the implementation, cancellation and decentralization of administrative approval after the supervision and service system and reserved administrative approval to conduct a comprehensive inspection specification. Including the cancellation of administrative approval of the project, whether there will be illegal approval to subordinate units, the association to continue approval of such behavior, whether there is a disguised approval in a nominal behavior; for decentralized management level of the administrative examination and approval, whether the local convergence in place, whether related to undertake programs and standardized management measures; to cancel the the administrative examination and approval, whether the relevant normative documents were cleaned or put forward relevant comments, cancellation and decentralization of administrative approval, the relevant departments will improve the working methods; reserved for administrative approval to do the approval time, information disclosure and other fees. At the same time the inspection requirements must not be allowed to discount, engage in work in the implementation, will not allow passing each other, put out the dark hold. Poor work carried out, will be informed and held accountable.  

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