Notice of the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice on carrying out the investigation month

The County Bureau of justice and the subordinate units, the Bureau of the offices: to further implement the provincial Party committee secretary Qiang Wei "two letter" spirit and the provincial and municipal political work conference, the judicial administrative work conference, the grassroots and the masses, in-depth line, strengthen the work of investigation and supervision work, promote the city’s judicial administrative work it was decided, in March, the city’s judicial administrative organs "investigation month". The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
a time schedule from March 1st to March 31st.
two, 1, focus on the activities and promote the administration of justice to do the work under the new situation, give full play to the functions of the judicial administrative work of the service, the city’s economic and social development, carry out investigation and research, the formation of the investigation report; 2, deep into the grassroots a line, visits to grass-roots units at all levels of the organization, to fully understand the working conditions of mining a typical work and experience; 3, masses, villages and households, visit the people and community correction personnel, placement assistance and education, to solicit opinions and suggestions of the judicial administrative work, inspection and supervision; 4 provinces, provincial political and legal work meeting of the judicial administrative work and implement the spirit of the meeting in 2012 of the judicial administrative work arrangements; 5, to help the grassroots units to solve the difficulties and problems.
three, activity by the Council in charge of the leadership team, business offices attended, in-depth visits to research activities carried out to contact the county. According to the actual situation of the County Bureau of justice, arrange their own research activities.
four, 1, work to fully understand the significance to carry out research activities of the unity of thinking, enhance understanding, combined with the actual work, conscientiously carry out the "research" activities, to ensure that the campaign is effective. 2, the Council of each research group in strict accordance with the Council’s unified plan conscientiously carry out the investigation and supervision activities, activities to be effective, simple light, can not affect the normal work of the grassroots, should conscientiously sum up. 3, after the end of the work to form a summary of the work, and the results of the investigation report. Bureau will be held in a timely manner to work experience exchange meeting.   two February 28th  

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