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– the institution of personnel management regulations published on the post setting – which made – how to open recruitment and competition for employment in public institutions who participate in social insurance

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 15 May, (reporter Wang Sibei) the day before Premier Li Keqiang signed a decree of the State Council promulgated the "regulations and institutions and personnel management". In this regard, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the person in charge of the 15 institutions of personnel management regulations on the relevant questions answered reporters’ questions.

asked: why should the development of "institutions of personnel management regulations"?

answer: China’s existing institutions 1 million 110 thousand, the cause of the preparation of the 31 million 530 thousand. In recent years, great progress has been made in the reform of personnel system in public institutions, in employment system, job management system and open recruitment system as the main content of the personnel management system has been initially established, but there are still some problems: one is can be employment mechanism has not really established; two is the employment contract, performance and termination, the practice is not uniform throughout; three is the reward incentive safeguard mechanism is not perfect; the four is the personnel dispute settlement basis is not clear enough. These issues need to be resolved through special legislation, it is necessary to develop the introduction of the institution of personnel management regulations.

Q: Regulations on the work of the institutions set up what provisions?

answer: post management is an important part of personnel management institutions. The classification of the position is conducive to the transformation of institutions employing mechanism, the realization of the staff from identity management to position management change, mobilize the enthusiasm of different staff, creativity. In 2006, the former Ministry of Personnel issued the "measures for the administration of post management of public institutions", and began to set up a management system for the posts of public institutions. The institutions are divided into three categories: management positions, professional and technical positions and technical skills. In 2011, the office of the State Council "on the further deepening of the reform of the personnel system of the public opinion", a kind of institutions, in preparation Shegang approval, standardize personnel management, enliven the internal employment mechanism; two types of public institutions, set up posts in the preparation of the record, giving the unit a flexible personnel management. Accordingly, the regulations require institutions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state positions. In addition, the provisions of the regulations of the post category, grade and set procedures, etc..

asked: institutions and how it should be open recruitment posts?

answer: open recruitment is conducive to regulate the recruitment of institutions, fair and impartial selection of staff. In 2005, the Ministry of Personnel issued the "Provisional Regulations for the public recruitment of public institutions", requiring the implementation of open recruitment of new staff. On this basis, regulations clearly stipulates that in addition to the national policy of resettlement, in accordance with the personnel management authority appointed by superiors and other classified staff positions, and institutions hiring new staff, should public recruitment. At the same time taking into account the types of institutions, industry differences, the specific approach to open recruitment should not be across the board, the Ordinance only to the public;

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