How about the investment Tiramisu cake shop

Te Rami Sue advertising we should have seen, although the specific content is not very clear, but his wife is still a little bit of the scene to prepare the impression of Te Rami Sue, which contains a wife full of love. Tiramisu is a famous Italian cake, is coffee or rum finger biscuits, mixture with a layer of mascarpone, egg yolk, cheese, sugar, and then sprinkle a layer of cake surface and cocoa powder.

Tiramisu looks gorgeous, charming posture, is currently popular each big coffee shop, bakery outlets and restaurant fashionable dessert. The taste mellow thick heavy coffee bitter, eggs and sugar moist, sweet alcohol, chocolate fragrance, dense finger biscuits, cheese and cream of thick incense, dry cocoa powder and blend together to give consumers perfect delicacy experience. Tiramisu cake shop, how to join


Tiramisu cake shop to join what is the condition? What are the advantages? How to join? Specific look at the following:

Tiramisu cake shop franchisee required:

1, franchisees have some dessert industry experience, or have been engaged in the dessert industry related industries;

2, franchisee to the local dessert restaurant market value of the distribution of the situation is enough to understand, and in the seat of a certain contacts and social resources, can use the shortest time to achieve profitability;

3, the franchisee has the right to join Tiramisu cake places, and join enough funds to maintain the normal shop.

operating conditions:

Tiramisu cake agent stores area need to be consistent with the requirements of the headquarters, and in the area of local transport facilities, the large flow of people, the more prosperous.

Tiramisu cake shop join advantage:

1, brand escort, brand pattern era, popular was originally

has a unified image of the store and the decoration design style, and effectively promote the construction of unified visual style of the terminal, to give consumers a sense of norms, so that it generates consumer confidence. To promote the brand culture, brand culture construction and improvement, the successful launch of the brand culture system, brand strategy planning and other systematic brand building.

2, international standard product testing and audit, quality assurance

for the material, the shop in the store for the sale of products with strict control of materials and requirements, materials are well-known manufacturers in the industry, the company of the store

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