n the future the sand was included in the performance evaluation objectives

in the future, all the units of the sand control clearance, once get a veto, it will mean that the unit in the annual performance appraisal goals for unqualified. In order to promote the city’s sand remediation work, the municipal government in recent years will be the work of the sand into the 2013 annual performance appraisal objectives.

it is reported that from the beginning of 2011 May, a city, model city work to better promote the development of our city, the municipal government asked relevant departments to carry out the sand remediation work, after nearly two years of renovation, I "treatment of sand" work to achieve good results. From April 8th to April 12th this year, sand resources management in our city inspection teams in the city to carry out the management of sand resources supervision work, municipal inspection chamber in the inspection found that the vast majority of our city sand factory completed close the task, to the municipal government for the basic requirements of "sand control" work, the municipal government agreed to the annual assessment indicators, comprehensive management of water conservancy development, sand and other major animal disease prevention and control and three counties to determine their annual livelihood projects for the tangible things for the project included in the county for three performance goals, in addition to environmental protection, production safety, sand comprehensive management and consumer price index, the registered urban unemployment rate control index will also veto system. (author: a)

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