Let the national feelings and memories of the Mid Autumn Festival

"good season, wish every year, common mid autumn festival", is a full moon, that long homesickness is the same melancholy since ancient times; Zhang Jiuling’s poem "the sea the moon, the same time, the round moon illuminates how empty, from ancient times until today is still not changed it is a symbol of reunion, emotional sustenance, is the soul of the harbor, which was also the mid autumn festival for modern significance.

Mid Autumn Festival is not only a time node, it connects the Chinese nation for the traditional values of heritage, but also carries a common national identity and cultural memory. It nourishes the Chinese people’s attachment to the homeland, yearning for the good, the pursuit of happiness, the harvest of hope. The Mid Autumn Festival has the festival, moon, moon, moon cake to eat and drink, enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus wine custom, spread so far, prolonged. Mid Autumn Festival in the month’s round Katherine were reunited, for sustenance miss home, miss their loved ones love, for a bumper harvest, happiness, become rich and colorful and precious cultural heritage.

General secretary

Xi Jinping said that the long history of Chinese culture, heritage of the Chinese nation’s most profound spiritual pursuit, represents the unique spirit of the Chinese nation identity, for the development of the Chinese nation, life and growth in nature and develop to provide a rich nourishment. To cultivate excellent traditional heritage, to create a common spiritual home, advocate Zonta good deeds, civilized frugal society, this is the value in the modern era of mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, let people share the strong emotions of joy and happiness. Let the Festival Mid Autumn Festival gradually return to Japan really, may be the "Tangshan Tangshan, partings" expectations, perhaps is to "look at the bright moon, looking down and think of home" attachment, may be the "moon tonight as the hope, no knowing who think" thoughts. Watch the Mid Autumn Festival moon, so that the Mid Autumn Festival is more concise, more simple, more true feelings, refused to vanity, return to tradition.

"or what may come over, particularly that of the Mid Autumn Festival", therefore, let us slow pace of rush, and family reunion, and friends to contact the feelings, enjoy family life, enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival at the bright moon. Let us cherish the family, the motherland, the motherland’s deep feelings, so that the Mid Autumn Festival and the national feelings and memories, light communication, the truth revealed, warm others.


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