Our city is invited along the Silk Road Tourist Products cool

To expand the brand connotation and the summer capital of Xining, the city ecological resources advantage into tourism development advantages, this year, the city will continue to cool in the summer brand efforts to increase and Turkey, Dubai UAE, Italy and other countries along the Silk Road (area, city) exchange, launched a number of special tourist routes and products. To attract more foreign tourists to Xining feel cool.

"Belt and Road Initiative" seize the important opportunities for development, expanding the connotation of the brand and strengthen Xining xiadou, airlines, West Airport Group cooperation, expand the main tourist market. In the overseas market, Turkey, Dubai, United Arab Emirates increase with Italy and other countries along the Silk Road (area, city) and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other maritime Silk Road countries (regions) exchange, introduced the characteristics of tourist routes and products to attract local tourists to Nanjing, on this basis, to consolidate in Southeast Asia Hong Kong and Taiwan tourism market. In the domestic market, through the organization of tourism enterprises to tourists held a seminar to invite visitors to tourist city visits Ning and step on the line, open up new markets.

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