Sun Yongjie to get a huge return management

is also a business, different personalities will have a different approach, and this will naturally reflect the people’s business. Sun Yongjie is a cigarette retail customer in Yima, Henan. 1998, Sun Yongjie with his wife, children, Chuai borrowed 3000 yuan from a friend, came from the countryside to venture in Yima.

now, 13 years later, Sun Yongjie has been from the beginning of a small vendor stalls in order to have two shops boss. The success of the business, make a qualitative change in his material life, one family home in the city, live Youziyouwei, happy life, and all this change comes from Sun Yongjie on business.

put the stall suffered

in the city than in rural areas, but the money on him can’t do anything. Sun Yongjie, who had just arrived in town, realized that if he didn’t do anything, the family would soon be in trouble. Due to the limited funds, so he decided to go to the downtown area of the first to put a stall, do some small business.

the beginning, Sun Yongjie just bought some cheap toys to sell, but the street toy store variety, and he bought toys mostly obsolescent, so business is very cold, the day earned only a few dollars. See not sell toys, Sun Yongjie turned his attention to the vegetable business.

want to know, this business is very bitter, every morning early in the morning to go to the market to line up, if it is late, not only will not buy fresh vegetables, but also may empty handed. But for the sake of the family, Sun Yongjie insisted on it. The reason for the persistence is to make more money than the toy business to do vegetable business.

but this is not a good long. Because Sun Yongjie did not apply for market stalls card, will be chased chased every day. See it is not common, Sun Yongjie thought for a booth, but a lot of money for a permit, he immediately gave up the idea. Helpless, he had to do it again.

just came to the city that was my most painful and unforgettable day. As soon as the sky is bright, I have to get up from the bed, to the market to sell socks; during the day, to the city of Commerce stall; in the evening, to the park gate and night market stalls; rain, and quickly into a few umbrellas to the roadside to sell…… In short, what to make money." Sun Yongjie said, "it was really hard. The family could not bear to eat, reluctant to wear, although he sold toys, but never give their children to play."

to mention these bitter past, Sun Yongjie’s eyes red, he felt very sorry for his wife and children. We have such a sentence in the countryside

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