Train three directions of new employees is what all the business

since it is a new employee, is the company’s culture and business are not familiar with, if a truly successful company, the training of new employees also need to have a complete system. The so-called "culture" refers to the ability and attitude change of new employees, so that employees used, the better direction, this is the main content of training new employees, three key aspects are also needed to force the dealer.

first, to help new employees get rid of bad habits. In the training process, we should pay attention to correct their bad habits, such as lack of communication, lack of team awareness, lack of timely reporting, etc.. Most of the new employees do not know how to fulfill the norms of behavior, the initial stage of the teach them, and teach them not to mind taking the trouble repeatedly, until without thinking will naturally make good behavior so far.

code of conduct for the new staff is very good grasp, the longer the working time, the longer the time required to change the bad habits, many companies in the problem of the old staff is produced. Unfortunately, some of the bad habits of employees to become the backbone of leadership even after, due to the lack of the necessary quality and difficult to get everyone’s trust and welcome, even if the ability is strong, it is difficult to play out, the dealer is a loss.

second, to enhance the ability of new employees. New employees expect to see a rise in revenue every month, which requires them to keep up with new knowledge and new skills. Determine whether the ability to grasp the new standard is "I have self-confidence, the boss is recognized", so from the beginning of the new employees into the company will have to give them the opportunity to develop capacity. In other words, the new staff will not do last week, this week’s training must learn to be in the shortest possible time for them to gain self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

third, change the way of thinking and working attitude of new employees. A good way of thinking and working attitude can not only enhance the work efficiency and quality, but also can play an exemplary role model, continue to inject positive energy for the team, is an important content of new employee training dealers.

, for example, some of the staff before work no plan at all, just the rampage, but recently become good at things before, but also can make a very detailed work plan; some employees before a new job will be to meet the "I can’t" as an excuse to hang back, but now dare to actively face the challenges. These are the performance of employees to change the attitude of the performance, but also the needs of each dealer in the training of new employees to achieve goals.

now there are a lot of companies for the training of new employees are very seriously, but also put a lot of manpower and material resources, but there is no effect. If the training of new employees to understand the change of new employees, I believe that many dealers will be aware of their deficiencies. Now >

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