Open a restaurant on site to pay attention to what the whole

site selection is one of the core competencies of fast food enterprises, and the site selection is the strategic focus of fast food enterprises, which is related to the survival and development of a brand. If you only want to open a shop, be sure to store the address of a lot of thinking. So, open a restaurant, then in the site need to pay attention to what?

a, business district research. Business research is the analysis of the fast food market from a macro perspective, specific to a city is to study the pattern and characteristics of the city district, according to the characteristics of the main shop in each district are classified, focusing on understanding the distribution of each district, traffic and traffic characteristics, business development plan, the competition between different business relations and so on. How to open a restaurant location? In addition to the business district, residential areas, transportation hubs and other places may be fast food restaurants. To do the national market fast food brands, but also from a macro perspective according to the city fast food development, economic development, city residents’ consumption level and food consumption habits as index of the major small and medium-sized city classification, each city selected the model city for microscopic study.

two, competitor research. How to open a restaurant location? The success of the fast food brand has its own originality in location, strong brands such as McDonald’s strategic points using their brand influence rapidly seize the city’s main business district, and then extended to the secondary and regional district. Yonghe King is to avoid fierce competition in the big business district, focusing on the sub district and the District opened a small shop. How to open a restaurant location? To conduct research on these successful fast-food brands and own brand competitive or complementary relationship between fast-food brands, study their location strategy and market strategy, focus on the development of the new strategy, the fast food brand values of process and results, learning their experiences of success and failure, provide a reference for similar values in Japan after.

Research on brand adaptability of

three. Study on the adaptability of the brand is to understand the combination of products and services, the environment and the price in the market at what level and in fact can be accepted and liked what type of customer, the customer to find the target customers and the actual difference. One of the key is to understand the actual customer’s age, gender, consumption ability, fast food consumption psychology and behavior characteristics, understand the geographical distribution of them and go to work, leisure and shopping, dining rules etc.. How to open a restaurant location? Through the study of brand adaptability, according to the characteristics of the actual customer target customer positioning adjustment, and then focus on the location is determined according to the activities of the target customer, avoid caused by the target customer orientation is not accurate location of major errors.

Research on

four and location strategy. Location strategy is combined with the development of enterprise development, long-term planning on the abilities of research and Analysis on the environmental situation, competition situation and the brand itself, the main contents include the basic principles of site selection; determine what type of regional shop and what type of area is not suitable for the shop, choose to enter the regional priorities; "

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