Open dry cleaners need what the whole equipment

is a service quality of dry cleaners, certainly cannot do without the professional and advanced equipment, this is the shop business, in addition to the basic equipment, businesses should pay attention to improve their management ability, have a good understanding of the industry, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the shop, better shop. What are the equipment needed to open dry cleaning stores?

in general, the need to buy a dry cleaning shop owners have to buy equipment for dry cleaning machines (including oil dry cleaning machine, four vinyl chloride dry cleaning machine, etc.), dryer, washing machine, ironing table, generator, portrait machine, etc.. But what kind of equipment needed to open a dry cleaning shop according to the size of the opening of the dry cleaners, or dry cleaners for different consumer groups, dry cleaners in the procurement of equipment is not the same.

at the same time in order to increase the dry cleaners profit income, ordinary dry cleaners breakthrough single operation mode, cleaners need what equipment can also carry out the washing, wash wash bag, shoes, luxury care and other services, but also in July, August and September three months of the off-season when foreign selling shoes, shoe polish milk, rub free dry cleaning lotion, pretreatment agent of many everyday products.

these hardware equipment ready, open a dry cleaning shop also need investors have some " soft " knowledge. First of all, to read the relevant dry cleaning industry books, to understand the relevant knowledge of dry cleaning, washing, to master some basic clothing washing technology. To the local business for many years has been a dry cleaning shop around, understand the laundry price, Zhiyizhibi can through not idle. This is one of the knowledge needed to open a dry cleaning shop.

is followed by a good grasp of washing and ironing technology. Washing techniques include dry cleaning, washing, and washing to remove stains. It is best to find a job that is more or less experienced. This is the most important part of your dry cleaning shop. This is one of the knowledge needed to open a dry cleaning shop.

once again the level of ironing. The level of ironing is the first perception of the customer, so it is a very important role. This is what you need to open a dry cleaning equipment two.

then the quality and image of the company’s employees. In particular, the front desk is the first step in determining the quality of your dry cleaners. The front desk is delivered to the customer’s first impression, only the enthusiasm of standardized service and professional knowledge to make customers to come again next time, finally the satisfactory service simple lifting for premium services, so as to retain our " ", which is the source of money; cleaners need what equipment knowledge beyond the three.

is the last to learn as much as possible to do everything. Now the more recommended clothing materials

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