How to meet the high popularity of cosmetics stores

cosmetics store operators how to improve their business highlights, to attract customers to come? This is the problem that every businessman is thinking. Since the choice of shop, who do not want the store business is good? But only by mastering the correct method can we get further development. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you learn.

A good store decoration,

two, finished goods

three, good service

1, non stick customer

many skin care products store clerk had a bad habit, is a door from customers, the customer has been to follow him, go, go. This can easily lead to resentment of customers. When the customer enters the shop, you say hello, pay attention to the customer, feel that he is in doubt, go over and ask her what can help you?. There is also a problem with the clerk is that when customers pick up a commodity, they began to chatter incessantly, so customers will be disgusted. We can ask the customer at the time, in a careful answer to him, and then according to his request, to recommend products.

2, the reception of the customer, even if the customer does not buy, do not have unhappy expression. Remember to welcome him again when she’s gone.

3, when change, to clean money to the customer, and remind customer inventory.

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