After the shop operators also need to be three work

Spring Festival is over, all walks of life began to be carried out in good order, many people may relax at this time, leading to deception, especially some shopkeepers. With the rhythm of the festival to slow down, a lot of retail customers busy heart began to relax. The author believes that in the post buffer period, retail customers should focus on doing three".

anti cigarette recycling and sales. After the festival, some consumers will not be digested during the Spring Festival of cigarettes to retail customers to sell on behalf of them, which violated the regulations on the implementation of the tobacco monopoly law. As a retail customer to clearly recognize that this is illegal, not only will be subject to the appropriate punishment and will affect the store image.

anti commodity expired. Spring Festival is the peak of commodity sales, many people have a large number of remaining gifts. For example, some of the elderly living in rural areas of consumer groups, in order to save daily expenses, and some will use their children to buy goods to the nearby shops to exchange necessities. First, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of goods, and secondly, it is difficult to verify the shelf life, it should be careful.

anti cigarette. Although the festival events decreased cigarette package, but also can’t let down. Retail customers should pay attention to the prevention of consumers, to exchange the strange consumers, prevent cigarette was switched.

more careful in the work, a little more sense of responsibility, a little more patience, I believe we will have a great deal of store operations help. In short, if you want to do a good job in retail business, open a good retail store, although the Spring Festival has ended, the above three prevention work needs to be done in place, so it will help the development of the store.

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