Business couple pocketed 900 thousand 3 years fashion hat

domestic consumer awareness of fashion hat is gradually increasing, so the cap Market has unlimited potential for development. A couple found a business opportunity, opened a hat shop to make money.

Wu’ai money by

in the market saturation, competition is very fierce in the market today, only a short span of 3 years at the 100 thousand to 1 million is not an easy thing, but they do.

preparation on market

"we first went to many southern city walk, look at the market, mainly in order to select the operation of the project, but also a lot of information search on the Internet, is the main processing factory, supplier information." Wang Ling lover said. Although many residents say five, five love market started developing the best business, also make a lot of money, and now the market is saturated, competition is not very good to earn money.

"other households felt hat industry in recent years the recession, have the off-season, you how to do?" Reporter very curious. In October 2005, Wang Ling couple came to the first five years, small stalls rented a less than 5 square meters, with 100 thousand yuan of money in a batch of goods, but they became popular when it attracted a large number of customers, other households to spend the winter there are a large number of detained goods, their goods are sold out. Second years of the husband and wife on the store to expand to a total of more than and 20 square meters, the hat also increased the number of varieties of hundreds of species of two. "This year we have about 4000000 orders at the factory," said Wang Ling.

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