Can join the high cost of operating income to join the franchise fee

joined the project is numerous, many of those who are interested in starting a business mostly because of the high cost of entry and retrogression. Joining fee is so high, and join the income is not stable, many franchisees are calling for the use of operating income to join the fee?

franchise called for the self-employed

"business is not open, we must first pay several million yuan fee, it is difficult to accept." To participate in the 2007 Qingdao in July 27th to join the chain of investment and entrepreneurship projects exhibition self-employed Mr. Zhang called, can not be used to deduct the operating income of the franchise?

some of the visitors to join to keep questioning. According to reports, the franchise with the initial fee charged by the head office and distribution of two types of absorption joining, such as food and clothing stores, both of which require high initial investment.

An expert

some of the self-employed stores can exit worried. Chain vowed to join forces, the process is very strict, to ensure that franchisees profit, no need to exit." Reporters further interviews found that the majority of the franchise did not join the franchise to consider the retreat mechanism". Reporters want to join the name of the name of the stall with a number of chain executives to talk about, if you really do not operate, join the fee can be refunded, almost all the negative answer.

to join the project when choosing jiamengfei to recommend

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