Ali entrepreneurial base settled in Shenzhen Luohu

in such a popular business period, e-commerce has become an important business model, Ali recently Baichuan Shenzhen entrepreneurial base was set up, is a good news for local users of e-commerce business.

it is reported that Ali rivers is open strategic plan launched Ali wireless, which aims to foster mobile entrepreneurs and developers. Currently in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and other places have begun the project landing.

the yuan, at present, developers can use community application and function application, shopping guide class application to join all plans, can also provide services for businesses and Master Ali through their own development plans will be the site of the ability; rivers for developers is to provide overall funding, advertising, promotion plan base flow developers in the application and development, to ensure the company start-up. At the same time, also provides business consulting, training, salon and other services to help developers grow.

the Ali rivers entrepreneurial base settled in Shenzhen Luohu, is a good news for many local entrepreneurs at the same time, also for some local e-commerce entrepreneurs took a very good business opportunities, and ultimately promote the entrepreneurial activities.


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