Hangzhou 21 held a special recruitment of entrepreneurial enterprises

in order to maintain adequate innovation, entrepreneurial enterprises need to continue to receive fresh blood. Hangzhou on the morning of 21 to choose the university students to start a special job fairs for entrepreneurs in Hangzhou to find suitable talent.

This is

for college students in Hangzhou city business services, landing follow-up service enterprises of the fourth Chinese Hangzhou college students entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship of college students in Hangzhou city and Hangzhou China enterprise college entrepreneurship competition recruitment for enterprises landing.

60 more than a large enterprise on-site recruitment, with network technology company, e-commerce, environmental protection, exhibition services, bio medicine, culture and education, the computer software (such as Android, IOS,.Net development engineer development development engineer, mobile software engineer, software engineer, PHP Java  Development Engineer etc.) marketing planning (such as graphic designers, copywriting, web design, new media operation etc.), teachers (such as primary school teachers, campus supervisor, assistant principal, junior high school science teacher, junior high school art teacher), administrative, financial, sales, customer service and other positions, are interested and want to work together in the future "a person of noble aspirations" can come to see.

with the increase of the social awareness of business philosophy, in the major job fairs, entrepreneurial enterprises have gradually become the "new favorites for college graduates". These companies are usually challenging, good team atmosphere, and pay an advantage, so eager to exercise college students can show their skills.

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