After 90 graduate students do not go to the sale of baked brain flowers open entrepreneurial journey

graduation season, many graduates are facing the difficult choice of employment and entrepreneurship, to find a stable job, but the pressure of competition, want to start but have no clue, but the 90 graduate students are not in a hurry.

job she did not get her to find business opportunities

2008, coke Yuwei was admitted to the Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing, graduating in 2012, she was admitted to the research on the school students. 7 years of life in Chongqing, so she was accustomed to spicy taste. Grilled brain flower is her favorite, she said, every two or three days to eat a grilled brain flower.

2014 5 at the end of the school curriculum, coke returned to Luoyang to find a job, but not smooth. Jiao Yuwei said, at that time could not find work, irritable and wanted to eat a roast flower to drown my brain, but she traveled to Luoyang but did not find a brain roast shop.

rub stall

"began to think that the brain is not fresh, later changed several times or a smell, finally asked a chef to know, the original will be above the brain to remove blood before grilling, otherwise there will be. Recommended

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