Good project to raise rural breeding good

at present, the rural breeding project is also very much, but we must choose the market demand is very large breeding project, you just farming, how much can be easily sold out. The scorpion has as a nourishing food popular in big market of traditional Chinese medicine for many years, the more the suddenness of a thunderbolt, to enter the international market, and introduced to the market of technology, breeding Tibetan Sichuan King Scorpion heal all, the medicine market 10493 market.

is regarded as "one of the medicinal value of Wudu scorpion" is very high, with the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine with scorpions as many as 100. It contains 17 kinds of essential amino acids, 14 kinds of trace elements, is a kind of tonic, can regulate the functions of the human body, promote the important effect of enhanced cell viability The new supersedes the old., and also the prevention and treatment of the unique role for nervous system disease, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, nephritis, gastritis, skin diseases and liver cancer etc. medical illnesses.

containing scorpion scorpion toxin, its chemical properties and pharmacological effects similar to neurotoxic components in snake venom; also contains three toluene, betaine, bezoar acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, cholesterol, lecithin and ammonium salt, the flat, smelly, toxic, dispel wind, antispasmodic method and collaterals, detoxification function, cure epilepsy, epilepsy, stroke, hemiplegia, Kouyanwaixie, migraine, tetanus, tuberculosis of lymph and rubella sore disease.

with Chinese culture good curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine in China to the world, many countries especially Japan and Southeast Asian countries, every year from the number of China’s imports of scorpions are increasing. Due to the increasing demand in the market, rising prices of scorpions, so that breeding scorpion has become a hot spot.

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