The cafe franchise business tips the whole

coffee is a fashionable drink at any time for a cup of coffee can help people to improve the brain, this drives the progress of the coffee industry, although coffee is a kind of exotic, but since then settled Chinese recognized by consumers, unique mellow taste of coffee makes us unable to restrain the emotions in love with it, become a fashion the favorite drink of white-collar young artists, the franchise for the coffee business has brought huge profits. Do you know how to run a coffee shop before joining a coffee shop?.

1, cafe store positioning clear

you need to know what kind of position you want to open a cafe stores. The cafe franchise has three forms, the first is a roadside shop (like coffee, like pearl milk tea) second is a professional coffee shop stores, like Starbucks, SPR, RONACAFE, third (RONA Cafe) is coffee restaurant, like ucc.

2 coffee shop to have a unique design

to do the design, such as: join cafe bar design, brand design, furniture design, lighting design, layout design and decoration design, decoration design, the design needs to have professional knowledge, need to find professionals to do the design; all done, in order to design a certain characteristic the cafe stores.

3, coffee shop franchise to choose coffee equipment and appliances

according to your location, choose a good coffee equipment, coffee stores according to your location, you need to determine which way is making coffee, espresso or Japanese coffee, if you want to open a professional coffee shop, the best choice of Italian coffee making equipment for espresso is the popular world coffee production model, Starbucks, SPR, Barcelona is the use of espresso coffee making.

entrepreneurship shop need to master certain little skill in daily life, so as to deal with all kinds of business problems, cafe business franchise is the same, must understand the competition object, customer groups and product positioning. Only those who have a understanding of the better able to operate a coffee shop. If you also want to invest in entrepreneurship, may wish to choose a better market efficiency coffee shop.

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