Business News Urumqi entrepreneurs to reduce barriers to entry

now many online business projects rise, the investment threshold is not high, the country in order to encourage more people into the business in the army, began to introduce the corresponding entrepreneurship policy, Urumqi entrepreneurship policy encouraged countless entrepreneurs.

6 25 July, Urumqi City Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a relaxed approval conditions, improve processing efficiency, promote the 8 measures of market efficiency, incremental upgrade, reducing the barriers of entrepreneurs, to relax the market the registration administrative examination and approval conditions.

It is reported that

allows companies to use conforming with international norms and standards in the name and business scope of the term reflects its industries and service characteristics; allowing no physical office e-commerce enterprise hosted on the Secretary of commerce enterprise registration; flow management allows individual businesses registered by the operator address; for special reasons not to participate in the year the annual examination of the enterprise, can not revoke the business license; the fire approval matters do not permit conditions as the pre registration of other industries and so on, to further reduce the access threshold, to stimulate public enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, promote enterprises to upgrade.

Deputy director of

around the entrepreneurship policy of continuous improvement, is to provide convenience for the majority of entrepreneurs, reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship, relaxed business conditions, more and more people start a business, you can ease the employment pressure, promote entrepreneurship.



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