April why Hubei province CP rose to become the first six provinces in Central

for just the past April, Xiao Bian here have to mention is affected by a series of factors, Hubei province CPI rose to become the first six provinces in central? Look at the following specific reason analysis!

yesterday, the National Bureau of statistics Hubei survey team released information shows that the impact of the sharp rise in pork prices last month, Hubei CPI rose 2.6% in the first half of the year, up by 2.1%.

was affected by the weather and seasonal, slow decline in vegetable prices after the Spring Festival, as the temperature gradually increased the market supply of vegetables increased, although prices fell, but rose to 22.9%, still far higher than the same period last year; the pig market supply is tight, prices continue to rise, farmers reluctant to sell, resulting in hog prices exceeded record highs, rose 30.2%.

food, including tobacco, including consumer prices rose 5.9%, affecting the overall price level rose by 1.8 percentage points, accounting for the total price factor of 69.2%.

data show that Hubei residents’ spending power is still strong, higher than the national average of 0.3 percentage points, the center of the first part of the province of six.

with the further increase of temperature, adequate supply of fresh vegetables, pork prices are expected to fall, the price is still high stabilization. The relevant department predicted that the general level of prices will remain stable trend next month.


4 month consumer prices only traffic and communications declined Wuhan living costs continue to rise

Chu Tianjin reported that the cost of living continues to rise. Yesterday, the National Bureau of statistics Wuhan investigation team released data show that in April, Jiangcheng consumer prices rose 3% last month, up 0.5 percentage points. "Food, alcohol, clothing and housing prices is to promote the CPI rose a major factor. The Wuhan Municipal Statistics Bureau relevant responsible person, compared to last month the lives of residents, eight categories of goods price rise and fall of seven".

, tobacco and food and to 6.4% led, followed by housing, clothing, health care, education and cultural entertainment and lifestyle products and services rose 1%, transport and communication only decline, a decline of 3.3%. this year, food prices have been rising for four consecutive months to maintain the situation. In the 14 types of food being investigated, the rise of the 8 category, the decline in the 4 category, the same as the 2 category.

with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s demand for living related to higher and higher, in the case of demand, prices will naturally rise. Faced with this situation, the market is the best regulator, I believe in the near future will recommend

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