Analysis of online quotation skills

quote is a university asked, reasonable offer to better retain customers, better investment venture. How to do online quotes? What are the determining factors? Online quotes, should pay attention to skills. Reasonable price is an important factor to retain customers.

if your product price is higher, in the offer, on the way to enable customers to fully realize the benefits of your products in other areas.

there is a health care products company sells women’s oral liquid is a kind of special and expensive, the price of its competitors is much higher, but the salesman introduced the product to the dealer, emphasize the effect and dosage of it, that it is the effect of similar products can not be compared, and only a day take a can, unlike other products every day to take the three, in so doing, the price is not high. The quotation of the salesman makes it easy for people to accept.

in addition, the price should also be delivery, to spread payment mode, the terms of trade orders, which is not only a question of price, and other conditions should be as interactive. Customers may be very attached to the delivery date, you originally reported delivery time of 35 days, while the customer made a delivery of 30 days. Where feasible, you can meet customer delivery, but the delivery time is too tight on the grounds that the appropriate increase in price, then it is possible to accept each other, you will be able to own more for a profit.

A small case

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